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This is not news...
Yet it is very important...

We have always known that Queen Bees and
Worker Bees start out EXACTLY the same.  YES EXACTLY.

It is only the differences in their diets that accounts
for who becomes ROYAL and WHO becomes a SLAVE.

EPIGENETICS is what governs this process,
and it does not just apply to BEES,
nor just physical diet...

'Societies' do this too, and the changes are
relatively permanent and CRIMINAL
as we should all be given the best
opportunity, not hamstrung by
design straight out of the gate.

the only system to
rectify this situation by
<-click this & this-> UNIVERSAL DNA

Bee all you can Bee
Knowing all this,
you can BE...
You decide.
see also

Bees reveal nature-nuture secrets

November 2, 2010 Bees reveal nature-nuture secrets


A honeybee queen surrounded by her retinue. Image: Helga Heilmann. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000532.g001

The nature-nurture debate is a "giant step" closer to being resolved after scientists studying bees documented how environmental inputs can modify our genetic hardware. The researchers uncovered extensive molecular differences in the brains of worker bees and queen bees which develop along very different paths when put on different diets.

The research was led by Professor Ryszard Maleszka of The Australian National University's College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, working with colleagues from the German Cancer Institute in Heidelberg, Germany and will be published next week in the online, open access journal .

Their work reveals for the first time the intricacies of the environmentally-influenced chemical 'marking of DNA' called , which has the capacity to alter without affecting the – a process referred to as 'epigenetic', or above the genome.

"This marking determines which genes are to be fine-tuned in the brains of workers and queens to produce their extraordinarily different behaviours. This finding is not only crucial, but far reaching, because the enzymes that mark DNA in the bee are also the enzymes that mark DNA in human brains," said Professor Maleszka.

"In the , more than 550 genes are differentially marked between the brain of the queen and the of the worker, which contributes to their profound divergence in behaviour. This study provides the first documentation of extensive molecular differences that may allow honey bees to generate different reproductive and behavioural outcomes as a result of differential feeding with royal jelly."

Professor Maleszka said that the work goes a long way to answering one of life's biggest questions.

"This study represents a giant step towards answering one of the big questions in the nature-nurture debate, because it shows how the outside world is linked to DNA via diet, and how environmental inputs can transiently modify our genetic hardware," he said.

"Similar studies are impossible to do on human brains, so the humble honey bees are the pioneers in this fascinating area."

More information: Lyko F, Foret S, Kucharski R, Wolf S, Falckenhayn C, et al. (2010) The Honey Bee Epigenomes: Differential Methylation of Brain DNA in Queens and Workers. PLoS Biol 8(11): e1000506. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000506

  Frequently Asked Questions

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete
(assuming you even know what the current one is...)

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Fail Safe Voting System
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The Age of Recreation via the
Emancipation of Humanity from the Machinery of Economy
via  Wageless Economy - Robotic   as WE-R
Powered by Reality based Freewill, GeoThermal, Crude Oil & Algae Energy

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E-Voting is Fraud

Virtual can never be allowed to change Reality, this would
be akin to a shadow controlling the one who cast it.

E-Voting is FRAUD, i.e. virtual can only reflect reality
like a mirror, never be permitted to become/absorb it,
which with less than divine humans involved is unavoidable.

In short it is mathematically/cryptographically impossible.
(we explain this below in the original TED comments on this matter)

In other words the election process is too sacred to trust anyone.
Yet there is a way described below.

Thus while we are still spiritual beings in a physical world, we must never allow the
same single "physical/spiritual world" we all share (yes it really is ONE despite all the spiritual
chauvinists out there
) we cannot allow it to become commandeered by the
virtual world, which is neither, is what happens when we allow E-Voting of any kind...
more on this here: & here

In other words, virtual must only be used to
serve the real, never the real the virtual.

This is the power of the virtual, to serve the real, yet it is also the danger, i.e. that people who do not understand this sacred
relationship between the two, who could, without our presence, permit the virtual to destroy the real, this is
why we exist, to prevent this from happening, being the intelligent inspired beings that we are.

Cyberspace is merely a tool to assist
what is ALREADY REAL, not determine it.

Virtual can never be permitted to be more than a
reflection of reality, otherwise it destroys reality.

