Asked Questions

  There is nothing new about Wageless Economy - Robotic© as it predates both  
   Christ & John the Baptist
and can be found described to the "T" in First 3 Chapters of Genesis as   
  well as in the 2nd half of the short video you are about to watch.
FORCE yourself to watch it ALL please.  
   Ignore anything that annoys you, for those parts are beneath your most intelligent self.   
   You will be VERY happy you did, for you will see that this preacher actually is speaking of  
Wageless Economy - Robotic©, perhaps without even realizing it !!! 

  No matter what , the only thing that matters is where we agree and that  what we agree on also be  TRUE !  

The Age of Recreation via the
Emancipation of Humanity from the Machinery of Economy
via The
  with Geothermal, Algae  & Crude Oil Energy

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Do you have any idea, the slightest clue, what the FAST ROBOT HAND video you are about to watch means?
It means human robots can return to being human beings !!!
This is FANTASTIC news that you want to share with others

This is what the General Public is allowed to see, just imagine how much further along we are:

Our Playground

Simple:  Restore Human Robots to being Human Beings via use of Real Robots now available
Challenge:  email any objection you have to so it can be dispelled post haste.
You really must get on board and quick, your life depends on it, literally, tick tock...
Be a part of the future now, or vanish into history, it is your choice valuable blessed friend.

If Communism is merely Capitalism perfected, which it clearly is in the minds
of the Capitalists who in fact created Communism, where EVERYTHING & EVERYONE becomes "plant
& equipment" owned by a small group of Ultra Capitalists: what does that say about Capitalism, Socialism & Communism ?

Not much...  These 3 faces of Capitalism share a common track record littered with destruction...

and Now for something completely different...

See, be, saythe better way:

ROBOTISM© Will Succeed for PRECISELY  the Reasons Communism Failed...
...People Intelligently CHOSE to NOT Work as Human-Robots under
ROBOTS will have no such choice under

Capitalism = Socialism = Communism, always fail without lies and deception,
because the TRUTH is, no one wants to do the work each system requires, repeat...

Therefore, the current systems, all just different forms of Capitalism as demonstrated above,
clearly incentivize anti-social, hypocritical & criminal behavior by implicitly punishing innocent behaviors.

Only The RWE© can incentivize innocent behaviors, because no one in
their right mind would risk their ability to bask in its splendor, freely available to all: via systemically
eliminating the perceived need to engage in  risk for advantage, advantage that is available without risk to anyone in a virtual sense,
without harming anyone else in reality, i.e. if your ego requires it, that illusion will be granted to the illusion you have of yourself, you can experience
that experience until your need to feel superior without being superior becomes apparent to you too.  In other words, feeling and being superior are
not the same thing, yet many fool themselves into believing they are superior to others by harming others to the point of actually becoming superior in a physical
sense, this is not fair, and now we have a way of dealing with it, without harming anyone, even those with such dangerous illusions of grandeur.

In fact ALL criminal behavior today and in the past can be thought of as premature selfish attempts to create & horde
precisely the circumstances we will ALL be blessed to be living in once The RWE© arrives in all its resplendent glory: said
behaviors were indeed counter-productive in getting us there sooner, despite being the "right" idea, i.e. the goal was laudable, only
if shared with all, otherwise the methods were, well you know enough history to know what keeps happening over and over again.

Especially today, when we are so close, we must all insist on fairness & mercy in all matters
without exception, including, of utmost importance, honest pay with real money, i.e. inherently
valuable money, which is essentially barter,  until The RWE© is completed, making money irrelevant.

Ironically, real money is only necessary to create The RWE©, for once it is built, the make-believe money we use today is fine,
but not before then, or The RWE© may never arrive for all, only those who have already achieved one using real people as their robots.

It is obvious that many feel we do not need  The RWE©
but that is only because they either already
have one based on human robots, or
are one of the human robots
and do not understand
they are

Remember that if you are for less "government", only the government we need, then you must be for as few governments as possible, and as little unnecessary redundancy within as few governments as necessary, are you on board so far ? 

One is the first whole number greater than zero, correct?  You can have no fewer governments than one and still have government correct ?  Half a government is not a government.  2 governments is also not government.

Just suppose you really are for as few governments as necessary, would you not then by definition be for a  single planetary government, not thousands and thousands of uncoordinated governments and fiefdoms run by self-proclaimed,  grasping, embezzling, capricious, vicious, secretive unaccountable petty "lords" and their legions of vested minions with millions of hiding places to squirrel away the governed's, the less pushy and presumptuous'   hard earned earnings, make sense ? 

The less unnecessary complexity, the harder it is to hide the suffering of the innocents. 

Anything beyond irreducible complexity is wasted structure that nonsense will multiply in.

ALL IDEAS must remain subservient to
even the most vulnerable individuals
ALL IDEAS were created
to serve, especially
the vulnerable.


IDEAS must serve
HUMANS - not
the other way
around !!

If all coercive buying & selling is being replaced with only
free-will based giving & receiving, in an economy where ALL
undesirable work to produce all products & services is performed by:

Systems of
Robots & Computers...

under human expressed design & direction, is THIS perhaps what is meant by:

"Buying & Selling itself is 'Marked' for Destruction..."

this that you hear so many speak of, & that those without human hearts, i.e. today's
human robots, will be replaced with Real Robots, thereby leaving only compassionate, meek, kind humans,
who are considerate to all, without exception, to remain, and be protected by the very same REAL robots?

Perhaps there is little difference between those turning others into human robots and their victims?
Couldn't the availability of Real Robots help heal human robots back into human beings ?

As above so below,
Truth is Authority,
not the other way around...

