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When we...

Realize how truly blessed WE-R© to be together here & now
with all this technology, an entire universe of raw material to elevate
via the laws of the Creator of  Existence Itself into Our Service Platform

REQUIRED READING: please read below all the way through...  then
think, we must do the
WE-R© version of it, but in reality and FAST, like NOW !!!

Only complete idiot morons would be against this, so lets get MOVING NOW !!!!

Stop wasting your time with fairy tales meant to keep the morons busy, 99.999% of you !!!

Someone's got to be the one to lead with the REAL solution,  why not you ?

WE-R© in the process of parlaying all previous science, scams,
religions & everything else reverently into the service of all humanity.

WE-R© far more advanced than what you are about to read, yet it still gives an
excellent glimpse of what we propose that most can appreciate, yet do not know about.

All narcissistic ego pods are slated for the crusher... 
You have been warned !!!!!!!!!   So help spread the
word, pull your weight,  we can only do it with your help
,  so all can be saved in the here & nowNOW !!!


THIS is FROM Early 1980s !!!!, can you believe it ???  Why were you not aware of this, what does the fact  that you were not, mean for 99% of the public : do you really think that someone else is going to save you, what exactly do you think is going to happen if you do not get on the horn and spread this NOW, who else is going to do it ?   WAKE UP !!! You have been warned...
Are you one of those who knows WAY too much about stuff that does not matter, are you waiting till it is too late to realize it is too late for you to realize it, last chance....

Take this tongue in cheek article from the
EARLY 1980s  into your deepest consideration.

The RICH Economy

by Mordecai the Foul, High Priest, Head Temple, Bavarian Illuminati.

from The Illuminati Papers

If there is one proposition which currently wins the assent of nearly everybody, it is that we need more jobs. "A cure for unemployment" is promised, or earnestly sought, by every Heavy Thinker from Jimmy Carter to the Communist Party USA, from Ronald Reagan to the head of the economics department at the local university, from the Birchers to the New Left.

I would like to challenge that idea. I don't think there is, or ever again can be, a cure for unemployment. I propose that unemployment is not a disease, but the natural, healthy functioning of an advanced technological society.

The inevitable direction of any technology, and of any rational species such as Homo sap., is toward what Buckminster Fuller calls ephemeralization, or doing-more-with-less. For instance, a modern computer does more (handles more bits of information) with less hardware than the proto-computers of the late '40's and '50's. One worker with a modern teletype machine does more in an hour than a thousand medieval monks painstakingly copying scrolls for a century. Atomic fission does more with a cubic centimeter of matter than all the engineers of the 19th Century could do with a million tons, and fusion does even more.

Unemployment is not a disease; so it has no "cure."

This tendency toward ephemeralization or doing more-with-less is based on two principal factors, viz:

1. The increment-of-association, a term coined by engineer C.H. Douglas, a meaning simply that when we combine our efforts we can do more than the sum of what each of us could do seperately. Five people acting synergetically together can lift a small modern car, but if each of the five tries separately, the car will not budge. As society evolved from tiny bands, to larger tribes, to federations of tribes, to city-states, to nations, to multinational alliances, the increment-of-association increased exponentially. A stone-age hunting band could not build the Parthenon; a Renaissance city-state could not put Neil Armstrong on the Moon. When the increment-of-association increases, through larger social units, doing-more-with-less becomes increasingly possible.

2. Knowledge itself is inherently self-augmenting. Every discovery "suggests" further discoveries; every innovation provokes further innovations. This can be seen concretely, in the records of the U.S. Patent Office, where you will find more patents granted every year than were granted the year before, in a rising curve that seems to be headed toward infinity. If Inventor A can make a Whatsit out of 20 moving parts, Inventor B will come along and build a Whatsit out of 10 moving parts. If the technology of 1900 can get 100 ergs out of a Whatchamacallum, the technology of 1950 can get 1,000 ergs. Again, the tendency is always toward doing-more-with-less.*

Unemployment is directly caused by this technological capacity to do more-with-less. Thousands of monks were technologically unemployed by Gutenberg. Thousands of blacksmiths were technologically unemployed by Ford's Model T. Each device that does-more-with-less makes human labor that much less necessary.

