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What if in fact:


Carefully consider the following:

Children who test NEGATIVE for Mercury using a hair test, yet exhibit PROFOUND AUTISM, is cited cunningly to the unlettered as "proof" mercury in vaccines and dental fillings is NOT the cause of Autism.

Children who test POSITIVE for Mercury in their hair, yet do NOT exhibit profound AUTISM, is cited cunningly to the unlettered as "proof" mercury in vaccines and dental fillings is NOT the cause of Autism.

STOP and THINK: The reason the kids who test negative for Mercury in their hair, yet have PROFOUND AUTISM, is simple, the MERCURY is laced throughout their brains and never got excreted into their hair to show up on the test, thus they end up brain damaged.


The reason kids who test positive for mercury in their hair yet do not exhibit profound autism is just as simple, it is because their bodies, due to differing genetics and diet, ARE able to excrete the MERCURY from their brains into their hair so it can show up in the hair test, despite being "relatively" free of "AUTISM" !!!!

Thus, what if Genetics is NOT the cause of autoimmune disease, that it is simply the prism through which a MERCURY radicalized rogue  immune system manifests as any of the following as a single disease known as THE MERCURY INDUCED AUTOIMMUNE SPECTRUM, or M.I.A.S:

  1. * Multiple Sclerosis (autoimmune)
  2. * Autism (juvenile Alzheimer's)
  3. * Alzheimer's (Adult Autism)
  4. * Parkinson's Neurological Diseases, Depression, Insomnia, Amnesia, eventually Dementia (autoimmune)
  5. * Panic Attacks, Anxiety
  6. * Heart Disease (autoimmune Atherosclerosis)
  7. * Asthma (autoimmune)
  8. * Arthritis (autoimmune)
  9. * Allergies (autoimmune)
  10. * Lupus Fibromyalgia Scleroderma
  11. * Chronic Fatigue
  12. * ADHD, etc etc
  13. * Dementia
  14. * Crohns
  15. * Psoriasis & Eczema (autoimmune)
  16. * Immune Dysfunction
  17. * Autoimmune diseases
  18. * Minamata Disease {massive exposure, all of the above are from trace amounts only, that is just how toxic Hg is !!!}
  19. * All Chronic Diseases (autoimmune)
  20. * too many to list here, please share your findings...

Some seem to think this is just some kind of fun debate, and that the truth some how does not matter, just as long as you appear to be right. 

Which is precisely congruent with the superficial position they take in MERCURY DENIAL: they have not looked deeply enough, are just taking others "word" for things, and not looking at the obvious.    WE HAVE NO IDEA what is really in anything BigPharma does, they lie, they are linked inexorably to the NAZI Death Camps as you will see below.

Too smart for their good is in the end not very smart at all.  It matters not how many papers, that have been allowed to surface, they have read, or will read,  when each paper that is allowed to exist, is allowed to precisely because of the control mechanism that remains invisible to the MERCURY DENIERS, the very same mechanism that was behind the NAZI DEATH CAMPS remains fully in force today through their like-minded descendants & replacements, literally, not figuratively, as only the useful idiots and true believers, dime a dozen chumps like Hitler and other frontmen were prepositioned, betrayed and "caught", by design.  

  • Ask, "Who were/are the designers? "  and then Know,   "They are still in control now".  Do not beLIEve it, KNOW it.

 Please make sure you know this.  It really is quite easy to know and vitally important.
  {evidence below}

+Chadwick Jones here is what troubles me most about the whole Hg issue: how what is used as the very proof to say it is not the cause, actually IS itself the cause! Read that again if you need to.

I know this is a lot to take in, so go slow as difficult as it may be, FORCE yourself to read this in its entirety. Thanks, you will be happy you did, assure yourself of this fact.

Please CAREFULLY consider the following empirical findings, and the VERY tight logic required to not be DECEIVED by those who have framed the results precisely the way they have, to deceive the gullible, which you are anything but my most intelligent friend, this being just ONE instance of the chicanery that is rife throughout so called "modern"medicine:

FACT 1: Children who test NEGATIVE for Hg using a hair test, yet exhibit PROFOUND AUTISM, is cunningly cited to the unlettered, as "proof" mercury in vaccines and dental fillings is NOT the cause of Autism

FACT 2: Children who test POSITIVE for Hg in their hair, yet do NOT exhibit profound AUTISM, is cunningly cited to the unlettered as "proof" mercury in vaccines and dental fillings is NOT the cause of Autism.

STOP and THINK: The reason the kids who test negative for Hg in their hair, yet have PROFOUND AUTISM, is simple, the Hg is laced throughout their brains!! and never got excreted/metabolized into their hair to show up on the test!! thus they end up brain damaged, i.e. Autistic!!!


The reason kids who test positive for Hg in their hair yet do not exhibit profound autism is just as simple, it is because their bodies, due to differing genetics and diet, ARE able to excrete/metabolize the Hg from their brains into their hair so it can show up in the hair test!!! despite being "relatively" free of "AUTISM" !!!!

Thus, Genetics is clearly NOT the cause of autoimmune disease, only a moderator of its severity, simply the prism through which a MERCURY radicalized rogue immune system manifests as any of the following, yet as a SINGLE disease known as THE MERCURY INDUCED AUTOIMMUNE SPECTRUM, or M.I.A.S ! Are we really to continue to deny MERCURY's PRIMARY ROLE just because vast, vested monied interests tell us to?  

Who is the lackey in all this if not the denier of such obvious causality, that said monied interests have every motivation to hide, for it is their trade secret, the PIN to an ever more hobbled Public's ATM card.


  1. - Diabetes (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks pancreatic molecules)

  2. - Multiple Sclerosis (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks peripheral neurons)

  3. - Autism (juvenile Alzheimer's: Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks brain neurons)

  4. - Alzheimer's (Adult Autism: Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks brain neurons)

  5. - Parkinson's Neurological Diseases, Depression, Insomnia, Amnesia, eventually Dementia  (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks all systems)

  6. - Panic Attacks, Anxiety (secondary SYMPTOM of Hg radicalized rogue immune system having attacked all systems)

  7. - Heart Disease (Atherosclerosis: Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks artery wall repair processes)

  8. - Asthma (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks bronchi)

  9. - Arthritis (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks tendons)

  10. - Allergies (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks all itself)

  11. - Lupus Fibromyalgia Scleroderma

  12. - Chronic Fatigue (secondary SYMPTOM of Hg radicalized rogue immune system having attacked all systems)

  13. - ADHD, etc etc (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks all systems)

  14. - Dementia (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks brain)

  15. - Crohns (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks digestive lining)

  16. - Psoriasis & Eczema (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks epidermis)

  17. - Immune Dysfunction (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks Immune System)

  18. - Autoimmune diseases  (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks itself)

  19. - Minamata Disease {massive exposure, all of the above are from trace amounts only, that is just how toxic Hg is !!!}

  20. - All Chronic Diseases (Hg radicalized rogue immune system attacks all systems)

  21. - too many to list here, please share your findings...

Of course there are also non-autoiummune versions of these same disorders, yet the vast majority of the above are nearly exclusively the result of the M.I.A.S.

Epigenetics are invoked very much by Hg exposure during development, in fact that is its primary mechanism, hence the reason to"imbue" them as close to birth as possible, preferably before leaving the hospital, to  maximize its deleterious effects, insure it actually occurs for this opportunity to "imbue" may never come again, thus preventing mother from ever seeing what normal is.  

