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Want more Free Time ?
Realize that Robots & Computers can do ALL WORK
Know it is possible today, spread the word !
Let Robots be Robots, and Humans be beings !

Believe it ! Expect it ! Demand it !  from your Leaders TODAY !

Just suppose, "saving" jobs that are not fit for humans, is NOT HUMANE, just STUPID

  1. Any job a Robot can do is beneath a human's dignity.... 
  2. Start REALLY CARING for your Fellow Humans, TODAY !
  4. Free your fellow humans to be beings, & you will, of course,  free yourself too !
  5. Many of your LEADERS & the POWER CLASS Think of YOU and your CHILDREN as FLESH-BOTS, to be harvested and used to "run" THEIR GAME, you know, "Human" Resources, JUST another resource, like coal, oil etc.
  6. Let them know that you and yours deserve the leisure they enjoy, and that REAL ROBOTS, not HUMAN ROBOTS should do the "work" to run the "show", EXPECT, ACCEPT, DEMAND NOTHING LESS !!


QUESTION 1: [from Anonymous of Antwerpen,Belgium]

Where will the "money" come from to get us started, i.e. to build the first set of robots and the A/I based expert systems, and the near-Infinite GEOTHERMAL Energy Plants ?

[NOTES: A/I - means artificial intelligence.  Expert Systems are A/I based computer systems that perform all professional services, the "white collar" jobs, i.e. replace engineers, chemists, accountants, doctors, lawyers, politicians, physicists, mathematicians, managers, computer scientists etc.  Robots will replace ALL manual and "blue collar" jobs, the crafts, and trades etc. The First Set of robots will build all subsequent sets of robots. GEOTHERMAL Energy is electrical energy generated by boiling water from heat of earth near mantle to turn a generator, and is pollution and green house gas free, works 24/7/365 ]


Excellent question [Anonymous of Antwerpen,Belgium].  What is money anyway ?  Isn't money simply an artificial representation of natural resources ?  This may help shine some light.  Back in 1993 or so, still have the hard copy, "The Washington Post" ran a front page newspaper article warning of an impending possible collision with, what is termed, a NEO Asteroid, or 'Near Earth Orbit' Asteroid.  It was a fantastic story that certainly got everyone's attention.  At that time we had worked @ NASA so of course we were following the story very closely and even assisting the JET PROPULSION LAB, JPL, to track the NEO Asteroid.

While everyone was naturally excited and concerned about this NEO Asteroid for the danger it posed to the earth, few spoke of, and even fewer appreciated, the utterly FANTASTIC opportunity this presented, which, surprisingly, was even mentioned in the same news story, albeit further down page B, after the fold of course !!!  

For those who read the ENTIRE news story, what was told was simply "earth shattering" in a different way altogether...

For the story continued to reveal this Near Earth Orbit Asteroid to be composed of NO FEWER THAN:
  • 100,000 TONS of GOLD &
  • 10,000  TONS of PLATINUM
That is correct TONS !!, not POUNDS, TONS !!, THERE is your "money" to build the first set of robots, the A/I Expert Systems, the GEOTHERMAL Energy plants. How do we know this to be so ?  Simple.  JPL has a technology called X-RAY Spectroscopy.  Via X-RAY Spectroscopy, X-RAYS are projected towards the object to be studied.  The X-RAYs bounce of the object and return to a detector in JPL's Laboratory and are analyzed.    X-RAYs behave differently when bounced of different materials,  the return spectrum telling us EXACTLY what it bounced off of via a "signature".

So, why was it not retrieved and how might it have been ?  Well who really knows if it was not retrieved privately, but in any case, publically it was not.  To have retrieved it would only have required attaching a rocket engine to it, providing the thrust necessary to slightly alter it's path and orbit so that it stays near us to be mined in place.  Fortunately, the universe is full of many such asteroids and other untold riches.