Would The Infinitely Generous & Intelligent Creator of the Universe have it any other way ?

If all possess the heart of the best imaginable human ever, that ever had been to our knowledge
imagined, would it even be necessary for that human to rule over anyone, or is that what is meant by ruling ?

If you are forced to have such a heart how are you not a robot ?
If you choose freely to have that heart, isn't that what makes you human ?
Only humans can freely choose...

Whereas Robots cannot, 
they can only follow orders...
Robots also cannot suffer,
only humans can

One world, two world, what is the difference as long as everyone has the ability
to express their free will fully, safely, Royally for as long as they desire, isn't that really the
question & concern we should have, i.e. lets not throw the baby out with the bath water, if the only
thing wrong with one world is those who impatiently tried to force it ahead of its natural schedule, let us
show them how to do it right, as we deter future & forgive past trespasses as an incentive for them to join us.
The rush & dissatisfaction of finite lives causes the ambitious & powerful to cut corners, harming countless innocents.

Once this age old, completely understandable aversion to finite lives has
been resolved with a real solution, everyone will chill out and enjoy the ride.

You cannot fault people for not liking death & all the wacky
behaviours that come from the lack of a heretofore real solution...


There always has been only one world, also known as REALITY !!!

Which can never let you down, look into it...

The Universe is Big Enough, and Generous
Enough to Fulfill all Dreams, in REALITY

Be Well, Innocent & Wise
Precious Child of the Most High Creator of Universe
Peace Be unto You as you live long and Prosper Always

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Open Letter to President Obama

ROBOTISM© Will Succeed for PRECISELY  the Reasons Communism Failed...
...People Intelligently CHOSE to NOT Work as Human-Robots under
ROBOTS will have no such choice under

Capitalism, Socialism, Communism,
always fail without lies and deception,
because the TRUTH is, no one wants to
do the work each system requires, repeat...

Make sense then, as more and more
intelligent people realize we are ready
and do what you can to fast track and advocate it to
gracefully transition everyone safely, each and every day

What if there is a way to harmonize all prior knowledge, technique,
wisdom, prayer, good intention  and experience from all cultures since the
beginning of time into a single system beneficial to all in reality, today? 

Know that just such a system does exist today "Waiting in the Wings",
and with your engagement, thoughts, best wishes, thoughts, words, deeds,
advocacy, deep meditation, prayers, comprehension & good intentions it will
arrive as 
  in y/our lifetime!


The Extra-Cellular Matrix {ECM}
MIT's '6th Sense' DEVICE
EMOTIV's Retail Telepathic NEURO-Controller's Enhanced Geothermal Energy Project

Any remaining "work" not associated 100%

is a complete waste of time !!
Beware of imitations !!


The only way to free humans from the tyranny of others
 is to perform ALL work with Robots & Computers, PERIOD... 

Everything else is just rearranging the chairs... 
and truly make believe...

"...A generation that wearies of technology is bound to turn to magic.  
Those who refuse to use machines that move mountains
will pray for a faith that moves mountains..."
Eric Hoffer

Well begun is half done
All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind

Transform the Economy, the World, your Life

NOW, More Robots means More Freedom

Want more Free Time ?
Realize that Robots & Computers can do ALL WORK
Know it is possible, today, spread the word !

et Robots DO WORK, and Humans BE beings !

Believe it ! Expect it ! Demand it !  from your Leaders TODAY !

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Just suppose, "saving" jobs that are not fit for humans, is NOT HUMANE, just STUPID

  1. Any job a Robot can do is beneath a human's dignity....
  2. CA Farm Association is replacing Migrant Workers with Robotic Fruit Pickers, TODAY ! 
  3. Start REALLY CARING for your Fellow Humans, TODAY !
  5. Free your fellow humans to be beings, & you will, of course,  free yourself too !
  6. Many of your LEADERS & the POWER CLASS Think of YOU and your CHILDREN as FLESHBOTS, to be harvested and used to "run" THEIR GAME, you know, "Human" Resources, JUST another resource, like coal, oil etc.  Many is not all, so there are some in the POWER CLASS who can help. Contact them !
  7. Let them know that you and yours deserve the leisure they enjoy, and that REAL ROBOTS, not HUMAN ROBOTS should do the "work" to run the "show", EXPECT, ACCEPT, DEMAND NOTHING LESS !!

Just Suppose, and, Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. The robotic network is up and running, do we pay the robots for their work ?
  2. The geo-thermal & Algae power plants producing FREE electricity are up, who do we pay for the electricity to power the robots & everything else requiring power when power is free ?
  3. The robots are up, out & about, collecting & processing raw materials into other robots & everything else, who do we pay to collect & process raw material & distribute finished products these same robots will make & distribute ?
  4. The Computer systems are up and running, who do we pay to make the decisions they will make ?
  5. To answer these questions become part of the freight train of thought & action as revolution known as:

The Age of Recreation via the
Emancipation of Humanity from the Machinery of Economy

Last updated:  15:50 UTC,  19 Shvat, 5769, i.e. Friday,  February 13, 2009  Gregorian  Calender

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Greetings to you friend.

Your time is valuable, and your opinion equally so.

Thank you for your time, interest and thoughts...


The latest copy of MAGNA CARTA NOVA© can always be found here:
DETAILS BELOW, please read on...

Be well.

The Age of Recreation via the Emancipation of Humanity from the Machinery of Economy


Focus on the Solution and the Problem vanishes from sight...

[Caution: Most reader's first reaction is automatic rejection, which is understandable, this is not a trivial endeavor. What you are about to read is an entirely new way of doing things, with results that are hard to believe under  the current mind set.  Cognitive Dissonance is to be expected, and can be overcome one mind at a time with your involvement. Comprehension is key.  Please continue and follow through my intelligent friend.]