More on epigenetics here:

This indeed, is the Eugenicist's NEXUS betwixt Eugenics & Epigenetics, all perfected via precise Hg dosage titration/calibration"experiments" in the NAZI Death Camps by Rockefeller Funded notorious NAZI "Doctor" Josef Mengele, with his ghastly Twins "Studies", precisely to determine the exact mechanisms involved in Nature vs. Nurture, where nature is genetics, and Nurture is epigenetics, making twins perfect for such "studies" as they provide the baseline of a common genetics so as to make it obvious what is what when one is abused and the other is not.  

BOTTOM LINE, "scientists", and I use that term lightly, are reduced to being essentially the highly trained lab monkeys for their, to them invisible masters, to be "scientists" who study ONLY the RESULTs of a Hg radicalized rogue immune system, versus the underlying CAUSE, which of course is Hg, which is liquid metal after all, akin to metal shavings being dumped into an open computer! its a miracle the divine design of our bodies is able to route around this at all, yet not everyone is so blessed, for it is far quicker to cut down a tree than to grow one.

And as for WAKEFIELD, he is just one man, quite possibly set up by his own lawyer, that's the way it works at that level, with the amounts of filthy lucre in play, one man against an entire multi-trillion dollar industry, do you really think said industry would not sacrifice one man to save  their cash cow, the very ones who see every problem's solution as just another "late" abortion?

Or is it just me who sees this clearly?

For all we really know, WAKEFIELD himself may be part of the conspiracy, although that is doubtful, and not necessary for it is not as if criminals are overly concerned about anyone's safety, hence the term"late" abortion.  

Thinking deeply about MMR Debacle, it occurred to me we really do not know whether WAKEFIELD is the Eugenicist's counterweight, for THORSEN or vice versa, bottom line, something is "Rotting in Denmark"@ a minimum.

Please reread this message, this time calmly, resist your urge to dismiss it outright, for that would be most rash of you, and the real you is very calm.

Look forward to your thoughts +Chadwick Jones, Be Well.

Murder by Injection  <-eBook Must Read


  3. Mary Holland UNY Law School Vaccine Case Award

  4. Bayer Exposed ( HIV Contaminated Vaccine )

  5. Quecksilber the strange story of dental amalgam

  6. Gupta "Grills" Gates on Vaccination

  7. Robert Kennedy on the Vaccine Autism Coverup





  12. War Against The Weak


  14. 60 MINUTES on Mercury Fillings

There are countless other videos/data out there, these are just a few, just let me know if you need more. (It is bewildering the sheer volume, I know, and some of it is off-base in some ways, yet the core issue is valid, always focus on the core, never the outliers)

Look, I know you are young and are looking up to people who you take your views from at least in part, it is difficult not to, just know you cannot go where they are going and maintain your integrity, just not possible, so pick the right mentors in life.

The likes of scum bag (alleged) fugitive felons Scott Reuben,  Dr. Poul Thorsen, Rick Scott ad nausem and their unindicted co-conspirators wherever they may be found and countless others yet to be identified, are not to be looked up to, they are to be exposed for the frauds they are, that is why you exist +Chadwick Jones, to expose rather than facilitate fraud, to protect those counting on someone to do this, that we may all be free to fulfill our fullest potentials, forever and ever, so be it.

Is Poul Thorsen even guilty? Or is Wakefield merely his 'quid quo pro' counterbalance from the Predatory Eugenicists perspective? Bruce Ivins certainly appears to have been framed.  All I know is something is"Rotting in Denmark", at a minimum with this whole MMR fiasco.

Be Well My Friend & Colleague +Chadwick Jones  we really can have it both ways, being good and well off, otherwise there is hell to pay, and the real you is too smart to let that happen.

What if the Medical Establishment is being used as a pawn by upper echelon NAZI Eugenicist descendants
via demonstrably intentional MERCURY contamination of the public as their primary mechanism of
implementation, creating full spectrum of so called "mysterious" autoimmune diseases below ?

We wouldn't expect them to come out and tell us, right ?  Wouldn't you want to expose this ?

Even if it is just greed induced reckless shoddy science shrewdly playing the Grey areas &
boundary conditions of  scientifically fine tuned & orchestrated plausible deniability
compounded over 100s of years of business cycles, what difference does that make
to the millions maimed, crippled, ruined and buried: can't & mustn't we do better
since we know why all this is happening, as you will too once you see it ?

Enough evidence exists to show that the look-the-other-way 
finance behind the NAZI regime was indeed from the
Anglo-American Eugenicists of that day, and
the nexus does exist between the nascent
pharma industry of that day, and
the role of the death camps in
carrying out the ghastly
experiments for
said abysmal

Why do we NOT want your money ? Because this is SacredAction, it is not as though
money is not sacred, for indeed it is, just like everything else, it is more that
those we wish to expose/influence/redeem would be the highest bidder,
so let us say this is a more effective approach that is immune
to corruption,  the very corruption we must expose.
Your money is best used by you sacredly.
Just watch & read the following
Proof Videos and
for free

Watch videos & read proof documents:


Norway Bans
BigPharma®™℠© Deceivertizments


Running into the Light and then Through the Darkness:

In 1968, as a sixteen year old high school junior, Carolyn Walker ran her first and only Marathon, at the Oregon seacoast on a stormy day with 40 mph wind gusts.  Her winning time broke the women's world record.  Going on to college at the University of Oregon, she excelled as a student while also competing in world championship cross country races.  Steve Prefontaine, Oregon's distance running legend, became her coach.

But, in her college senior year, something changed it all.  She began having trouble concentrating and passing her tests.  She would black out before finishing her cross country races and soon had to drop out of competitive running.  She dropped out of college without finishing senior year and graduating.  Only FIFTEEN YEARS LATER did she realize that the TWENTY DENTAL MERCURY FILLINGS placed in her senior year had poisoned her.  In our interview, Carolyn Walker tells of her struggle, her breakthroughs, and what her life is like today.  SEE CAROLYN WALKER STORY, PAGE 12 of the AUGUST 2010 Issue of "DENTAL TRUTH" http://DENTALTRUTH.ORG

Call 651-644-4572 and ask for LEO CASHMAN who can send you out a copy of this publication, with the rest of CAROLYN's STORY which is particularly illustrative as she was very high functioning world class athlete & scholar BEFORE she received TWENTY MERCURY LADEN FILLINGS, essentially permanently installed mercury "lozenges", and then dropped off the face of the earth into a hell so vicious, that you simply must read the rest of her story to even begin to feel her suffering, like millions of others personal stories you do not know, perhaps not unlike your own, may you not be so unfortunate.

Post Script:  Sadly, too many MERCURY DENIERS are already so badly damaged by mercury themselves, that they are not really aware of the fact they are, nor that mercury is the cause, which it most certainly is.  Even more tragic than that, in many ways, are those damaged by mercury later in life, that were untouched by this scourge in their childhoods, only to be whacked hard in adulthood with their first drill, fill & bill experience they were blessed to avoid till the fateful day in their adulthood, for they really notice it the most poignantly, as in the case of Carolyn and countless others worldwide, yet certainly the exception as most get hit young, and really goes to show the undeniable causal relationship, and precisely why these maniacal demented monsters are so desperate to foul everyone as close to birth as possible, before they fully develop to then later, once fouled, be able to notice it and testify against them, unlike the vast majority of the public who is fouled as children, even inutero, having nothing to compare anything to, and even today denying mercury is harmful, due to not being able to detect a difference, the new normal is for everyone to get dementia as a child and certainly as they age, when nothing could be further from the truth, as evidenced by those unfouled by mercury late into their lives remaining fully cognitively functional @ the highest levels.