Other reasons the resource laden NEO Asteroid might not have been retrieved include the following:

  • Low expectations -
    • the phenomenon where people, especially many of our leaders, have very low expectations and are satisfied with RELATIVE wealth, i.e. I am richer, more powerful than you, and that is all that matters, retrieving this NEO Asteroid would not help me, besides I am too busy staying in power to worry about something as wonderful as this and the instability it might cause for MY STATUS QUO.
  • Protection of competitive advantage, aka Artificial Scarcity -
    • If the market were to suddenly be flooded with so much Gold & Platinum, just think what would happen to the relative competitive advantage the currently rich  possess. [of course this is only true in a zero-sum game]
    • Artificial Scarcity is how the diamond market currently functions and is very similar to our NEO Asteroid situation, as a few families hoard a super-abundance of diamonds, yet keep the amount they possess more or less secret, as if there are very few, when in reality diamonds are "almost" as common as grains of sand for example, to make the point.  By keeping up the appearance of ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY, huge prices are paid for the diamonds.  Of course there is nothing illegal or even unethical with these diamond market practices since diamonds are not a necessity, (yet this artifical scarcity does create the blood diamond market as an indirect consequence) this is only an example to make a point of how artificial scarcity works and the psychology behind it.  If such tactics were used for life or death commodities such as food and shelter, this would of course be a different matter.  The point of MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is to show that, unintentionally perhaps, this is precisely the case in many non-discretionary markets too. Our leaders must recognize this age old dynamic of hording and market manipulation which may have made sense in the past, but is precisely what is keeping us ALL in bondage today. To break this horrendously manipulated link between consumption and production with humans,  we MUST criminalize the use of money and wages etc, this will emancipate humans from the machinery of economy by henceforth requiring all PHYSICAL WORK to be performed by ROBOTS, and all MENTAL WORK to be  performed by A/I based Expert Computer systems, and humans will not have JOBS in the traditional sense.  Everyone's FULL TIME JOB will be to maintain their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health with no need of "money", in its current sense.  The link between Consumption & Production will finally be broken !
    • It also needs to be pointed out that until MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is fully implemented we cannot reasonably expect people to put themselves @ a disadvantage in our current global economic system under its PRE-MAGNA CARTA NOVA© RULES , i.e. that is precisely why the diamond market taking advantage of ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY is perfectly fair under the current PRE-MC rules, and since it is non-essential, will remain fair under MC rules.  To reiterate, under PRE-MC, it would not make sense to expect anyone to put themselves @ a disadvantage, and this point makes it very clear, that until ALL can be protected, no one can be expected to "be a fool, or be a sap" to anyone else, for to do so could lead to one's own destruction, i.e, it is not wrong to be smart under the current rules.  Also to be someone else's fool creates at least two victims, yourself and the person you gave unfair advantage to by spoiling them, and it only increases the strength of the bullies, and further hems in the innocent into increasingly difficult situations.  Having friends and relatives in the discretionary diamond market, we understand & use this excellent example of how Artificial Scarcity influences market forces under both PRE-MC and MC scenarios.  The transition from PRE-MC rules, to MC rules, of course presents an interesting "tipping point", or an "all or nothing" situation that is discussed in greater detail in MAGNA CARTA NOVA© itself.
    • Indeed, precisely because we are under PRE-MAGNA CARTA NOVA© RULES is the reason many "unfair" practices flourish that are considered perfectly legal in both discretionary and non-discretionary markets.  Only when MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is implemented will these "unfair" practices vanish, especially in the non-discretionary, essential, life-death, markets.  Good examples of the unjust PRE-MC outcomes are wars, pollution, pesticides, politics, petroleum & pharmaceutical industries and other situations where people are resigned to say, "that is just the way it works, you want to eat don't you ?"
    • Essentially, a new social contract will result under MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, that fully eradicates every entity's access to natural law, i.e. all will give up the "right" to "take matters into their own hands @ some other entity's expense".  This will be the perfection of, for the lack of a better example, Hobbes' Leviathan, since currently, businesses still reserve this "right", in practice, no matter what else you hear, to violate the rights of the individual even though the individual has long since surrendered all his/her access to natural law, in exchange for protection via State, from others. 
    • Now businesses, under MAGNA CARTA NOVA© , will finally be included in a BINDING social contract and will no longer be able to commandeer the governing bodies meant to protect the people from their poison, pollution, wars, and enslavement.  The fly in the ointment is: "What do you do when the government itself is abusing its power outside of simply being manipulated by industry ?  Certainly the fact that property crime simply wont make sense under MC will alleviate many of the temptations to commandeer and abuse power since the supply of material needs will be taken care of.  The current trend of "too much stuff", i.e. Storage Businesses etc, is certainly an important indicator we are headed in that direction. 
    • The key is to have the "right amount of stuff" when and where it is needed, and a ROBOTIC A/I Administered Economy certainly has the means to do this when combined with all the other sciences related to human nature and desires. For example, everyone can be afforded the opportunity to realistically request and obtain anything they truly want and need without harming anyone else or forcing anyone else to give up their time or freedom since the robots can build it, and matter and energy in this vast universe is truly infinite !!!  In the past our leader classes, throughout history, always got exactly what they wanted, but only by means of SLAVERY or other similar "technologies".  Ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Roman, Chinese cultures ring some bells ?  What about recent & modern day slavery and other convenient "situations" ?
    • Crucial point, for you to, remeber, is that human robotics, i.e. slavery and other similar "institutions" are NO LONGER NECESSARY for the few to live like Royalty, when we have REAL ROBOTS to perform this Function and all the MONEY in the UNIVERSE to make it happen as fast as the industrialization of the 1800's changed the world and even faster !!! and now EVERYONE can live like Royalty or as they wish !  No more losers !!!  Plant this seed in others minds and it will happen even faster !
So, as you can clearly tell, the "money" is available to get us started on the path of eliminating "jobs" and "money" once and for all. This resource laden NEO Asteroid was just one of MANY examples of there being more than enough resources to get MAGNA CARTA NOVA© started, there are more, just ask if you are curious.