Hence, e-voting can never be secured without an
undesirable Totalitarian Police State, read on to see why...



& read  the amazingly simple solution !!

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Sunday, March 4, 2012


The only fail safe voting system is...

There simply is no other way than this
& fortunately this way is simple, and perfect




 The only way to verify a physical vote is to have everyone who voted view a
single giant physical chalk board per precinct with all the votes cast displayed with
a code next to each vote that each voter in the assembled crowd will be able to view
and acknowledge, or deny, that indeed that is how they voted by matching it with the
Human Readable serial code they received when they cast their vote, without
of course revealing who they voted for, yes all of them must be present at the
same time, with no one dissenting, i.e. everyone confirming
their vote is correct or not, which can be done on a
precinct by precinct basis.
There can be no electronics involved of any kind, none. 
There simply is no other way, and yes it is as simple as this. 

Everyone can do this, and must, or live with the results of not.

As for logistics, voting is that important, that it must be given the sacred sanctity it deserves via
granting an entire day off from work to the public, to vote and verify in their respective precincts,
that is the least we can do for something this important, alas 'others' know this too, and do not
really want to hear what you really think, hence the current state of affairs,
that this way remedies without complexity.

Lastly, so as to not simply be reduced to the yes-men & women we have been reduced
to, we must also be able to vote NO, not just yes, and unless and until there is a
candidate whose YES's outweigh its NO's, the public has spoken,
NEXT...  produce a new set of candidates.

"We the people" must be of one-mind in terms of what actually happened on election day,
at least on election day, or another group that is farming "we the people" will make up their mind on
what they want the masses to beLIEve happened on that day.  The above & below described method is the only way
this can happen and with it, this other group can finally be included in the group of "we the people" where they belong.

Any questions, read this

NOTE: You will see all sorts of complex explanations of how this can be done
using electronics & computers, but each of these fine people neglect the concept of

and the notion of the "end run" that even petty mobsters
understand trumps EVERYTHING but what was explained above & below...

Here is just one such person from Oxford named
David Bismark who perhaps is not quite
as foolish as he would perhaps like you to be, or have you believe he is...

To participate in the 'debate' of the obvious go here:


10,000 year old Technology


  1. Voters
  2. Chalk
  3. Paper

OPTIONAL: For elections spread over larger geographical areas

    1. Lunar Projection System (as an example of a giant chalk board, to reinforce notion of everyone sees same thing)
    2. This allows aggregation of precincts with Synchro-Vision
    3. Key being ALL VOTERS have to see everything all at same time to be sure that what each sees is the same thing everyone else sees, just a fractal-up version of the precinct, same easy to understand concept, just using our solar system to our advantage to handle larger numbers of voters over larger geographical areas while still insuring ZERO FRAUD.  The full moon is simply an even bigger chalkboard as the one we use in the precincts.  (Galileo era telescopes are sufficient to view the presentation, of course this is subject to weather conditions and can only be used per one hemisphere, and is merely an example of the concept of everyone being able to review EVERYTHING with no possibility of showing different things to regions.  Of course Broadcast TV is sufficient, and precincts are too big to steal anyway when tallied as follows below)