For those MERCURY DENIERs still WAY OUT there in flatland, who deny the role of MERCURY in obliterating & destroying human lives, this account is for you to please consider, one full of deceit and betrayal by the medical and dental "industries" both @ the leadership and practitioner levels that has become so rampant, so ubiquitous throughout the land leaving scattered wreckage and destroyed lives affecting everyone, especially the children either directly, or indirectly through the maiming of their parents, protectors, guardians, this must end, there is no cause more sacred, no more important than http://MERCURYJUSTICE.ORG as this cause is the cause of all other symptoms & suffering literally, by design !!!! and would single handedly eliminate the vast majority of ALL other social ills, in one fell swoop when FINALLY ADDRESSED. We can wait no longer, act now !!

We must end this now, it has been over 250 years of mayhem, enough is enough, if not now, when, if not you, who ?  Act now in love, share wide and far, the truth is enough, that is just how powerful it is, everything else will take care of itself in an environment of truth.


Be well friend.



Who will pay to safely remove it from YOUR mouth and when ?

Start a neighborhood collection for local BILLBOARDs, radio ads,  fliers  that read:


Who will pay to safely remove it from YOUR mouth & when ?

Are you sure they even know how to safely remove it ?

Is there even anything safe to replace it with ?

What are you waiting for ?  Mr. Alzheimer ?

Is MERCURY ABSOLUTELY the SECRET ROOT CAUSE of all of the following ?

  • Multiple Sclerosis (autoimmune)
  • Autism (juvenile Alzheimer's)
  • Alzheimer's  (Adult Autism)
  • Parkinson's Neurological Diseases, Depression, Insomnia, Amnesia, eventually Dementia (autoimmune)
  • Panic Attacks, Anxiety 
  • Heart Disease (autoimmune Atherosclerosis)
  • Asthma  (autoimmune) 
  • Arthritis  (autoimmune)
  • Allergies (autoimmune)
  • Lupus Fibromyalgia Scleroderma
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • ADHD, etc etc
  • Dementia
  • Crohns 
  • Psoriasis & Eczema (autoimmune)
  • Immune Dysfunction
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Minamata Disease {massive exposure, all of the above are from trace amounts only, that is just how toxic Hg is !!!}
  • All Chronic Diseases (autoimmune)
  • too many to list here, please share your findings...

What if there were a naturally occurring substance, so lethal, so powerful even in the tiniest amounts, so destructive to the nervous system, so subtle in its long term damage when used in microscopic quantities, so reducing in IQ, so effective in producing difficult to understand diseases and lucrative disabilities that it would virtually guarantee both gargantuan profits, a virtual golden egg laying goose, as well as reduce competition for the predator lazy class by idiotizing the masses, would you really expect such a substance to not be used for just such nefarious dual purposes out of the goodness of the hearts of those who in fact are using it as such and keeping it the most tightly guarded secret in the world ? 

Know that just such a substance does exist, it is known as MERCURY, & if you know that it is being used for just such purposes via direct injections in vaccines, as well as direct implantation of huge leaking reservoirs of it in children's teeth every day for the last 200 years, wouldn't you want to do something about it ?

Who is behind all this, and knows and could do something about it, who has the leverage to clean up all this, who is everyone waiting on to do the right thing moving forward,  these sources claim to know in these writings as Acknowledged NAZI-Funder Family's BigPharma is  said to be behind this travesty of the last 2 centuries, starting in the 1800's with alleged Founding Flimflam Finagler, peddling  "patent" potions, Elixirs, and Snake Oil,   Chicanery is alleged, amassing great fortunes swindling desperate dying people, parleying it all uninterrupted thru today with a University @ the head of this multi-headed hydra, flesh eating maw known as BigPharma, and BigFedMed.  Their  history speaks for itself:  voluminously.  Plus this book allegedly ties these same folks to Notorious NAZI "Doctor" Mengele.


Allegedly they Intentionally hide MERCURY as the cause of damage to the immune system which turns against the body manifesting as all the above diseases, ONE CAUSE MERCURY, many "mysterious" disorders of unimaginable profit & suffering.

They claim it is the fault of the victim, the perp blaming the victim, they say it is all a mystery, i.e. they have "bad DNA", when DNA is never the cause, it is simply the prism through which a MERCURY damaged immune system manifests as the above-mentioned list of "mysterious" diseases.  DNA modulates susceptibility only, the CAUSE is MERCURY.  Stay focused on MERCURY, because they will obfuscate throwing exceptions and particulars at you which are just that, tricks to get you to lose focus on their game, and their secret weapon, MERCURY.

So you can see why MERCURY is so vociferously denied as the cause, as if it were all just some protracted mystery, or should we say protected "enigma". Additional Links:  Medicine Men & this book.  It is never too late to do the right thing, whether you did something wrong in the past, or are not doing enough good right now, you know who you are, it does matter, you are important no matter your past, you must choose good each and every moment as the present creates both past and future, please act with love now, people are suffering needlessly from MERCURY, all of our lives depend on each other and we are so close to the technological cornucopia all ancient systems of thought allude to. You deserve to be innocent too from this point forward, we all do.


Who will pay to safely remove it from YOUR mouth and when ?

What can be more important than safely removing the mercury toxic waste from your mouth ?

                o   Everyone ever to walk this earth always felt they lived in "modern times".   Everyone

This is just a psychological quirk of the human mind only exacerbated with mercury induced denial and even weaker thinking.

Point being we are still living in barbaric times, when mercury in the mouth is considered "safe", yet  in landfills is a felony.

Everyday you must stay on this issue, call radio, call Dentists, talk to neighbors, local, county state representatives, ask them what they think, engage them in conversations, just see what they know in a friendly manner.   Keep on this.

Request your free  DVD to make the point to others even clearer.   Send postal mailing address to

Make copies and get them out, fast.  You can do it.  We all win.

Start a neighborhood collection for local BILLBOARDs, radio ads,  flyers  that read:


Who will pay to safely remove it from YOUR mouth & when ?

Are you sure they even know how to safely remove it ?

Is there even anything safe to replace it with ?

What are you waiting for ?  Mr. Alzheimer ?


Is all the tabloid-esque incessant "political" and "domestic" blather, sports trivia etc scientifically being shoved into your brain to waste your time, get you to look the other way, really more important than humanity itself ?

Do not think so.  First things first, or you & others depending on you will not be here to do anything, in order or out.

WATCH & SHARE THESE VIDEOS NOW, DEMAND ANSWERS CREATE the GROUNDSWELL correct this clear and present danger:

What do you think others are doing while you spend precious moment after precious moment consuming so much mainstream media pablum, such mental swill  when you could be doing something really worthwhile ? 

  • Is life really that long that you can afford to look the other way day in day out ?
  •  .....or is the fact that you and so many others "look the other way" the reason life is so short ? 

Ah ha, you know what we are talking about, you do, you do, you do.  Why were we blessed with a brain, and senses and a body to begin with ?

So here is something important, and obvious to get into and make a great difference in the lives of all, everyone will benefit, so please get busy with this friend.

MERCURY vs. The Human Dignity That Unites Us All

Granted, many issues are complex, or are made to appear so, others are so simple, yet because you are knee deep in disinfo & pablum, you pass over the obvious low hanging fruit, the no-brainer, highly leveraged action you need to take today:

Your oppressors understand and use high leverage to oppress you, so much so that you even unknowingly help them, hence their leverage is even phantom in nature. 