Please let us know if this answered your question
[from Anonymous of Antwerpen,Belgium] and if you have follow up questions.

QUESTION 2: [from Anonymous of Florida, USA]

What about those who like working and would not know what to do with themselves with so much free time that MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is sure to create ?


Excellent question [Anonymous of Florida, USA].  Surely everyone will be able to adapt to the new reality of having free time to explore all the things they had dreamt of exploring if they only had the time, i.e. become a concert pianist, learn 10 new languages, become an impressionist painter, learn how to juggle 5 objects, swim the pacific, raise their children with 100 % of their time, become a rhythm guitar player in a funk band, or just plain wonder, sleep and use their imagination for extended periods of time...  you get the idea...

And for those who, "just plain like things just the way they are", including liking to "work" they still could "work", they just would not be paid "money" is the short answer.  Remember that in a Virtual World, i.e. via Virtual Reality, or VR for short, you can do whatever you want anyway, including being "paid", so, in the REAL reality of
MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, people who cannot imagine what to do with themselves when they will no longer "HAVE TO" work, can still continue "working" with no harm to themselves or to others, via Virtual Reality, one of Team Infinity's pillars, i.e. Computer Mediated Communication.

In fact, VR will be a major aspect of the
MAGNA CARTA NOVA© world coming to your home town soon permitting humans to satisfy their natural desire to compete in all forms of endeavors to maintain and grow their mental faculties.  Real as well as virtual athletics will of course also continue and are today a clear, even obvious precursor & foreshadowing of the MAGNA CARTA NOVA© trend we are heading towards. Video games, REALITY TV, Professional and Amateur Sports are more examples of this MC trend. Please tell us if this answered your question or if you would like to ask a follow up.

QUESTION 3: [from Anonymous of Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg, EU]

We believe that at any given moment every thing is exactly the way it is supposed to be, or it would not be that way.  Assuming this is true, does not this fly in the face MAGNA CARTA NOVA© which is claiming things will be "better" later ?


Excellent question [Anonymous of Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg, EU].  Well you know, you are right, everything really is perfect right now, and everything is happening precisely as it should be, this much is surely true. 

MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is simply telling us what is next and how you can help bring it on  !!!

QUESTION 4: [from Anonymous of Tokyo, Japan]

MAGNA CARTA NOVA© sounds as if it is saying "money" is some how evil.  Can you some how convince me this is not what it says ?