  1. Humans are endowed with inalienable rights ipso facto
  2. Current system of economy denies these rights to vast majority of humans due to its premises
  3. Resolution demands fundamental change to the premises upon which current system operates
  4. Current wage based economy must and will be replaced by the "ROBOTIC WAGELESS ECONOMY"
  5. Society's Passive "income" will exceed its "expenses", so its members do not have to "produce" or perish.
  6. Money exchanged for material or services will be FORBIDDEN under new system since:
    1. Robotics can perform all physical labor, and
    2. Computers can perform all mental labor, and
    3. Material is everywhere in Universe and unlimited and,
    4. Energy is unlimited and it's TRUE COST is ZERO
      1. ERGO, cost of manufacturing   is ZERO
      2. ERGO, cost of distribution      is ZERO
      3. ERGO, cost of EVERYTHING  is ZERO
    5. Since Cost of ALL Goods & Services is ZERO
      1. ERGO, no longer shall Money be necessary since COST of everything is ZERO
      2. ERGO, no longer shall humans have to "work" for other humans, when systems can do all work
    6. Each Human's full time occupation will be to develop their own:
      1. Physical  Health
      2. Mental    Health
      3. Spiritual  Health
      4. i.e. The Age of Re-Creation - or recreation is what we are talking about 24/7/365
  7. The majority of human's current activity is "busy work" to prop up the current facade of fairness for all
    1. You know it
    2. I know it
    3. Start telling the truth and showing the way to true life for all where there are no losers
    4. We are not talking about redistribution of wealth from one to another, which is after all a ZERO SUM GAME
    5. We are talking about, WIN-WIN, FREE for ALL, where everyone is as Royal and as free as they want to be without hurting others
    6. All other strategies are short-sighted since:
      1. They do not address the fundamental issue of disengaging humans from the machinery of economy COMPLETELY. 
    7. All other plans have one thing in common, they simply re-arrange the deck chairs on a sinking ship.
  8. WARNING:  The changes we are talking about are so SUBTLE and COMPREHENSIVE that many will not understand
  9. COMPREHENSION is the KEY - details follow...


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"...A generation that wearies of technology is bound to turn to magic. 
Those who refuse to use machines that move mountains will pray for a faith that moves mountains..."

"...The basic tenet of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do. 
It is the freedom to refrain, withdraw and abstain which makes a totalitarian regime impossible.
 Those addicted to action do not probably feel unfree in active totalitarian regime. 
Hitler won over the generals, technicians and scientists not by preaching to them but by giving
them more than they asked for and encouraging them to go the limit..."
Eric Hoffer

"He Will Destroy Death Forever "
Yeshayahu 25:8

Leopards break into the Temple and Drink the Sacrificial Chalices dry... 
This occurs repeatedly, again and again...
Finally it can be reckoned upon beforehand and becomes part of the ceremony...

KAFKA the Magnificent

BOTH "Faith" and Terror are instruments for the elimination of individual self-respect. 

Terror crushes the autonomy of self-respect, while "Faith" obtains its more or less voluntary surrender. 

In both cases the result of the elimination of individual autonomy is -automatism. 

BOTH "Faith" and Terror reduce the human entity to a formula that can be
manipulted at will.

Eric Hoffer


Increase use of Robots & Computers to Point of  Freeing  Humans to Work EXCLUSIVELY on their own Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health, in the next 10 years !!

Last 3 Barriers to The Robotic Wageless Economy

The Unfalsifiable Assumption
The Comfortably Numb
The Meat Puppet Masters Mechanized Manipulation of Altruism

REALIZE,  ALL WEALTH has been created from
SYSTEMS of HUMANS  Rearranging Matter and Information into new forms...
REALIZE  SYSTEMS of ROBOTS  & COMPUTERS  can do today, what
SYSTEMS of HUMANS  have done for EONS
There is NOTHING NEW ABOUT this IDEA, the ELITE have been doing it for EONS via
Never before in Human History has it been possible for anything, OTHER THAN SYSTEMS of HUMANS , to elevate one group of people over another. i.e create an elite leisure class

The Age of Recreation via the Emancipation of Humanity from the Machinery of Economy via ROBOTIC WAGELESS ECONOMY & GEOTHERMAL & ALGAE ENERGY