Now here is your chance to use the high leverage of a clear and obvious long standing wrong that needs to be righted, your purpose is clear, your goal is worthy, the rewards will be far reaching, and highly leveraged your action will be with steadiness of purpose and truth on your side, future generations thus far uncontaminated will thank you, and the contaminated can begin decontamination before it is too late.  {be careful if you are considering decontamination, remember your trust has already been violated, and check out these new DNA based approaches, where you seed a new tooth from your own DNA, just like your teeth started from the beginning.  Ideally you will heal yourself, no middlemen, using your own DNA, what could be more natural than that ? }

The leverage also comes from the fact that once decontaminated and the more never before contaminated people there are, the harder it is to bamboozle the public, it is nothing but straight up from here as the ratio shifts towards more untainted people.  

Why should the weak & lazy be permitted to continue to harm others to level the field, why not heal them too ?  We all win...

Where is the Dignity in what you are about to read good friend ?  You can find it and make the difference.


This received from a friend to share with you and your friends:

When all other industrialized countries have outlawed the use of mercury in dentistry decades ago, yet the USA continues to use it, even insurance not paying for anything but it in molars, despite herculean efforts of good people to stop it, what else can it be other than blatant orchestrated intentional proactive aggressive "eugenics", @ from highest levels, with most practitioners being in the dark as much as their victims, i.e. the intentional poisoning of children whose parents are not aware of the secret purpose today of mercury in dentistry & vaccines, i.e. to get em when their young, dumb em down straight out the gate, because it means less competition for the lazy evil doers running all the scams ? 

These evil doers are the ones who are impaired and they just want to even the field.  If anyone, it is they with the "questionable genes" and they want everyone to be just like them !!!  Misery loves company.  These creeps already have all the money in the world, it is not about the money for the higher ups who are orchestrating these
blatant orchestrated intentional proactive aggressive "eugenics", only the pawns are in it for the money at key gatekeeper positions, and they are a dime a dozen, step right up.

  • What other explanation can there be after DECADES of knowing the effects of MERCURY on HUMANS ?  

Why do we have a Congress, why do we have an ADA, AMA ?  

Why do we pay these charlatans so much money to kill and maim the sheople ?

Ever wonder why even British Royalty let their teeth go, they know it is preferable to mercury glues and metals.

If you have mercury fillings, and think you are just fine, consider how much smarter and healthier, longer lived you might be if you had them not.  How do you know you are not so impaired to believe you are "normal"  when you may not be all you could be ? Numb to your own dumb ?  How can you measure your degree of contamination induced functional impairment when your measuring instrumentation itself is contaminated ?  How would you know ?  Even if you are genius, you could have been super genius, right ?

Read the following and share your thoughts and get involved.


FDA’s Own Documents Show Cascade of Wrongdoing

           Documents we continue to obtain from FDA under the Freedom of Information Act paint a picture of an agency that has engaged in wrongdoing -- and knows it.

            1. While owning stock options in Henry Schein Inc., Commissioner Margaret Hamburg indeed did participate in the amalgam rule-making, presiding at a July 1 policy meeting “to secure feedback from the Office of the Commissioner” and to discuss the rule’s “next steps.”  Having received over a million dollars for the easy lifting of being a corporate “director,” Hamburg repeatedly disregarded warnings to stop:  the ethics contract she signed, an admonition from her financial adviser, and two letters from me.

            2. Hamburg sidekick Joshua Sharfstein entered at the last minute to rubber-stamp the rule that covers up the 
mercury and conceals warnings of neurological harm to children and unborn babies that FDA had already agreed to.  Sharfstein has become so knee-deep in this morass that just yesterday he canceled a meeting with Congresswoman Diane Watson, who demands an explanation for such a horrible rule.

3. After Hamburg complained to her corporation that “there are constraints on my activities while I hold any interest in Schein,” Schein officials offered her a special favor -- they agreed to cancel the options before their expiration date (something that even Hamburg’s financial adviser had said was not possible) so that the Commissioner could start regulating Schein sooner.  Hamburg agreed and the deal was signed on July 28 – the day the amalgam rule was announced.  

4. Henry Schein benefited enormously from the rule, with its stock jumping $1.50.  In an email exchange, the Commissioner “severed” her relationship to Schein (two days after the rule was announced), but assured Schein’s general counsel that she hoped her “friendships” at Schein “will outlast the period of my recusal.”  In response, the general counsel noted that Schein is “indebted” to her for her “service” at FDA.  

            5. The Commissioner’s husband, Peter Fitzhugh Brown, was marketed to the American people as an “expert in artificial intelligence.”  Actually, he is a hedge fund trader, an officer at Wall Street colossus Renaissance Technologies.  Hamburg secretly enlisted Peter Brown into FDA’s inner circle to participate in FDA deliberations as to how to deal with the amalgam rule’s fall-out, where he could advise agency press aides and policy makers and be advised by FDA lawyers -- and get valuable insider information for his day job (an FDA Commissioner has a huge impact on stock values of major corporations).  Renaissance Technologies traded $6 million in Schein stock during the second quarter alone.

            We are fighting back.

A) Fifty-seven (57) good Iowa folks have written FDA critic Senator Chuck Grassley to ask him to investigate the horror show at FDA,   They included my five page letter, with 15 attachments – which goes through this problem chapter and verse (of what we know so far, keeping in mind FDA blocks release of most records).


B) Jim Turner filed an excellent petition for reconsideration, raising a wide variety of major issues – both procedural (such as Hamburg’s ethical problems) and substantive (such as FDA’s nonsensical and unsubstantiated decision not to tell consumers about the 
mercury because giving patients something to talk about would discourage discussion with dentists).   

C)  Thirty-nine (39) Members of Congress, so far have signed onto the Watson-Burton resolution calling for FDA to disclose the presence and risk of the 
mercury.  It’s House Resolution 648; check with your Representative to see if she or he has signed on yet.

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg entered FDA through the revolving door from Henry Schein Inc., the nation’s #1 amalgam seller; participated in the rule-making despite a trio of warnings; corralled her staff into making false denials about it; cut a deal with benefactor Schein on the day the amalgam rule was announced; and brought a hedge fund trader dealing in Schein stock into FDA’s inner circle.  Small wonder that Hamburg’s chief press henchman calls for an “end game” against those seeking to unmask the wrongdoing.

30 October 2009
Charles G. Brown, National Counsel
Consumers for Dental Choice
316 F St., N.E., Suite 210, Washington, DC 20002
Ph. 202.544-6333; fax 202.544-6331,
Working for 
Mercury-Free Dentistry

more links:

email to MS Australia Complaint Officer:

Hi Complaint Officer:

Please tell the truth that MERCURY is the TRUE ROOT CAUSE of Multiple Sclerosis and that this is well known, but hidden from most since it is a VERY VERY LUCRATIVE DISEASE.  You know very evil people exist, do you really doubt they would do this ?  Do you ?  Of course the vast majority of people, perhaps even yourself, choose good, but do not assume for a single moment that everyone is like you. 

Stop looking at symptoms, and secondary and tertiary reactions to the ROOT Cause, LOOK at the ROOT CAUSE, MERCURY, stop looking for GENETIC "CAUSES", genetics only determines susceptibility, not CAUSE.  Everyone with enough mercury will get MS or the other diseases listed below, some just take longer.  Susceptibility is not causality.