Thanks for your most Excellent question [Anonymous of Tokyo, Japan].  We can understand why many would say this, after all, money in the conventional sense will be outlawed under MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, so this is a reasonable reaction to have. 

However, up until this point in time,
"money" and the economic system it is based on is "precisely" what was needed to get us to this point in the "time-line" since it provided the incentive for human's to come up with ideas, and actually perform the work needed to gradually get us to today. 

Remember that until recently, there were no such thing as robots and Artificial Intelligence based Expert Computer systems and the near-infinite power source of GeoThermal energy to power them, which together are  capable of doing the things humans HAD to do in the past simply to survive; and very importantly, "money" was the way to get them to do it. 

Today, we actually have gone past the point in time where
"money" is necessary and this is because of the momentum of the "past" and people's not understanding how things REALLY work.  We have gone past the point in the sense that businesses have actually become so efficient and intelligent that they have enslaved the people who "buy" their products & services, even without many people, including many in leadership
realizing !!! 

MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is pointing to our next level of being and tells us how it will be. 

Thanks for your excellent question, please let us know if you have a follow-up.

QUESTION 5: [from Miguel of Florida, USA]

“What about the guy that does not’t care about personal enrichment, but needs to occupy himself. What will he do to pass the time?”


Thanks for your most insightful question [Miguel of Florida, USA].  Believe you are speaking of the guy who does not care about his own "cultural, personal inner  enrichment".  This type of person, female or male, is very rare indeed.  Most who feel this way have given up hope.  Under MAGNA CARTA NOVA© there is nothing but hope, only hope that is within reach of everyone.  We are talking about real pie in the sky that you can smell, touch, taste, AND EAT.

The beauty of
MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is that it will really be possible to determine who really is in need of help from an emotional & spiritual perspective, for there will be nowhere to hide unhappiness since everything good is in reach of everyone, so for that rare person that even when everything they could possibly want is attainable is still unhappy,  they will stick out like a sore thumb in their own mind, and can readily seek the help they need.  There will be no confusion as to what is bothering you, no excuses.

Mike, your question also brings to mind the question of "crime".  Most crimes today are related to property.
When you can have as much of everything you need under
MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, what will the new crimes be related to, and how will we prevent them ?

MAGNA CARTA NOVA© will greatly reduce the desire to:

  • Steal
  • Embezzle
  • Prostitute
  • Gamble
  • Extort
  • Kidnap
  • Use religion as an excuse to take others stuff
  • seek revenge
  • mimic criminal behavior
  • blaspheme

The comprehensive nature of MAGNA CARTA NOVA© will eliminate "crime" altogether if you define crime as the violation of someone else's rights.  The only "crime-like-activity" possible under MAGNA CARTA NOVA© will be when YOU do not take care of your own "physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health", or PMESH© for short.

Also, just as the idea of "money" will change under
MAGNA CARTA NOVA©  so will the idea of "crime".  Today what is considered crime, outside of the obvious, is often subtly & intricately related to who is making the rules, and often they are not even "subject" to the rules they make, but instead use these rules to dominate others !!! This is one of the greatest crimes conceivable, evil masquerading as good, the weak "leading" the strong via deception and faulty scales. Hitler did this, he even made up special rules against Jews, and he did not lead, he forced people to do things they would not and should not have done in many cases including pitting Jews against Jews, citizen against citizen, parents against children, all reduced to desperate bids to save their own lives in the giant looney bin he helped created.  Hitler used deceptive propaganda, and every psychological trick possible to bully, but underneath it all was a very sick man, not unlike Stalin, or any other schoolyard bully.

In stark contrast,  under MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, the more benign so called "criminal tendencies", i.e. creativity, will actually be "encouraged" since there can be no victims, only progress, since many "crimes" today really are often just too much ambition in an environment not big enough to accommodate it, or in Hitler's example and other similar situations, certain laws were crimes themselves.    In any case "radical" creativity will be encouraged under MAGNA CARTA NOVA© perhaps in ways oppressive regimes today consider "criminal".  This is so since the master slave relationship will be abolished under MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, and people for the first time in history will prey on, and exploit ONLY TRULY inanimate matter, not other humans, who today are effectively treated like inanimate matter !!!!