  1. Acquire our first Island, as test bed, between 400 & 10,000 square kilometers with:
    1. good representation of natural resources from periodic table's lower 93 elements
    2. temperate zone
    3. between 4 to 10 people per square kilometer average density
    4. think of the Danish SAMS0 Island that today produces all its own energy [1 important piece of our puzzle]
    5. Cuba is an excellent candidate as well
    6. Virgin's CEO Sir Richard Branson's Islands of Necker, and Moskito are already moving in the MC5 direction !
    7. Puerto Rico
    8. Isle of Man, later Tasmania, New Zealand, Australia, the Earth
  2. Enlist the help of Hollywood to produce a movie depicting:
    1. the new world we will build with its "ROBOTIC WAGELESS ECONOMY & GEOTHERMAL & ALGAE ENERGY"
    2. tell & "sell" the story
    3. make it as understandable as possible to as many as possible
    4. think of the production techniques in the movie "The Truman Show", starring Jim Carrey, not hard to imagine
  3. Develop computer model to simulate algorithmically and graphically:
    1. every aspect & scenario of the new economy algorithmically.  [see SIMULEX CORPORATION ]
    2. solicit the help of recent college graduates in the following fields:
      1. Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, Space Sciences
      2. Robotics
      3. Physics, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, genetics, genomics, civil engineering
      4. Sociology, Psychology, Political Science
    3. Work with Computer Game industry to  produce a Simulation along the lines of SimEarth [see SIMULEX CORPORATION ]
  4. Offer membership opportunities to interested participants:
    1. Private individuals
    2. Private & Public Institutions
      1. non-Profits
      2. for-profits with proviso that once in there is no more buying/selling
    3. Government & non-governmental organizations NGOs
    4. Academia
  5. Deploy the Computer AI systems to:
    1. design the operational support systems
    2. design the robotic systems which will built all the robots
    3. coordinate activities of the robots and support systems
    4. design the entertainment and recreational facilities for the humans
    5. continuously collect & coordinate input from the humans to decide what to do next, and next etc
  6. Deploy the robots to build other robots that will:
    1. build the "near-mantle" GeoThermal Power Plant
    2. build the recycling subsystems
    3. manufacture all physical items
    4. perform all farming operations
    5. transport all goods & raw materials
    6. perform all law enforcement actions
    7. perform all medical & rescue services
    8. tend all systems of:
      1. Power production
      2. Water & Air purification
      3. Communications
      4. Manufacture
      5. Transportation
    9. build the centers & systems for human activities:
      1. entertainment
        1. comedic sciences
        2. non & performing arts, please see:
        3. cinema & theater
        4. VR 
      2. education
        1. arts, languages, humanities, history
        2. Astronomy
        3. mathematics & sciences
        4. spirituality
          1. yoga
          2. meditation
          3. contemplative
          4. other non-coercive & non-violent spiritual pursuits
        5. naturalism
        6. ROBOTS, possess INFINITE PATIENCE thus, they are well suited to TRAIN HUMANS
          1. ROBOTs can teach new social skills and languages to:
            1. AUTISTIC CHILDREN
            2. The Handicapped
            3. The anti-social
      3. recreation
        1. parks, nature & eco-preserves
        2. physical sports facilities
          1. competitive and non-competitive
        3. mental sports facilities and systems
          1. competitive and non-competitive
  7. Partner with WALMART [if this sounds crazy to you now, that is only because you do not understand yet.]  Why ?  proceed to find out...
    1. In spite of itself, and perhaps without even knowing it, WALMART is headed in the ROBOTIC MAGNA CARTA NOVA© direction:
      1. Walmart pays its workers almost nothing -
        1. under MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, wages are eliminated, so Walmart is headed in correct direction with their pay practices
      2. Walmart charges almost nothing for its products -
        1. under MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, everything is free, so again Walmart is headed in the correct direction here with prices approaching ZERO
      3. Walmart CEO stated  August  15, 2007 in NY TIMES that its customers are "running out of money !!" anyway !
        1. According to:  WALMART CEO Claims "Our Customers are Running out of Money !!"  August 15, 2007 NY TIMES so it appears the trend of money ""going away" is already occurring...
      4. Walmart is optimizing distribution, logistics & manufacturing practices with Computers and Robotics
        1. under MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, ALL manufacturing, logistics & distribution will be automated and wageless with no humans involved
    2. WALMART, to their credit, is rolling out GREEN STORES with integrated and GREEN TECHNOLOGIES including:
      1. Solar, Wind Power  [please see NANOSOLAR -]
      2. Solar Lighting
      3. Pervious Pavement
      4. Rain Water Capture for irrigation
      5. Burning used motor oil as diesel for power generation
      6. See:
    3. WALMART is the worlds largest RETAILER, and as such serves as an interface between PRODUCTION and CONSUMPTION
      1. This is precisely the interface that we will be redesigning, it is the engine of the current economy, where the rubber meets the road under the current reality
      2. Redesigning this interface with slight and subtle modifications is key to instituting MAGNA CARTA NOVA©
      3. WALMART has the critical mass, the gravitas, this is where the tweaks must occur to bring MAGNA CARTA NOVA© to reality.
  8. Once our test Island has succeeded for 5 years, replicate on New Zealand, then Australian, then across globe & into space
    1. Into Space with Space Hotels, Universities etc, expanding humanity's big picture awareness
    2. The New York Times has story of a new SPACE HOTEL being built called the GALACTIC SUITE

Welcome to MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, where we examine the rights of humans, and their emancipation from the machinery of economy.

We start by examining the case for GEOTHERMAL & ALGAE ENERGY and look @ why it is not happening on a larger scale.

An actual case FOR GEOTHERMAL & ALGAE ENERGY is made below this letter in an actual email sent to a local government official with whom I serve with as a representative of the people in our city of 70K. 

The email is a request that we utilize a form of GEOTHERMAL & ALGAE ENERGY in all new municipal construction efforts, and then discusses GEOTHERMAL & ALGAE ENERGY on a larger scale.  The version of the  letter that you are about to read, i.e. MAGNA CARTA NOVA©, is related  to the effort to encourage use of GEOTHERMAL & ALGAE ENERGY at the local level. 

MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is a tour-de-force in its addressing the needs and rights of humans, animals and the environment we all depend on, and fundamentally shows the way things will be when we manifest our destiny and full purpose as humans.  It describes a comprehensive and quantum sea change in the economy and humans relationship and role in it. 
These ideas have been percolating for over 25 years in the author's mind and are certainly the result of his interactions with many fine minds of whom the author has had the privilege to discourse with.  The fact that you have received this latest version of the train of thought known as MAGNA CARTA NOVA© is related to the high esteem the author has of you, your ideas and intellect.  Gentle reader, please feel free to contribute to these ideas via your considered comments and ideas.


Created:  September 23, 1974  Gregorian or TISHREI 7, 5735

Last Updated: March 20, 2007  Gregorian or NISSAN  1, 5767

First a little background on the Energy aspects of our MASTER PLAN


Why is this not happening right now ?  Well actually it is, but in limited fashion, most likely due to the fact that it is difficult to make a "business" case for free energy...    How do you charge for something when everyone finds out it cost you nothing ?