Aristotle said that slavery could only be abolished when machines were built that could operate themselves. Working for wages, the modern equivalent of slavery -- very accurately called "wage slavery" by social critics -- is in the process of being abolished by just such self-programming machines. In fact, Norbert Wiener, one of the creators of cybernetics, foresaw this as early as 1947 and warned that we would have massive unemployment once the computer revolution really got moving.

It is arguable, and I for one would argue, that the only reason Wiener's prediction has not totally been realized yet -- although we do have ever-increasing unemployment -- is that big unions, the corporations, and government have all tacitly agreed to slow down the pace of cybernation, to drag their feet and run the economy with the brakes on. This is because they all, still, regard unemployment as a "disease" and cannot imagine a "cure" for the nearly total unemployment that full cybernation will create.

Suppose, for a moment, we challenge this Calvinistic mind-set. Let us regard wage-work -- as most people do, in fact, regard it -- as a curse, a drag, a nuisance, a barrier that stands between us and what we really want to do. In that case, your job is the disease, and unemployment is the cure.

"But without working for wages we'll all starve to death!?! Won't we?"

Not at all. Many farseeing social thinkers have suggested intelligent and plausible plans for adapting to a society of rising unemployment. Here are some examples.

1. The National Dividend. This was invented by engineer C. H. Douglas and has been revived with some modifications by poet Ezra Pound and designer Buckminster Fuller. The basic idea (although Douglas, Pound, and Fuller differ on the details) is that every citizen should be declared a shareholder in the nation, and should receive dividends on the Gross National Product for the year. Estimates differ as to how much this would be for each citizen, but at the current level of the GNP it is conservative to say that a share would be worth several times as much, per year, as a welfare recipient receives -- at least five times more.

Critics complain that this would be inflationary. Supporters of the National Dividend reply that it would only be inflationary if the dividends distributed were more than the GNP; and they are proposing only to issue dividends equal to the GNP.

2. The Guaranteed Annual Income. This has been urged by economist Robert Theobald and others. The government would simply establish an income level above the poverty line and guarantee that no citizen would receive less; if your wages fall below that level, or you have no wages, the government makes up the difference.

This plan would definitely cost the government less than the present welfare system, with all its bureaucratic red tape and redundancy: a point worth considering for those conservatives who are always complaining about the high cost of welfare. It would also spare the recipients the humiliation, degradation and dehumanization built into the present welfare system: a point for liberals to consider. A system that is less expensive than welfare and also less debasing to the poor, it seems to me, should not be objectionable to anybody but hardcore sadists.

3. The Negative Income Tax. This was first devised by Nobel economist Milton Friedman and is a less radical variation on the above ideas. The Negative Income Tax would establish a minimum income for every citizen; anyone whose income fell below that level would receive the amount necessary to bring them up to that standard. Friedman, who is sometimes called a conservative but prefers to title himself a libertarian, points out that this would cost "the government" (i.e. the taxpayers) less than the present welfare system, like Theobald's Guaranteed Annual Income. It would also dispense with the last tinge of humiliation associated with government "charity," since when you cashed a check from IRS nobody (not even your banker) would know if it was supplementary income due to poverty or a refund due to overpayment of last year's taxes.

4. The RICH Economy. This was devised by inventor L. Wayne Benner (co-author with Timothy Leary of Terra II) in collaboration with the present author. It's a four-stage program to retool society for the cybernetic and space-age future we are rapidly entering. RICH means Rising Income through Cybernetic Homeostasis.

Stage I is to recognize that cybernation and massive unemployment are inevitable and to encourage them. This can be done by offering a $100,000 reward to any worker who can design a machine that will replace him or her, and all others doing the same work. In other words, instead of being dragged into the cybernetic age kicking and screaming, we should charge ahead bravely, regarding the Toilless Society as the Utopian goal humanity has always sought.

Stage II is to establish either the Negative Income Tax or the Guaranteed Annual Income, so that the massive unemployment caused by Stage I will not throw hordes of people into the degradation of the present welfare system.

Stage III is to gradually, experimentally, raise the Guaranteed Annual Income to the level of the National Dividend suggested by Douglas, Bucky Fuller, and Ezra Pound, which would give every citizen the approximate living standard of the comfortable middle class. The reason for doing this gradually is to pacify those conservative economists who claim that the National Dividend is "inflationary" or would be practically wrecking the banking business by lowering the interest rate to near-zero. It is our claim that this would not happen as long as the total dividends distributed to the populace equaled the Gross National Product. but since this is a revolutionary and controversial idea, it would be prudent, we allow, to approach it in slow steps, raising the minimum income perhaps 5 per cent per year for the first ten years. And, after the massive cybernation caused by Stage I has produced a glut of consumer goods, experimentally raise it further and faster toward the level of a true National Dividend.