This is possible since, under
MAGNA CARTA NOVA© the limits of time, space, material and possibility will be opened to a near infinite extent, more than enough to accommodate even today's most "criminal minded", i.e. creative.  The universe is huge, and we need people with ambition to fill it.  Remember, everything works for the benefit of the Universe, no matter what it looks like to you, and MAGNA CARTA NOVA© will only make this more apparent and less "mysterious", getting the most out of each and every action, shrinking "wasted" motion to the infinitesimal, and effectively reducing the "time" between successive events ever closer to zero.

The only crime under MAGNA CARTA NOVA© will be harm to oneself, i.e. stupidity, as it simply will not be possible to hurt others, yet free choice will be preserved, since you can still choose to hurt others, it just will not be possible to carry it out, you will in essence only be hurting yourself, and wasting your time choosing to spend it that way.  This is even true today, i.e. that you are really hurting yourself when you hurt others,  only under MAGNA CARTA NOVA© it will be even more apparent that that is all you are doing, i.e. hurting yourself, with the added benefit of protecting others from your folly, and this is especially true of the "leader class", whose follies today have great influence on the innocent masses due to their terrifying leverage, nothing holding them in check but grace,  due to the inherent asymmetry of power and one way nature of the master slave relationships.  Just think of ancient Rome and countless other examples.   There is little to stop these abuses of power today, no matter how advanced we believe we are,  MAGNA CARTA NOVA© will address this once and for all.

Throughout history slaves & serfs could never report abuse at the hands of their masters and expect anything but more abuse, even today this is true.  This is why it is important for people to have the ability to freely communicate with their superiors/guardians, and for their superiors/guardians to welcome such free communication, otherwise an "emperor has no clothes" scenario occurs further isolating the "leader" class from their subjects, as a climate of fear leads to the "leaders" receiving less valuable and less accurate information over time. 

Subjects are not immune to human nature either.  As such, due in part to the inherent unhealthy polarity that exists in the master slave paradigm,  such weaker subjects are then prone to purposely feed bad information to the leaders, false flattery, false accusations against others etc so as to enable the subject to join the leader class and make it more and more difficult for those willing only to tell the truth, who are left behind, further enhancing the polarity between slave and master microcosms, and even spawning multiple interlocking influence peddling markets within the slave ranks with betrayal around every corner.

It has been said that true communication is really only possible between equals.  Are not we all humans ?

Never forget the lofty oratory of the founding fathers of the United States of America, and how they too possessed SLAVES in the 1000s !!!  Absolutely incredible !!!  Shame shame shame. 

Freedom and Liberty for whom ? They only cared for their own freedom from their own Tyrant across the Pond, and who they had to themselves enslave did not matter, despite the eloquent speeches, simply another one way valve.

It should be said that many people today really want to be helped, even those in lofty positions dominating those beneath them knowingly or not, not fully appreciating just how they acquired their station, taking it for granted, not even sure what to do when, other than by pure instinct, or simply mimicking what others in their circle do, they just do not know how to achieve personal inner enrichment,  to seek the help they need, and they do not know how to treat others respectfully, for in both cases they feel it would be interpreted as a sign of weakness which they perceive would threaten the justification of their specific position of power in the eyes of peers and subjects alike.  

This is where true leadership comes to the rescue, navigating and mitigating these matters for all involved, creating respectful outcomes that are win-win for all involved. 
MAGNA CARTA NOVA© will build this stewardship in inherently as opposed to leaving it to good fortune.

MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is implemented, we can continue to expect situations like this all over the land unfortunately for both the leaders/guardians and their subjects, who both are suffering unnecessarily.  Both suffer in fear and uncertainty, of course the subject to a greater extent since the leader can more easily replace subjects with less personal loss than a subject can when forced to find a new leader/patron, hence the inherent dangers of the master/slave paradigm and its propensity for abuse of the slave. 