Stop blaming the patients.  It is the MERCURY !!!! 

When other metals like aluminum, or intentionally neurotoxic DOD designed bio-weapons which  a certain former DOD Official single-handedly pushed through FDA after repeated rejections, i.e. the  excitotoxin ASPARTAME or MSG are present, it is even worse.

See the Hg damages the immune system, which then attacks the body, i.e. the nerve endings, i.e. MS.

This is why some people even after removing the Hg still suffer, it is the Hg damaged Immune System that is still broken.

Start telling the truth that Hg {mercury} is the CAUSE of MS, and the Hg damaged immune system is the result that causes vast majority of Auto-immune Diseases, MS just being one, this is just how toxic and nefarious Hg is.

Look this is a simple problem, clean up the mercury, and in rare cases, "reboot" the damaged immune system.  But of course simple solutions do not require vast empires of useful well paid idiots and fellow travelers in the dark.

Show your "evidence" that Hg is NOT THE CAUSE of MS please.

MERCURY is ABSOLUTELY the ROOT CAUSE of all of the following:



  • Call your local, state, federal representatives today:
    • 202.224.3121  US Capital Switchboard, ask for your reps by zipcode
  1. Demand the safe Removal of Mercury Dental Fillings from the millions of victims stuck with them, TODAY.
  2. Demand the removal of Mercury from Vaccines, food supply, etc TODAY
  3. Demand acknowledgment that all of the above diseases are a direct result of MERCURY

 Please Circulate, Share, Re-Distribute, Re-Publish this email, study each of the following:


Be well Friend,

The Struggle of People Against Illicit Power, 
is the Struggle of Memory Against Forgetting

(context, a response to a post on, OLPC Nic Negropontes awesome One Laptop per child program)

Educationalists ?

First, OLPC {one laptop per child} is an awesome project that can finally free humanity from evil elite domination, hence OLPC is coming under major fire from the evil elite who know they are losing their grip on the masses they have exploited for eons, so target "numero uno" is to take down or co-opt OLPC beyond recognition, hence VOTA's role.

OLPC is a high leverage keystone in this effort to break the grip of the slavers, so we must of course keep  slavers out of this jailbreak of the masses, a jailbreak of  even greater scale then Exodus itself yet similar inspiration, as the slavers are simply trying to reassert control though co-opting OLPC: a very high value target for them indeed.

One of their most effective tools in dominating was via "educationalists" destroying the minds of those they feigned to be "helping" via dogma, whether they knew their role or not.

With all due respect, we do not need "educationalists"

Parents are the best teachers, period, similar DNA, most likely to care etc, especially parents who are not in bondage of one sort or another by the evil eugenicist elite salivating to dumb-down via "education" and mercury to enslave the next generation, their slaves' children in fact, they slyly claim to want to "educate" 

Do not you even think about looking at them you slime, let alone "educating" them, you are not happy, stay far from the innocent you will only attempt to infect with your diseases.  Heal thyself first friend. 

We know your game, we know how it all "got" his way, we know your techniques and more and more are being educated to your modus operandi, with the drug trade and mercury, the opium to subjugate China  via Yale's creating OSS then CIA, Mao being CIA, Bush being Ambassador to China,  while millions were slaughtered by Mao, Bush funding Hitler via Union Bank, Mengele being Rockefeller asset,, that Nixon was a Bush protege, that Gore was a Hammer protege, that Bush and Kerry are cousins, Bush's alleged role as CIA Head in all 3 Kennedy assassinations/"mischief", Bush's role in attempted Reagan assassination, Prescott Bush's role in founding "planned parenthood" as treasurer,  we know about the fake left right game's role in all this.

Please be good instead, it is safe to be good now, come clean like the Kennedy's tried to do yet paid with their lives by those not ready to be good yet in so doing, we have enough technology that it is no longer "necessary" to play such vicious games of turning people into robots simply because you were not smart enough to create real ones then sadly.

When undisturbed and provided resources like OLPC, children learn on their own.  PERIOD.  No need for hand holding other than their own parents.  No need for "specialists", mega "eduction" budgets, no more patronizing blather.

Everyone ultimately teaches themselves everything they know, just as everyone heals themselves, doctors and "educationists" give themselves far too much credit.

Information, like love and healing, is meant to be free, not sold:

USA is a text book counter example, despite inadvertently giving us the wonderfully liberating, field-leveling, expert obsoleting, evil elite frustrating Internet, USA has the biggest education and medical budgets in the world, the most medicated and "educated" people in the world, and somehow the sickest and dumbest.  Imagine that.  Need we say more ?  Gatto understands this.

Both "educationalists" and "medicalists" do not realize they are primarily pawns working for evil elites above them to contain, control, dumbdown, stymy and hamstring the masses to reduce competition for the evil lazy elite eugenicists they work for, most often without even realizing it.  As someone involved is alleged to have said, "Competition is a Sin".

We must facilitate learning and healing, not force it, but make no mistake every human has built in intelligence to learn and heal on their own, especially with access to resources like OLPC,  when not intentionally contaminated by mercury & sterilant tainted vaccines deployed by such alleged monsters as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations as part of  GAVI as planned in NSSM 200 to reduce the population to only levels necessary to support the evil elite's life style as robotic servants, the last thing the evil elite want is OLPC to fulfill its noble goals untainted by them, hence the thoughts words and deeds of VOTA to try to mess it all up with obfuscation and monkey-wrench rhetoric, if it were not so obvious it might actually work.  Now that you know... it cannot.

Make no mistake though, there is a good elite too, please join it, and if you doubt it, remember, they cannot outright show their hand against the evil elite as the evil elite never hesitates to use its corrupt hand, since the good elite only use good thoughts, words and deeds and therefore cannot use the same tactics.  We all must keep our hands clean, which will simply isolate the evil elite so they can only feed off of each other if they insist on ignoring our perpetual offer to be well instead.  We need them to join us, that will be the greatest victory for everyone.

They like misery, let them have as much as they want without pulling in the innocent and defenseless who would otherwise carry on in bliss if it were not for the evil elite's apparent need to drag others into their schemes and general hatred of innocence which only reminds them of who they really are.

We cannot interfere with the free will of the evil elite, as they so frequently do in suppressing the free will of others, but we can isolate their influence to only act upon each other until they tire of their evil seeing how it only hurts them and no one else, no matter how hard they try to reach outside themselves, we must contain the impact of their ill will via the very technology they wish to enslave others with, since we cannot deny anyone the exercise of their free will justly, yet finally we can insure it has null effect on the innocent via technology and sharing information about their past deeds.  We must always welcome the wrong doers back into the human family, show them mercy as good example.  It is always safe to be innocent no matter the past. Join us so we can put all this drama and suffering behind us.  We need the so called "evil" elite to join us more than ever, and in so doing, it will be as if they were always good once all damage has been repaired.

The Struggle of People Against Illicit Power,
is the Struggle of Memory Against Forgetting

Not surprisingly the evil elite know this and have built MERCURY, a notorious neurotoxin and memory destroyer into vaccines, fillings and the food supply, HFCS, to counter the innocent's strongest defense against them, memory.