The establishment is in "power" precisely because they are the gatekeepers to energy and everyone must pay them to gain access to energy under our current energy system's rules.
This is where our leadership comes in.  We cannot continue to protect the monopoly financial interests of some at the expense of humanity and the earth-at-large any longer, especially when there exists a simple WIN-WIN-WIN Solution for EVERYONE.
Also, until recently, the technology required to dig deep enough was not as practical as it is today.  This is no longer the case.  There simply is NO EXCUSE for not utilizing the boundless free GEOTHERMAL ENERGY under the earth's paper thin crust to produce 100% CLEAN and FREE ELECTRICITY !!!
Please talk to others about this.
It is simple to understand, simple to explain and simple to implement on a regional level. 
The only impediments are those whose empires are built on the old energy paradigm. 
They must figure out how to transition themselves to the new paradigm and release their stranglehold on the earth and all its inhabitants.
This is not easy to do, no one releases their grip on the control panel easily, would you ? Also, it does not at first glance appear to be in their interest to do so. 
The role of leadership is to show the way, make it easy for those making the easy "money" now to transition into other useful, less cannibalistic/parasitic pursuits. 
If we cannot make the monopolists feel safe in releasing their grip, they simply will not. 
It is similar to a high stakes exchange of cash for secret documents or other valuables for example. 
Imagine a clandestine meeting point where each party brings his brief case for exchange with the other, one filled with unmarked bills, the other party's with highly prized objects or information. 

Neither party wants to hand over their part of the bargain first, each fears the other will take the others stuff and run,
or even worse, kill the other party and take the cash, or the secrets/valuables as the case may be.
What is needed is an escrow mechanism whereby the monopolists can hand over their control of the improperly used control structures in exchange for the freedom from the same poorly implemented outdated mechanisms.

[Currently, our system is based on artificial scarcity of physical and intellectual resources, with a spoils system from the top down which encourages fractally similar hording and WIN-LOSE  behavior with systemic punishment for behavior non-conformist to same paradigm done down to the nanometer level.]

This switch to the new paradigm has to happen all at once or it will not happen.  This will be a very high stakes transition, a tipping point if you will.
It will be necessary to make sure that the new way is all lined up first, so that those in control now can believe that they are really trading
something for something, and of course so that the new way can actually have a chance of surviving doubters, saboteurs, etc.  This is an all or nothing deal though, there really is no phase in possible, as the old way will re-entrench itself if even one spore of its pattern is able to remain.
As a result of the shortsighted's release of  grip over the improperly implemented control structures, humans will become un-ensnared, or decoupled from the machinery of economy.
To understand this, consider the following simple verbal illustration:
Humans are now, because of a stomach, completely ensnared in the machinery of economy, they are part of the machine.  In order to get food and
shelter etc, they must produce goods and/or services to acquire money from other humans or systems, in order to obtain the food, shelter etc to simply survive. 
No matter who you are, you are trapped, even the rich are, although to a different degree, everything is tied back to money and the imperative to earn it.
Well, if instead we became decoupled from the machinery of economy, and became a wageless, cash less society , for the essentials anyway, people in effect
would be decoupled from the machinery of economy from an imperative perspective.  Of course this has been tried via socialism, and everyone
tries to accomplish it by setting up systems of people or crops or animals or what have you, below them that do all the work for them and they simply cash the checks.
This is precisely what we want to do, but on a global level, i.e. have the systems in place below humanity itself that produce all the goods and services, and humanity cashes all the checks, but the mechanisms beneath us would NOT be other humans or animals, but instead, inanimate systems, not inmates.
In other words, have robots and computers do all physical and mental work, not humans or animals. 
Humans then would no longer enslave other humans or animals via one mechanism or another as is currently the case indeed.
The rich could no longer feel guilty and so separate from the humans below them who are de-humanized in order to "humanize" the rich above them.