Stage IV is a massive investment in adult education, for two reasons. (1) People can spend only so much time messing around, doing drugs,  and watching TV; after a while they get bored. This is the main psychological objection to the workless society, and the answer to it is to educate people for functions more cerebral than messing around, doing drugs, watching TV, or the idiot jobs most are currently toiling at. (2) There are vast challenges and opportunities confronting us in the next three or four decades, of which the most notable are those highlighted in Tim Leary's SMI2LE slogan -- Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension. Humanity is about to enter an entirely new evolutionary relationship to space, time, and consciousness. We will no longer be limited to one planet, to a brief, less-than-a-century lifespan, and to the stereotyped and robotic mental processes by which most people currently govern their lives. Everybody deserves the chance, if they want it, to participate in the evolutionary leap to what Leary calls "more space, more time, and more intelligence to enjoy space and time."

What I am proposing, in brief, is that the Work Ethic (find a Master to employ you for wages, or live in squalid poverty) is obsolete. A Work Esthetic will have to arise to replace this old Stone Age syndrome of the slave, the peasant, the serf, the prole, the wage-worker -- the human labor-machine who is not fully a person but, as Marx said, " a tool, an automaton." Delivered from the role of things and robots, people will learn to become fully developed persons, in the sense of the Human Potential movement. They will not seek work out of economic necessity, but out of psychological necessity -- as an outlet for their creative potential.

("Creative potential" is not a panchreston. It refers to the inborn drive to play, to tinker, to explore, and to experiment, shown by every child before his or her mental processes are stunted by authoritarian education and operant-conditioned wage-robotry.)

As Bucky Fuller says, the first thought of people, once they are delivered from wage slavery, will be, "What was it that I was so interested in as a youth, before I was told I had to earn a living?" The answer to that question, coming from millions and then billions of persons liberated from mechanical toil, will make the Renaissance look like a high school science fair or a Greenwich Village art show.


* I cannot spend more space on this point here. Those who want more evidence of the doing-more-with-less phenomenon should consult Fuller's Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth and Alfred Korzybski's Manhood of Humanity.

Copyright: Robert Anton Wilson is an imaginary being created by God.  Since he is fairly bright, Wilson has figured this out and knows he has no real existence aside from the mind of God.  Nonetheless, he still relapses into taking himself seriously on occasion, as should you !!

Used with kind Permission

To quote Lichtenberg, "This book is a mirror.  When a monkey looks in, no philosopher looks out."

Add the next term to the series:

(a) numbers;
(b) calendars;
(c) scientific laws;
(d) ________________;

Working for wages

(a) has existed and always will exist;
(b) is ordained by God
(c) did not appear on large scale until the Enclosure Acts drove the serfs off the land in the past 300 years;
(d) will become obsolete in the next 100 years
(e) will become obsolete in the next 10 years.

There are more scientists alive today than in all previous history. Toffler, among others, says this means we will have more changes in the next 30 years than in all pervious history.  We should therefore

(a) force half or more of the scientists to become shoe clerks or grocers so things don't change too fast;
(b) establish a government committee to supervise all scientifc research, thereby slowing it down even more;
(c) learn to raise the general intelligence to cope with change.

A certain job can be performed either by a human or a machine.  We should

(a) employ the human because "the devil makes work for idle hands."
(b) employ the human because otherwise he or she might be bored.
(c) employ the human because there in no way to organize society except by having most people work for wages.
(d) employ the machine because technology has no other purpose than to free people from toil.

There is a magic machine with two buttons, each of which will create equality among humans.  You will push

(a) the button that makes everyone equally poor;
(b) the button that makes everyone equally rich;

Baby Bath Water

Okay, it is acknowledged and indisputable that many corners were cut, and many innocents were sacrificed against their wills in creating the spoils of the ignoble faux-elite, over centuries of suffering, this is obvious, but let us not be rash and make all that suffering in vain by creating another dark age by overlooking what true advancements were made in that suffering that took place before our respective manifestations here and now.  [i.e. much of this happened before we were born, and to prevent it from happening, we must remember...]