We must isolate their influence to protect the innocent, and this we must do by barring the likes of finaglers, wolves in sheeps clothing, which Bill Gates' Micro$oft, and Andy Grove's Intel are alleged to be,  from OLPC and anything "humanitarian" unless it really is not more than an attempt to cynically cleanse their past deeds while just a ruse to continue to abuse people, we do not need their blood money, which after-all is not theirs if they stole it, unless they are removed from controlling its use, i.e. unless they are investigated, justly prosecuted and bankrupted  first for their crimes against humanity, then and only then is that money without taint.  We can forgive those who turn in the right direction, everyone is capable of this and the greatest victory of all as all win, even the converted perps.

Bravo to Nicolas Negroponte who like Gatto understands that all he learned, he learned, not from his teachers, but through his teachers and the resources available.  Nicolas understands that true education produces independence and destroys dependence, and that teachers must not educate their pupils into dependence on anything, not even education itself"

We must not teach children how to be robots, that is what robots are for.

We must teach children how to be good elites, just as the elite teach their children, only this time we will use real robots instead of turning other peoples children into our servants.

If you need a tool and a better one exists, use it, and their is no better tool than a real robot.  Human's make very poor robots, hence the need for so much "education" to keep them from being human beings.

Humans are best at having fun, socializing etc, something robots can never do.  It is a perfectly complementary relationship, but the momentum of eons of turning humans into robots will have to be overcome both by the robotic people and their victimizers, neither fully realizing how everything got this way or who they really are, i.e. most sacred children of the most high creator of the universe & existence itself !!! 

That is the only education necessary, as everything else can be done by machines, we just need to know how to be fully, how to fully be, now that all the stealing and suffering have built out the system, we are in the last mile friends.  Lets all snatch victory from the jaws of defeat when we educate Wageless Economy Robotic, i.e. WE-R the solution that works for everyone.

"In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."   Eric Hoffer


Gates & GAVI -

Norway Bans BigPharma®™℠© Deceivertizments


Elite Education is what we all deserve:

We must teach children how to be good elites, just as the elite teach their children, only this time we will use real robots instead of turning other peoples children into our servants.

from Tragedy & Hope, page 464

This idea of "unfairness," or, on its positive side, "fair play," is a concept which is very largely Anglo-Saxon
and which is largely based on the class structure of England as it existed up to the early twentieth century. 
This class structure was clearly envisioned in the minds of Englishmen and was so completely accepted that it was assumed without need to be explicitly stated. 

In this structure, Britain was regarded as divided into two groups the "classes" and the "masses". 

The "classes" were the ones who had LEISURE.  This meant that they had property and income. 

On this basis, they did not need to work for a living;
they obtained an education in a separate and expensive system;  they married within their own class; they had a distinctive accent; and above all, they had a distinctive attitude. 

This attitude was based on the training provided in the special education system of the "classes." 

It might be summed up in the statement that "methods" are more important than "goals" except that this group regarded the methods and manners in which they acted as goals or closely related to goals.

This educational system was based on three great negatives, NOT easily understood by Americans.  These were:

(a) education must not be vocational - that is, not aimed at assisting one to make a living;
(b) education is not aimed directly at creating or training the intelligence; and
(c) education is NOT aimed at finding the "TRUTH"

On its positive side, the system of education of the "classes" displayed its real nature on the school level rather than on the university level. It aimed at developing a moral outlook, a respect for traditions, qualities of leadership and cooperation, and above all, perhaps, that ability for cooperation in competition best summed up in the English idea of "sport" and "playing the game." 

Because of the "restricted" numbers of the upper class in Britain, these attitudes applied chiefly to one another, and did not necessarily apply to foreigners or even to the masses. 

They applied to people who "belonged", and not to all human beings.

from Professor Carroll Quigely's Masterful "Tragedy & Hope" pages 464-465

Be well friends, we can do it, thanks Nicolas for OLPC, and VOTA, thanks for this forum and you are always welcome to see things as they are, we need you friend. Its all good when WE-R all good.

Send your physical mailing address to receive our FREE DVDs


Here is the problem though.

There is only one clear but nevertheless deceptive weasel worded statement in the jumbo mumbo above:

Do not use in people with known MERCURY ALLERGY.

This assumes at least FOUR things:

It is akin to how BigPharma®© clearly tells you that their products can cause a variety of heinous deadly outcomes, as if simply warning is enough, more weasel words, which in the end mercury brain-damaged dentists and their victims ignore, or never bother to check, point being things this dangerous should not be sold, PERIOD, especially to unsuspecting children or those otherwise too trusting to check for themselves, why do we even have an FDA ?  To ramrod through thrice rejected MS causing products such as Don Rumsfeld's Aspartame ?  Apparently.

Another problem is that before and after placement of what the EPA rightly calls one of the most toxic substance known to humanity, MERCURY, it is some how considered safe and effective by the FDA, yet before and after placement in the victims mouth, it is considered HAZMAT, and is a felony to not follow ultra expensive and elaborate safety disposal protocols, including EPA regulated and minutely prescribed HAZMAT containers, are our children's mouths somehow EPA approved HAZMAT containers ?  

This makes no sense unless you are the mercury tainted mad hatter of Alice In Wonderland...  Look they can use all the fancy words they want to try and cover this up, but the truth is obvious when you see  just watch this video and then decide:  QuackSilber and this suppressed 60 minutes episode, you will see there is no doubt, only massive evidence condemning MERCURY as one of  the top most dangerous substances known to humanity.   Its track record is well known.

Therefore the FDA gobbledygook  above is completely inadequate and only serves to continue exposing new victims to heinous multifaceted, insidious, destructive effects of this normally tightly controlled substance MERCURY , as well as delays the safe removal from the millions of victims who would otherwise be rushing to have it replaced, who indeed are  instead waiting around most unsuspectingly, for the certain long term damages mercury is proven to cause which include but are in no way limited to the following lucrative yet crippling autoimmune diseases due to a MERCURY DAMAGED IMMUNE SYSTEM made rouge,  attacking the body in numerous ways, each modulated like a prism by the victims genetics, yet all disorders from the single cause, yet completely independent of genetics causally, indeed a MERCURY DAMAGED IMMUNE SYSTEM results in each of the following:  
All studies to the contrary are simply obfuscation of the clear incontrovertible fact that MERCURY is the cause of each, as each ballooned in direct correlation with increased use of intentionally mercury tainted vaccinations and drill bill and fill Mercury Dentistry.   Quack is a dentist who used QuackSilber, or QuickSilver, i.e. Mercury, yes it is true. 

The unfudged data is simply overwhelming and even the "best" biostituted tobacco science in the world cannot hide the signal in the data even though that is precisely what the CDC, BigPharma®© and the Vaccine manufacturer's attempted to do in the Ultra Secret, FOIA-Proof SIMPSONWOOD Conference in 2000, 10 years ago !!!  This is just one recent obvious example.

Of course BigPharma®© has profited outrageously from all the above so called "mysterious" diseases each in fact caused by MERCURY , hence there is huge motive to keep true cause, MERCURY a secret and keep each disease shrouded in "mystery", i.e. they are still "researching it", keep donating !!! 

Which is like continuing to look for your car keys after you found them !!  Or even worse paying someone who hid them to find them !!!  Of course most practioners are clueless, and want to help, it only takes a few with great leverage at the top to dictate the interlocking manifestation of their evil below where the rubber meets the road, with virtually no one knowing who set the tone.

Yet there is still enough evidence based science and history to show who is behind this, and who therefore must be exposed and shamed.