This would free humans up for what they were created for in the first place, and that is to live and really live, live like all those with wealth have always lived, only better, without the abuse of others or themselves, i.e. without any of the excesses or deficiencies.    Human Beings could be "Beings", not "Doings".  How much of your life now is simply reaction to things around you that you had nothing to do with or otherwise care little about ?  Would you like to be left to be, at least some of the time ?
Each and every human's full time "job" would be to plerk on their mental, physical, and spiritual health.  That is all.  Of course all the tendencies to compete would still be there, only difference is it would all be voluntary.  There would be mental competitions, so the mental faculties do not atrophy.  There would continue to be physical competition, so that physical capacities remain healthy and interesting, look, we already have this, i.e. The World Cup, the NFL, Olympics etc, is it really that hard to imagine ?  Even the "reality" TV of today is pointing in this direction.
This is what we all strive to do now anyway, i.e. work on our own mental physical and spiritual health. 
We just need to set things up so EVERYONE can do it, not just the lucky or otherwise better positioned to do so.
The universe is certainly big enough to accommodate this, it can never be overpopulated, this much is OBVIOUS.  We are certainly smart enough to do it.  We have created our own sun, i.e. nuclear reactors. We can leave the planet via space travel.  The rules which govern the matter which appears everywhere in the universe we are becoming more and more familiar with as each day passes.  This is a no brainer.  It really is that simple, and beyond your wildest dreams, that is just how good this news is, and most importantly it is REAL & Achievable in our lifetime !!! [that depends on our commitment of course, hello ?]
Again the issue is to simply change the underlying paradigm upon which the economy functions.  The role of the human must be re-designed from the ground up on so fundamental of a level, that at first, just contemplating the proposal can be disorienting, even inducing cognitive dissonance in some.  But alas this is the nature of fundamental change.  We are not talking about simply rearranging the chairs on the Titanic here, which is all most plans currently considered do.  We are talking about change so deep and penetrating that it will quite literally lead to the emancipation of all forms of life from the unnecessary bondage we all find ourselves in.
Remember, perfect slaves actually believe they are free !!!  Good belief to have if there is no choice, but can we really say there is no choice here ?  Don't you and yours and doesn't everyone for that matter deserve the best ?
So how would it "work" you ask ?  Money in its conventional sense would have to be eliminated.  It is already an artificial construct.  It simply is an artificial representation for natural resources.  Right now the economy is set up to depend on consumption.  Without a certain level of consumption, businesses will lay people off.  The higher the level of consumption, the businesses will hire, the more they will pay etc.  THAT cycle/relationship has to be decoupled, i.e. obliterated.
Since businesses are currently tightly couple with consumption levels, there is a tendency for them to artificially increase consumption to help their bottom lines.
The ways in which businesses can artificially increase consumption levels are many, but perhaps the single most dangerous technique is to commandeer the very government which was meant to regulate them.  Just think of Tobacco, pharmaceuticals, oil, autos, etc, easy to understand...
By commandeering government, businesses can change regulations to increase consumption.  For example, in the case of GeoThermal energy, businesses fund academia by sponsoring studies to "find" that geothermal heat pumps are "bad" for the water table.
This causes people to continue to use conventional, non-geothermal heat pumps, which utilize up to 80% more energy !  This artificially increases consumption of Coal and other fossil fuels to run electric power plants.  Ironically the arguments against residential geothermal heat pumps are that they may, in some cases, lead to evenly distributed minor increases in the the water table temperature in the summer, and correspondingly lower temps in the winter, when in reality, having a single power plant using that much additional energy due to 80 % increased consumption, coupled with even greater inefficiencies in distributing power over great distances, as is the case with regional power plants, combines to dump even more heat into the water table at a single point, i.e. usually a river, not to mention all the pollutants from burning coal and green house gases spewed into atmosphere.  So in essence big biz gets the pass, and Harry Home owner not only gets to pay 80% more, has to work that much harder,  but also gets to pay for chemo-therapy later due to all the fine particle pollution and heavy metals released into the atmosphere from burning that much more coal, AND here is the kicker, the net effect on heating the earth is actually far greater when geo-thermal heat pumps are regulated out of existence.
Another case of businesses creating artificial increases in consumption is when they dismantle mass transit systems through government lobbying in order to increase the purchase of automobiles, tires, gasoline etc, since without effective intermodal mass transit there simply is no choice.   [see Southern CA]
So as you can see, businesses take on a life of their own, and it is not hard to see how businesses themselves have come to depend on human's consumption for their own survival.  In essence, humans really are working for business systems and are an integral part of those systems, when the whole idea of businesses and the systems through which they function was, originally and theoretically, to work for humans, i.e. to make humans' lives easier than they would be without same businesses and the systems which implement them.
This is the cycle that must be broken, this is the en-entanglement, which must become untangled.  Businesses have quite literally inserted their tentacles and other appendages into the veins of their human hosts who pay the money that businesses gauge their performance with.  Since even the smallest of businesses has far greater power than any individual has, haven't you noticed the way you are treated as a PAYING customer, and since government itself has clearly and unambiguously been commandeered by business, the individual human really is in quite a bit of danger right now, completely powerless it would appear to stop this machine from further devouring humans whole. 


This is only in appearance however since once the paradigm is shifted back where it belongs, or should we say for the first time ever, this inversion of who was created for whose benefit can never happen again, and the key here is removing the direct linkage between businesses and the humans they were intended to serve, and that linkage is clearly money as it is currently being utilized.  The interface between businesses and humans cannot be so direct, there must be another layer inserted so that there is not a direct correlation between consumption levels and profit.  While it is true that money serves the function of expressing free will, the simple lack of money should not mean that someone no longer has free will.  Free will is crucial, it is the only way to have a healthily universe.  It is the essence of democratic principles and what it means to be a human. 
But if free will becomes synonymous with money, then only those with money have freewill, and unfortunately the system has been gamed by those with money against those without to the point that those without really are no longer humans in the normal sense of the word, they are merely automatons for their own survival, no different than the Hebrew slaves in Egypt building someone else's pyramids, or the African slaves in the US, or slaves anywhere else in human history.  Technically speaking, anyone who is forced to do something against their will over and over again is a slave, no matter how well guised the coercive mechanisms are. 
Slaves were and still are the precursors of the robot.  Well now that we have REAL robotics for physical work and Artificial Intelligence for mental work, this situation should no longer exist, no matter how much momentum the old way has, and no matter how incomprehensible the elimination of money in the conventional sense is to most people alive today.  It is especially unpalatable to those with a lot of money, and understandably so, since in many cases, much sweat equity went into acquiring those fortunes, i.e. not everyone is a crook.
Be that as it may, we still need to convert to a money-less system, and allow those with lots of it, to "cash" it in for something else during the transition to the new paradigm.  What must happen before the ruling class will feel comfortable "cashing" in their money, is to reduce the cost of everything to zero, i.e. if everything is free, then there is no need for money.  In other words, if there are no labor costs, and that is the number one controllable cost of doing business, and energy resources are unlimited, which they clearly are, then we will no longer need "money" in the current sense of the word, and human's will be freed from the machinery of economy, or the matrix if you will.  [Sidebar: Also as the value of money is gradually reduced to ZERO, those with huge piles of it will feel extraordinary pressure to "cash" it in BEFORE it goes to ZERO.  Recall when FDR outlawed the possession of GOLD and everyone had to "turn it in to the government" for paper money...  This is a similar situation, only in reverse of course.]
Obviously Robots do not need to be paid wages.  They also do not strike, nor do they sleep.  Computers also are similar in this regard.
If robots do all the physical work, and computers all the mental work, which is certainly possible, then humans can stop preying on each other and forcing each other to do things they do not want to do just to stay alive and keep food in the stomach etc, then we will be freed to be human BEINGS, not just human doings, and most importantly, when we do do, we will do what we want to do, which is always better for everyone.  When do you do your best "job" ?  When you are doing something you want to do, or when you have no other choice, never mind your life depends on it ?