Let us instead of being rash,  be wise, let us take these spoils and use them for good, let us not overreact to understandably disgusting crimes against all humanity, let us instead parley these ill-gotten goods into wealth and protection for us all, including them, and use the systems meant to turn humans into robots and keep them there, instead towards enforcing our rule over the now available REAL ROBOTS we have created to serve and set us FREE !!!

Understand the Incredible Opportunity We All Have as you just suppose you really understand the following subtle yet powerful juxtapositions and slight modifications of existing situations, turning them from threats into blessings for all:

Morph, with the slightest of tweaks, these human enslaving micromanaging technologies/ideologies...

...sufficiently to control & manage instead these promising human liberating technologies:

...instead of their current humans targets... 

People, especially those who value themselves and others are the best technology of all, yet are nevertheless sacred and not to be used as mere technology for ANYONE but the universe itself, i.e. not for other individuals directly as slaves.

Also do not think you know everything there is to know, that you are certain you know all the players, for often there is a truly noble elite that is quiet and observant that does not want credit or glory, only to see things go as well as we can make them be.

  • The Baby that is being born is not the bath water it is being cleansed in.

  • What is the Baby you ask ?

It is a planetary system supported by technology that will set us all free, protect all of our a priori inalienable rights to absolute privacy and security, ironically from all the pitfalls, apparently in hindsight, necessarily experienced by some in its creation. 

Just as every plant & animal, i.e. flora and fauna down to the biological cells we all are made of  follow the same rules as any other, all biological process are governed by the same universal immutable laws, so does everything else: understanding of these laws is the key for each observer/host to have the best experience possible for as long as possible.  We are above all other known life forms since they depend on us to leave the planet before our star engulfs it and to otherwise provide safe passage to every form of life we can.

You must convince others that the future looks very bright and that there is no need for people to toil for others, or struggle in any way,  and that we must create the demand  at the grass roots level to convince the "leaders" that they need to lead us out into the universe safely where the journey is just beginning, or we do not need leaders like these, but ones that will !!!

Everything in the Universe is Free, when you do things according to its immutable rules, that is just how generous and consistent it is, KNOW this.   

One of the rules is to go forth and multiply reality based, actionable, good news and perspective !!!


Please advise how this message could be written clearer

Thanks, Be Well

  Frequently Asked Questions

Why not work only towards that which can end all undesirable work?
Why not do something that will help everyone forever in REALITY!!!
Why not focus your energy on the  solution that works for everyone in REALITY?
Don't you want each of your actions to get us closer to all actions being voluntary ?
"The Robotic Wageless Economy©"

It is very difficult to get a people to understand things 
that their salaries pay them to not understand.  
Just another reason to move 
gracefully, deliberately, judiciously, expeditiously, to the:
"The Robotic Wageless Economy©"
The Future 4U Looks very, very good INDEED


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 Frequently Asked Questions


  Frequently Asked Questions


1. noun: a physical law of Gd's Universe, as real as gravity is, see details below.
2. event: when critical mass is achieved via confluence of technologies & good will, in 2012 time-frame.

The 'TITE INVERSION'  is the inevitable & desirable 'inversion of concerns'
that must occur to any civilization as it approaches the
tipping point, 
from scarcity based, to surplus based economics.

Currently, the Concern is "not enough",
whereas, after the 'TITE INVERSION',
the Concern will be "too much"...

This changes EVERYTHING, including ethics & legal systems...

This short 4 minute video, in a playlist of videos, foreshadows just one small yet vital aspect of Who
WE-R© e.g.  the 'JIT FAB LABS' aspect, as it illustrates
the interface between humans & the robotic infrastructure backplane meant to express our will materially, coordinated by proper planetary government
all each the components necessary to  kick off the 'TITE INVERSION', please read below to get the big picture which this video & these ideas fit perfectly within.

It is inevitable, as it is "of the Lord", and as such, is right & meet to do so, so lets get started...

This is what is meant by "of the Lord", in that it is inevitable & good for all...

We are so rapidly approaching this tipping point, where the 'TITE INVERSION'
will occur, where instead of scarcity driven human economics, we will
gracefully invert to surplus driven RoboEconomics.
Key point here being that Robots do not have egos.