The very same entities pushing for MERCURY in vaccinations, and indirectly supporting the continued use of MERCURY in dentistry, are BigPharma®© .   This is not a coincidence, this is a CONSPIRACY.  Yes that's right, you heard it, it is a CONSPIRACY at the highest level, with most at the lower lower levels arguing over minutia without a clue as to what is really going on, come now, can so many people be so incompetent.  Look at the aggregate, not the minutia, look at the cause MERCURY, not the thousands of types of damages it causes all blending into each other at the boundaries.  Remember a football team is a conspiracy, they are working together to achieve a goal with one spirit.

Remember the a certain family is alleged to be the most cut throat chiselers known to humanity in recent history, yet they started BigPharma®© , with their patriarch's  notorious patent medicine scams of the 1800s, through their direct thoroughly documented paymaster relationship bankrolling notorious NAZI "Doctor" Mengele's ghastly "research" in the death camps, in this must read book, Edwin Black's "War Against the Weak" synopsis @ prestigious newspaper San Francisco Chronicle.

This same family is alleged to this day to control BigPharma®© and medicine via their foundations, university and the rest of their mega cartel, and always have.  

Until you get outside the box they designed for you, you will never see it even though it is all around you.

Surely you know someone impacted deleteriously by all this, do it for them, and you will protect others in the process.

Just read the following please:

Medicine Men & 
Edwin Black's "War Against the Weak".
Acknowledged NAZI-Funder Family's BigPharma®©
Dr. Horowit'z Court Filed Affidavit detailing this family's alleged  Crimes
AFFIDAVIT Notarized Signature Page     <-BBC Panorama Episode: Poison in the Mouth

Big Pharma researcher admits to faking dozens of research studies for Pfizer, Merck, etc, etc

Sources for this story include:

Mike Adams
Natural News
Thursday, February 18th, 2010

It’s being called the largest {known} research fraud in medical history. Dr. Scott Reuben, a former member of Pfizer’s speakers’ bureau, has agreed to plead guilty to faking dozens of research studies that were published in medical journals.

Now being reported across the mainstream media is the fact that Dr. Reuben accepted a $75,000 grant from Pfizer to study Celebrex in 2005. His research, which was published in a medical journal, has since been quoted by hundreds of other doctors and researchers as “proof” that Celebrex helped reduce pain during post-surgical recovery. There’s only one problem with all this: No patients were ever enrolled in the study!

Dr. Scott Reuben, it turns out, faked the entire study and got it published anyway.

It wasn’t the first study faked by Dr. Reuben: He also faked study data on Bextra and Vioxx drugs, reports the Wall Street Journal.

As a result of Dr. Reuben’s faked studies, the peer-reviewed medical journal Anesthesia & Analgesia was forced to retract 10 “scientific” papers authored by Reuben. The Day of London reports that 21 articles written by Dr. Reuben that appear in medical journals have apparently been fabricated, too, and must be retracted.

After being caught fabricating research for Big Pharma, Dr. Reuben has reportedly signed a plea agreement that will require him to return $420,000 that he received from drug companies. He also faces up to a 10-year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine.

He was also fired from his job at the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass. after an internal audit there found that Dr. Reuben
had been faking research data for 13 years. (…)

Business as usual in Big Pharma

What’s notable about this story is not the fact that a medical researcher faked clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry. It’s not the fact that so-called “scientific” medical journals published his fabricated studies. It’s not even the fact that the drug companies paid this quack close to half a million dollars while he kept on pumping out fabricated research.

The real story here is that this is business as usual in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Reuben’s actions really aren’t that extraordinary. Drug companies bribe researchers and doctors as a routine matter. Medical journals routinely publish false, fraudulent studies. FDA panel members regularly rely on falsified research in making their drug approval decisions, and the mainstream media regularly quotes falsified research in reporting the news.

Fraudulent research, in other words, is widespread in modern medicine. The pharmaceutical industry couldn’t operate without it, actually. It is falsified research that gives the industry its best marketing claims and strongest FDA approvals. Quacks like Dr Scott Reuben are an important part of the pharmaceutical profit machine because without falsified research, bribery and corruption, the industry would have very little research at all.

Pay special attention to the fact that the Anesthesia & Analgesia medical journal gladly published Dr. Reuben’s faked studies even though this journal claims to be a “scientific” medical journal based on peer review. Funny, isn’t it, how such a scientific medical journal gladly publishes fraudulent research with data that was simply invented by the study author. Perhaps these medical journals should be moved out of the non-fiction section of university libraries and placed under science fiction.

Remember, too, that all the proponents of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and mammograms ignorantly claim that their conventional medicine is all based on “good science.” It’s all scientific and trustworthy, they claim, while accusing alternative medicine of being “woo woo” wishful thinking and non-scientific hype. Perhaps they should have a quick look in the mirror and realize it is their own system of quack medicine that’s based largely on fraudulent research, bribery and corruption.

You just have to laugh, actually, when you hear pushers of vaccines and pharmaceuticals claim their medicine is “scientific” while natural medicine is “unproven.” Sure it’s scientific — about as scientific as the storyline in a Scooby Doo cartoon, or as credible as the medical license of a six-year-old kid who just received a “let’s play doctor” gift set for Christmas. Many pharmaceutical researchers would have better careers as writers of fiction novels rather than scientific papers.

For all those people who ignorantly claim that modern pharmaceutical science is based on “scientific evidence,” just give them these three words: Doctor Scott Reuben.

Drug companies support fraudulent research

Don’t forget that the drug companies openly supported Dr. Scott Reuben’s research. They paid him, in fact, to keep on fabricating studies.

The drug companies claim to be innocent in all this, but behind the scenes they had to have known what was going on. Dr. Reuben’s research was just too consistently favorable to drug company interests to be scientifically legitimate. If a drug company wanted to “prove” that their drug was good for some new application, all they had to do was ask Dr. Reuben to come up with the research (wink wink). “Here’s another fifty thousand dollars to study whether our drug is good for post-surgical pain (wink).”

And before long, Dr. Reuben would magically materialize a brand new study that just happened to “prove” exactly what the sponsoring drug company wanted to prove. Advocates of western medicine claim they don’t believe in magic, but when it comes to clinical trials, they actually do: All the results they wish to see just magically appear as long as the right researcher gets paid to materialize the results out of thin air, much like waving a magician’s wand and chanting, “Abra cadabra… let there be RESEARCH DATA!”

Shazam! The research data materializes just like that. It all gets written up into a “scientific” paper that also magically gets published in medical journals that fail to ask a single question that might exposed the research fraud.

I guess these people believe in magic after all, huh? Where science is lacking, a little “research magic” conveniently fills the void.

The whole system makes a mockery of real science. It is a system operated by criminals who fabricate whatever “scientific evidence” they need in order to get published in medical journals and win FDA approval for drugs that they fully realize are killing people.

What is “Evidence-Based Medicine?”

The fact that a researcher like Dr. Reuben could so successfully fabricate fraudulent study data, then get it published in peer-reviewed science journals, and get away with it for 13 years sheds all kinds of new light on what’s really behind “evidence-based medicine.”

The recipe for evidence-based medicine is quite simple: Fabricate the evidence! Get it published in any mainstream medical journal. Then you can quote the fabricated evidence as “fact!”

When pushers of pharmaceuticals and vaccines resort to quoting “evidence-based medicine” as their defense, keep in mind that much of their so-called evidence has been entirely fabricated. When they claim their branch of toxic chemical medicine is based on “real science,” what they really mean is that it’s based on fraudulent science but they’ve all secretly agreed to call it “real science.” When they claim to have “scientific facts” supporting their position, what they really mean is that those “facts” were fabricated by criminal researchers being paid bribes by the drug companies.