Of course with such a blue sky scenario, some of the constraints to current behaviors will be eliminated, and specific to this conversation, the constraint on consumption will be eliminated in the conventional sense that you can consume without concern for monetary cost under the new paradigm.  How to combat this ?
It simply will not be possible to consume more than necessary, AND, more importantly, there will no longer be all the artificial influences from the "system" encouraging increased non-useful artificial consumption.  Remember, your full time "job" from now on under the new paradigm is to maintain your MPS health, and over consumption is not part of that "job".  Also, hand and hand with the old system were the unbelievable stresses of having to produce in order to survive, which in and of themselves, these pressures produce mental imbalances which then lead to increased unbalanced consumption of all sorts of things, including but not limited to alcohol, food, and countless other forms of over-consumption and addictions.  With the elimination of this produce or starve entanglement, the resultant psychological pressures, and the over-consumption imbalances they engender, will also be eliminated.  Also, with the elimination of money you will discourage crime related to it, as well as unwise borrowing.  What then will be the new crime, and new form of lending, if money is eliminated, is the natural question to ask.
So to still have free will under the new paradigm, what decides who gets to consume how much, when under the old system at least we had money being the consumption constraining mechanism ?  Great question !!!
This is discussed in greater detail in another treatise, inquire if interested, it is touched on in the FAQ  here:
There would have to be a new mechanism of course, because even though we will have robots and computers to produce as much as robots are told to, or make as many decisions as told to as in case of computers, they still have to know how much to produce, what to produce, or what to decide, and when to give the answer etc.  How will all this be managed without humans doing the managing, as this would constitute a "job" under the new paradigm which as we have previously declared is clearly forbidden. 
At least with money we had a numerical system to provide the basis upon which to make the aforementioned decisions, never mind the fact that people had to carry out this production and decision making labor, many of them against their will, but still money was a rational mechanism to let us know when certain thresholds were crossed or when to "buy" or "save" more etc.  What will replace this leveling mechanism under the new paradigm if humans are elevated above the level of participating so closely with the machinery of economy at least from the production and decision making aspects that their current labor, forced or not, requires ? 
This question implies that an accounting system is still necessary, but that humans will be elevated above it, if for no other reason it is NOW possible to do so, and also desirable, so as to insulate us from the system's uncertainties, temptations, & dangers, not least of which being pulled into the gears of the machinery of economy.
Of course there is no contradiction in there still being a rational, numerically determined accounting system under the new rules. There WOULD  be "money" exchanged between the various components of the new economy just like now, only we as humans, will NOT engage in these exchanges, only the robots and AI computer systems will exchange units of exchange, i.e. "money", so that there is that leveling mechanism to coordinate and regulate the production and decision making processes upon which the now liberated humans will be lofted above.
Again, the parallel in today's world is easily seen.  Just consider all the successful businesses that have harnessed the power of their employees, and resources.  Now think of the owners of said businesses who are NOT involved in the day to day operations nearly to the degree that the employees are. 
These "owners" enjoy the benefits of the systems beneath them.  All we are talking about doing here is elevating EVERYONE to this level, and let the machines do what humans were never intended to do.  Let's end human robotics and institute real robotics once and for all, with a complete and total switch over, do not look back or become a pillar of salt.  There is an infinite amount of space, matter, and energy in the universe.  Everyone can have everything they want beyond their wildest dreams without hurting or enslaving others in the process. 
Let the Age of Re-creation begin. 
Your personal re-creation.
Help Spread the Word.
Yours Truly and Forever, []
It is quite urgent we do this now.  If we think it is difficult to rest control from shortsighted corrupt humans and all their machinations, manipulations and lies, just wait until the inevitable happens... 
What is the inevitable you ask ?
Well, you may ask yourself, just how did SYSOP come up with all these ideas ? 
Actually these ideas are obvious, and as such they are coming with or without our efforts, that is just how the obvious works. 
Then you say what is the rush if it is coming on its own ? 
Herein lies the danger and the challenge. 
If we allow these systems to continue in the their current direction, i.e. businesses taking on a life of their own and enslaving people with further and further tightness of fit, they will become so firmly and subtly entrenched that humans will never be able to free themselves from them.  Just ask most cows.
So, while humans, corrupt and as greedy as they may be, are nevertheless, still at the helm of this out of control careening set of systems, i.e. while we still have someone who speaks human to talk to, now is that time. 
If you think the corrupt humans at the helm of these systems now are tricky, clever and deceptive, you have not seen how clever and tricky an Artificially Intelligent Computer system can be.  The machine has no heart of flesh, it is pulling us into its gears of steel.
Now is the time to harness the inevitable before it harnesses us.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Let the Age of Re-creation begin. 
Your personal re-creation.
Help Spread the Word.
Yours Truly and Forever, []

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Date: Feb 20, 2007
Subject: CRITIQUE Help needed please - new material starts @ copyright section


Good morning.