The differences betwixt the two states of being are as stark as
the 'TITE INVERSION' is REAL, please allow us to
summarize as you soberly consider the following:


Driven, Human Enslaved Economics:

  1. self-regulating, where scarcity, artificial or not,  determines value...
    1. systemically biased towards wanting more
  2. encourages hording & gaming the system, via artificial scarcity ruses & canards such as "Peak Oil", Global Warming etc.
  3. cannibalistic, as humans enslave each other to avoid work
  4. property crime abounds, so called "Peak Oil" just for starters...
  5. all humanity is enslaved by the "machinery of economy"
  6. pro-junk, since quantity is the issue, quality is not
  7. life is cheap



Surplus Driven, Human Directed RoboEconomics:

  1. self-regulating, where surplus determines value...
    1. e.g. just how many Rolex watches, Mercedes etc would you really have if you could always have one  JIT-fabed exactly as you want it in the blink of an eye ?
    2. Where would you park, store, wear, put them all ?
    3. systemically biased towards hoarding less, since you can always have whatever you want in literally the blink of an eye, why hoard ?
    4. KEY POINT: since surplus can be produced artificially, & surplus is considered to be a liability under this system, there is no advantage to be gained in gaming this system, thus it is positively biased & self-organizing towards REAL improvement for its beneficiaries, i.e. EVERYONE.
    5. Finally the key to incentivizing truly good behavior has been incorporated into a system that literally works for us all, AND most importantly, is of the Lord.
    6. more in synch with reality, since Gd is all about surplus being as generous as Gd is to have provided this infinite universe for us to joyfully expand into...
  2. encourages having only what you actually need/want at the moment, real time.
  3. human directed Systems of robots & computer perform ALL LABOR
    1. Unlimited Freewill Actualization System
  4. property crime ELIMINATED because "medium of exchange" itself is eliminated.
  5. all humanity is served by the "machinery of economy"
    1. the realized goal of all true religions...
  6. pro-quality, since quantity is no longer the issue, quality becomes the issue...
  7. life is precious

Observations, we know this is natural & "of the Lord" since we see it occurring right before our eyes, just as we are told that all things work toward the betterment of all in the long run, even so called "evil". Also we note that true scarcity leads to the desire to have more, which collectively & naturally produces the automation we see occurring everywhere, that will continue to perfect the already perfect system towards ever increasing perfection, where the medium of exchange itself will have fulfilled its purpose of eliminating itself, to bring all matter into harmony with itself, i.e. Gd.  We know that it is already perfect, as it is doing exactly what it is supposed to in tending toward itself, in self-organizing fashion, just as Gd would have it of course.  Just who do you think Gd is if not perfect, Gd would not be Gd, if not...  Hello?

We have already left our planet, walked on our moon & beyond.  Everything on this planet can be duplicated elsewhere, with Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics as Gd's inviolable & benevolent rules for so doing. 

We have even already made our own mini sun, scale is only scale, there is nothing we cannot do, as Gd truly made us in Gd's image as only Gd can, Hello?

Divine Friendat long last, the moment 
we have a!! been waiting for, has arrived...
WE-R©THE’ system, that can
ONLY be 'gamed' , to EVERYONE's
Advantage !!! ...due to most inspired design...
LET the GAMES BEGIN, shall we ?
Gd infinitely is, 'THE' single, self organizing system,
containing a!! subsystems, in perfectly fractal fashion,
forever & ever, & ever, & ever, & ever, & ever, so be it.

...Only Gd Exists...

BLESS only A!!

Please let us know how you would like to help...

In the Kingdom We
not TOIL

Live Long & Prosper

...and may it be to thee as thy PURE 
heart desireth, forever & ever, SO BE IT...


Please advise how this message could be written clearer

Thanks, Be Well

  Frequently Asked Questions

Why not work only towards that which can end all undesirable work?
Why not do something that will help everyone forever in REALITY!!!
Why not focus your energy on the  solution that works for everyone in REALITY?
Don't you want each of your actions to get us closer to all actions being voluntary ?
"The Robotic Wageless Economy©"

It is very difficult to get a people to understand things 
that their salaries pay them to not understand.  
Just another reason to move 
gracefully, deliberately, judiciously, expeditiously, to the:
"The Robotic Wageless Economy©"
The Future 4U Looks very, very good INDEED

MAGNA CARTA NOVA - Age of Recreation via the Emancipation
of Humanity from the Machinery of Economy via:


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  Frequently Asked Questions

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a NEW MODEL that makes the existing model obsolete"
WE-R© Wageless Economy - Robotic©

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