“Evidence-based medicine,” it turns out, hardly exists anymore. And even if it does, how do you know which studies are real vs. which ones were fabricated? If a trusted, well-paid researcher can get his falsified papers published for 13 years in top-notch science journals — without getting caught by his peers — then what does that say about the credibility of the entire peer-review science paper publishing process?

Here’s what is says: “Scientific medicine” is a total fraud.

And this fraud isn’t limited to Dr Scott Reuben, either. Remember: he engaged in routine research fraud for 13 years before being caught. There are probably thousands of other scientists engaged in similar research fraud right now who haven’t yet been caught in the act. Their fraudulent research papers have no doubt already been published in “scientific” medical journals. They’ve been quoted in the popular press. They’ve been relied on by FDA decision makers to approve drugs as “safe and effective” for widespread use.

And yet underneath all this, there’s nothing more than fraud and quackery. Sure, there may be some legitimate studies mixed in with all the fraud, but how can we tell the difference?

How are we to trust this system that claims to have a monopoly on scientific truth but in reality is a front for outright scientific fraud?

Keep up the great work, Dr Reuben

Thank you, Dr Scott Reuben, for showing us the truth about the pharmaceutical industry, the research quackery, the laughable “scientific” journals and the bribery and corruption that characterizes the pharmaceutical industry today. You have done more to shed light on the true nature of the drug industry than a thousand articles on ever could.

Keep up the good work. After paying your fine and serving a little jail time, I’m sure your services will be in high demand at all the top drug companies that need yet more “scientific” studies to be fabricated and submitted to the medical journals.

You may be a dishonest, disgusting human being to most of the world, but you’re a huge asset to the pharmaceutical industry and they need you back! There are more studies that need to be fabricated soon; more false papers that need to be published and more dangerous drugs that need to receive FDA approval. Hurry!

Because if there’s one place that extreme dishonesty is richly rewarded, it’s in the pharmaceutical industry, where poisons are approved as medicines and fiction is published as the truth.

Sources for this story include:…………


Someone on the WSJ Blog re: this matter naively asked why the perp had to pay a fine to BigHarma when they paid him to commit this crime….

The reason he paid BigHarma “back” the $420,000 is so they can make it look like in their little make believe world of lies that no crime occurred, i.e. he paid us back so all is well.

It is much more serious than this though, please visit, an extremely well documented site friends share with each other showing video and original smoking gun documentation including the notorious Simpsonwood Memo, where you can read about how BigHarma is just a seamless continuation from the Anglo-American Eugenicist funded NAZI human death camp experiments clean through to the present. In other words, BigHarma is a lie so big most cannot comprehend it.

Is MERCURY GOLD to BigPharma®© ?


skip to technique itself

Yet there is so much you need to do to make sure all benefit from this awesome development.

See there is no money to be made in this technique, as it only benefits the patient. (think how profound that is !)

This is precisely why you must advocate the technique to others to force the "industry" to recant and change course.

Otherwise the current brutal insanely destructive barbaric system of dentistry will continue devouring victims daily.

The new technique is based entirely on the patients own DNA, thus there is no intellectual property, how could there be when it is based on each individual's sacred private DNA, and not some cabal of parasites' demented ideas about what is proper and profitable only to them, thus there is nothing to sell you.

Below is a summary of the latest developments for you to read and share ASAP so we can safely extract dental industry mercury contaminated teeth whole from victims jaws, and replace them with brand new perfectly clean teeth grown from their own DNA seeds implanted in their gums, just as all teeth were.    Whole tooth extraction is key, since the tooth is heinously toxic.

This is the only safe way to right the wrong done to countless millions of the dental industries victims that are created daily.

This way destroys the destroyer, and replaces dentistry wholesale in one fell swoop.  There is no other way than this that is safe, always remember they assured you their mercury fillings were safe and continue to brazenly lie to this day. 

Trust nothing they say or do until they adopt the methods of nature itself only, and grow teeth one cell @ a time, just as they grew originally.

The technique you are about to read about is in mice, we need to do the same for humans, but the approach we should take will not be the one they took, we must create a tooth seed based on the patients DNA for the tooth being replaced, and implant it where the extracted whole bad tooth was.  Then let nature do to the rest.  Yes it is that simple.  That is the way the Creator of Existence Itself did it, who are we to doubt it or attempt to better it, there is nothing better than what already works.  As for the how, read the study and then improve upon it, where there is a will there is a way, but get on it!!!  millions are suffering daily for no good reason, including the dentists who have contaminated themselves in this ghastly process.

Teeth are not stones or dry wall, or a car fender to be drilled, epoxied, bondo-ed etc, they are alive, just as the rest of the body they are located in is. 

read related stories below this one.

Stem cells grow fully functional new teeth

July 13th, 2011 in Research 
Stem cells grow fully functional new teeth


Oral photographs (upper) and micro-CT (lower) images showing occlusion of natural (left) and bioengineered teeth (right). Image credit: PLoS ONE 6(7): e21531. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0021531

(Medical Xpress) -- Researchers from Japan recently published a paper in PLoS One describing their successful growth and transplantation of new teeth created from the stem cells of mice.

In order to create these teeth, Takashi Tsuji from Tokyo University of Science and his team removed two different stem cells from the molar teeth of mice. They took these stem cells to grow in the laboratory. In order to control how the teeth grew, as far as shape and length, the stem cells were placed in a mold to grow.

Once the cells grew into full tooth units, the researchers then transplanted them into the  of one-month-old mice. These transplanted teeth fused with the  and tissues on an average of about 40 days. The researchers were also able to detect  growing in the new teeth.

The mice that received the transplanted teeth were able to eat and chew normally without any complications.

Tsuji hopes that this new development will help further the research being done to allow for the growth of human organs from a patient’s own stem cells. Currently researchers do not have the ability to culture three-dimensional organs outside of the body. The hope is the growth of these teeth will be the beginning step that is needed.

Tsuji stresses that in order for reparative therapy to be successful, it is important to find the right seed cells. Because the stem cells used for these teeth were taken directly from the molars of the , they were able to grow into teeth, complete with enamel and dental bones.

Researchers believe that down the road it may be possible to do this with adult  or cells found in human wisdom teeth and allow for actual teeth to be implanted replacing teeth lost to dental decay or injury.

More information: Oshima M, Mizuno M, Imamura A, Ogawa M, Yasukawa M, et al. (2011) Functional Tooth Regeneration Using a Bioengineered Tooth Unit as a Mature Organ Replacement Regenerative Therapy. PLoS ONE 6(7): e21531. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0021531

Donor organ transplantation is currently an essential therapeutic approach to the replacement of a dysfunctional organ as a result of disease, injury or aging in vivo. Recent progress in the area of regenerative therapy has the potential to lead to bioengineered mature organ replacement in the future. In this proof of concept study, we here report a further development in this regard in which a bioengineered tooth unit comprising mature tooth, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone, was successfully transplanted into a properly-sized bony hole in the alveolar bone through bone integration by recipient bone remodeling in a murine transplantation model system. The bioengineered tooth unit restored enough the alveolar bone in a vertical direction into an extensive bone defect of murine lower jaw. Engrafted bioengineered tooth displayed physiological tooth functions such as mastication, periodontal ligament function for bone remodeling and responsiveness to noxious stimulations. This study thus represents a substantial advance and demonstrates the real potential for bioengineered mature organ replacement as a next generation regenerative therapy.

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