Actual modern accounts have been related to us making this an issue alive today, not just antiquity.
Even the systems in place to protect the slaves are often compromised by the masters knowingly or not, intentionally or not, these "systems" often serving as little more than biased information collecting/ disseminating/morphing mechanisms, like the East German Stasi, KGB's, Chekas, SS, you name it,  a virtual maze of trap doors controllable externally via various often implicit mechanisms and understandings to intimidate and further abuse the victims, including psychological techniques used in the military and other over the top crushing blows, raw displays of power,  delivered to those who have been deemed to not benefit the status quo via pre-determined, extra-judicial "understandings".  It is not unlike how slaves were treated throughout history, they had to accept being spoken to in degrading manners, meant to remind the slave of its status as an object or property of the master.  Slaves who requested to be spoken to as humans were treated extra special.  They were then further humiliated verbally in front of other slaves and masters alike to reinforce the message.

Of course further actions were taken against slaves who requested to be treated with respect, they were often simply gotten rid of.  We all know the deal, yet how many of us realize the extent to which this goes on today without

The master class would further justify its reign and status of superiority and greater "civility" by showing anytime the slave resisted the mistreatment, that this resistance simply shows what an animal the slave is, even creating false incidents to blame on the slave to further justify their premises and create "cause", not unlike how Hitler burnt the Reichstags and blamed it on the innocent as a pretext for even more abuse.

So what people do with their free time
under MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is very important, especially if they are not concerned with their own personal betterment, because under MAGNA CARTA NOVA© everyone will have the freedom that only the few and powerful of today possess.  Rest assured however that all these creative energies will be channeled in the right direction via the systems discussed in  MAGNA CARTA NOVA©

Tying back to your question Miguel, to paraphrase: 

"What about the person who does not care about their own personal inner enrichment, and how will they occupy themselves under MAGNA CARTA NOVA© ?"

As long as they are not hurting others, they will be free to do as they wish, including free to ponder why they do not feel like achieving personal inner enrichment. 

Mike, please fee free to submit a follow up question, and if you would like to help develop this subject,


we would love to share your thoughts here.

QUESTION 6: [from Abraham of Kerala, India]

“But aren't you swimming against the stream with the ideas in


Thanks for your interesting question [Abraham of Kerala, India].   

First thought that came to mind when considering your question Abraham was:

 "dead fish can only go with the flow".

No sooner had that thought come to mind when another more positive thought arose,  that

MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is actually very much "going with the flow" as well as catalyzing the flow. 

Let me explain...

Please consider how, in reality, EVERYONE from the first day of civilization to today has been trying to implement all the principles and ideas of
MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, for themselves exclusively, or a small group around them, at everyone else's expense.   Every King & Queen who has ever ruled, to every older brother and sister all the way back in eternity has tried to organize things around themselves to make their life as easy as possible. 

This is, and always has been the "flow".  It is gravity in action no matter how different these forces may seem on the surface, it is just gravity which cannot be denied.

MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, a "crescendo" of this type of "organizing things around ourselves",  will occur and  will elevate EVERYONE in one fell swoop to being Kings & Queens, Princes & Princesses, only this time, the only subjects will be inanimate matter, i.e. Robots made of metal & plastic, and Computers made of silicon & other substances.  No more humans serving humans...  Nor will animals be forced to serve humans.  Even this idea is ancient and very keen in India.

QUESTION 7: [from James of Hidden Hills California, USA]

“What about people how simply want POWER, not money, and will do anything to get it under 
MAGNA CARTA NOVA© ?, including taking other people's spouses etc”


Wow, James what a fascinating question you have posed... [from James of Hidden Hills California, USA].   

You have touched on "human nature".  Remember though that this is human nature as experienced in a world where humans are treated VERY poorly by other humans for reasons linked directly to the fact that for the few to live in an elevated state, the many had to live in a low-servile state.  That is no longer true when Robots and Computers will do all the work, and all the serving.  No more will there be the insecurities felt by most humans who are constantly worried about being reduced to a servile state by the disrespect and skulduggery of others fighting in an apparently zero-sum game of winners and losers. 

For those who are not satisfied with every conceivable form of wealth and free time that still must exhibit anti-social, even preemptive destructive behaviors for fear of being too late in securing what they believe is theirs, these types will be readily exposed for what they are and given the love and assurances necessary to convince them that they are going to be okay and that there is no need for such drama anymore.

Hope this helps answer your question James, if not please feel free to write again.


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