Could we please bring this excellent news re GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMPS to the attention of the Leadership  committee as well as all the Building Projects we are involved with pertaining to all Re-Creation facilities including but not limited to:

etc please ?

GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMP systems allow you to cool and heat your house, and municipal buildings of course, for up to 80% LESS !!!

These systems are very similar to a normal AC system, only they have a much better heat exchanger technique which simply involves using a pipe loop underground, not unlike a well for your irrigation system, to take advantage of the stable temperatures underground to either throw heat into or remove it.
Drawing shows how a geothermal heat

See this link for details:

A by product of these systems is HOT WATER for FREE !!!.

We should not only demand these for our homes and all new municipal construction, we should MANDATE them by LAW for ALL new public construction if not retroactively too.

please cc: Leadership Committee @ our next gathering, as well as next Monthly Normal Leadership meeting please.

Hope you have a great and warmer week John.

best regards,
Leadership Council Committee Member


P.S. The GEO Thermal Heat Pump discussed above is just one form of GEO THERMAL Energy, and while very impressive, actually is only a passive form of GEOTHERMAL Energy.
True, active GEOTHERMAL Energy works something like the following:
Now consider the following:
Beneath the earth's very thin crust is extremely hot material, over 1600 degrees in fact, of molten rock, the outer mantle, i.e. lava lies just below this very very thin layer known as the crust.
The earth's crust is even thinner than the skin of an apple for example in comparison.

If Earth were an Apple, below the skin
                    would be LAVA Obviously we do not want to get quite that close to punching all the way through the earth's crust, there is no need to.
The stone layer near the bottom of the earth's crust, just above the outer mantle is naturally quite hot.
So hot in fact that we could run water through pipes near it to boil water to power a steam turbine generator to produces endless electricity which could be stored in hydrogen fuel cells to power cars and everything else for free, with zero emissions, forever.  Precisely the same technologies we currently use to explore and mine coal and petroleum are needed to dig the wells deep enough to reach this hot layer to boil the water to turn the turbines which spin the generators.  It is a no brainer.    Of course the cynical will say we would already being doing it this way if it were so easy, to that just think of all the other things we used to do a certain way that later changed.
  The Age of Recreation via the Emancipation of Humanity from the Machinery of Economy via ROBOTIC WAGELESS ECONOMY with GEOTHERMAL & ALGAE ENERGY

Read Don C. Marler's -

"Unemployment: Victory or Defeat in a Progressive Society"

Read Kafka's - The Great Wall of China

Read Kafka's - The Problem of Our Laws

Eric Hoffer:

MAO the UnKnown Story


UNIVERSAL DNA & What it Means to YOU

As we woke from our neolithic slumber, humans began to talk about living forever,
and this was because we realized that it might be possible.

This talk has continued for eons, however, along the way we became lost,
because although we knew it was possible, it appeared for the time being to be impractical.

All sorts of bizarre religions were created to compensate for this, to ease the pain of those alive, who, although
they believed living forever would someday be possible, they nevertheless felt that it would not be in their time...
Thus the beginning of all error...

Therefore, for those who realized then, and believe now, that it is not possible,
a huge wall has been erected to deny it to everyone else,
and this could go on forever unless we start thinking clearly now.

Think only thoughts at least as positve as these.
Let this be your measuring stick, expect the best,
and know what best is, and expect it for everyone, 
to improve your chances of receiving it too.

Dr. Angelito

CLICK4>  Literature Section

The Honorable Rabbi Crispe's comments
dealing with the "End of Work":

"There are an abundance of sources based on verses of the prophets and more cryptically alluded to in the Torah proper and they are then expounded upon in the writings of the Sages (Midrash, Talmud and Kabbalah and Chassidut.) Amongst the most prominent quotations are the statements of the Rambam in both his Mishna Torah regarding the Laws of Kings, having to do with Moshiach, and the Shmone Prakim. And the most prominent quote spoken about is:

Belef Hasvhii Ein Bo Melacha:

In the 7th millennium there is no work. "

Notice that there is no prohibition to ending work before then....

If you are aware of other references like this, in any faith's literature, please do share.

"The End of Labor is to Gain Leisure"

"The End of Work"
Economies of the Future as predicted in  Jewish Scripture ,
where labor is no more...

Did you know that there are MILLIONS of non-Z-i-o-n-i-s-t Jews too
...i.e. that many jews are not zionists,
and many zionists are not jews ?
Isn't it wise to not assume either way ?
Aren't we ALL human beings ?
Don't we all have the right to be ?
Shouldn't all be free of the implications of others beliefs ?

When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him: 'Whose?'
Don Marquis
(1878 - 1937)
[IS] The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race is the [LEADERS of the] human race. [?]
Don Marquis
One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important.
Bertrand Russell
(1872 - 1970), Conquest of Happiness (1930) ch. 5
Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.
James M. Barrie
(1860 - 1937)
Force without wisdom falls of its own weight.
(65 BC - 8 BC), Odes
Those who wish to appear wise among fools, among the wise seem foolish.
De Institutione Oratoria
His priority did not seem to be to teach them what he knew,
but rather to impress upon them that nothing, not even... knowledge, was foolproof.
J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
[IS] It is no good to try to stop knowledge from going forward. Ignorance is never better than knowledge.[?]
Enrico Fermi
(1901 - 1954)
People are difficult to govern [BULLY] because they have too much knowledge.
(604 BC - 531 BC), The Way of Lao-tzu
If knowledge can create problems,
it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.

Isaac Asimov
(1920 - 1992)

it is very difficult to get a people to understand things 
that their salaries pay them to not understand.  
Just another reason to move 
gracefully, deliberately, judiciously, expeditiously, to the:
"The Robotic Wageless Economy©"