in fact they are FORBIDDEN


  1. Voters vote via 100% secret ballot @ their public precinct and receive two receipts, both with the same HUMAN READABLE serial code, think of deli or bakery tickets.
  2. Precincts average sizes are 1000 voters if everyone actually votes, a very manageable size, yet big enough to ensure it cannot be stolen, too big to steal, thus its result will feed into the county, then to the state and so on, with NO CHANCE of undetected FRAUD, since once the PRECINCTS are PURE, the COUNTIES are PURE and so on , and each voter will have the results of their precinct to take home knowing it is VALID, TRUE and BONAFIDE.
  3. The Precinct Meeting Room, or outside in a field would have a giant chalk board to display all the votes and the look up codes to match with the one voters received when they voted.
  4. Everyone per precinct who voted returns at the end of the sacred ALL DAY Election Holiday at the same place they voted to confirm their precinct's results UNANIMOUSLY.  {also known as wholly accept or discard}
  5. Anyone who does not return has their vote wiped from the chalk board as determined as follows:
    1. The code numbers per precinct are serial, like those given on the little slips of paper at the deli or bakery, and are listed in order next to their corresponding votes on the giant chalk board, typically only about 400-800 votes per precinct based on turn out.  {this is key because it is just the right size for the average human to be able to see it all at once in their minds eye}
    2. Upon entering the room/field, each voter places their 2nd copy of the their serial code receipt into a bag @ the entrance before taking their seat in the assembly area.
    3. The thus assembled voters in the room/field can easily find their code on the board to verify the vote matches without anyone else knowing which number they are looking at.
    4. Since the number of people in the room must match the number of votes on the board, it is simple to determine which votes to wipe from the board if the numbers differ by simply taking the second copy of the serial code receipt each voter deposited anonymously into the bag upon entering the assembly area and eliminating any votes from the board of no shows whose serial numbers are not in the bag.
    5. Then a horn is sounded indicating we are ready to verify the sanctity of the vote for that precinct.
    6. Everyone in the room is then requested to attest that their vote is correct and to acknowledge that the number of people in the room is equal to the number of votes on the board, and that the totals are correct.
    7. Any voters who do not agree, can then have their votes recorded accordingly as follows:
      1. Everyone in attendance @ Precinct verification resubmits their vote on a piece of paper with their code into a basket.
      2. Chalk board is updated if any changes are detected.
      3. All liars can lie, whatever their last lie is what is recorded.
      4. Anonymity is still assured since no one can know who requested their vote to be changed by looking at chalkboard.
        1. Chalkboard is simple yet ingenious method of communicating one way: each voter can check their code without revealing to anyone how they voted. Changes in chalk board cannot be correlated to who requested the change.
      5. Since there are a small number of people, per precinct, and it is an anonymous, yet public verification process, there is tremendous risk associated with conducting fraud without being identified as the trouble maker.
      6. There is no advantage to anyone to switch someone else's vote just to determine who they are, since one cannot know whose vote to switch in order to attempt to determine whose who since it started out secret and remains secret throughout.
      7. Those attempting to change the election results for their precinct have no way of knowing how other precincts voted, thus no way to know how much 'tweaking' is necessary, since the tally is simultaneous across all precincts.
      8. Trouble makers will be shown to be so by their repeated refusals to accept that their vote is what they said it was.
      9. After 3 precinct level re-tallies, if there is still an issue, the voters who still are not happy can choose to identify themselves if they choose, or remain anonymous and accept the results, then it will be clear that the problem is with the voter volunteer coordinators of that precinct, who are also voters from that precinct who volunteered, which will put the pressure on them to not tamper either to avoid being singled out as the fraud committing party. 
        1. This set of voter volunteers will be switched between each of as many as 3 re-tallies, if required, to further reduce the likelihood of fraud.
        2. Penalties for vote tampering will be extremely high and easily proven given the above described method.
    8. Once all voters agree, the results are printed onto precinct receipts and given to each voter.
    9. THIS CONCLUDES the PRECINCT LEVEL which is beyond a shadow of a doubt FAIL-SAFE
    10. Then as each precinct completes this process, everything is totaled up and the national results are shown on LIVE broadcast television with each precinct's totals shown so the still assembled voters can see for themselves that everything adds up.  If television, like internet which suffers the same vulnerability is not trusted due to the ability of manipulators to show different things to different regions, then simply project onto the face of the full moon that same evening to the assembled precincts, the national results and the precinct totals for everyone to see LIVE at the same time on the face of the SAME full moon everyone can see that night.  If even one voter in the whole nation objects to the presentation, which would not happen since there is no room for fraud whatsoever, the results are not valid.
    11. Any discrepancies will immediately be known on that sacred ALL DAY Election Holiday, but no fraud will occur since there simply is no place or time to do it, because of the simplicity of the process.
    12. Everyone who does not vote and do their due diligence on this hereby sanctified day is of course left out.
  1. This is a very simple issue that has been obfuscated
    to make it easy for those who have robotized the
    public via fine P$AULINE rhetoric...
  2. The simple solution is to have an equal number of voters
    per district with no concern for party affiliation whatsoever.  PERIOD.  THIS IS THE KEY
  3. State's total population is divided by number of districts to give number of voters per district.
  4. The districts would be COMPLETELY AGNOSTIC, census data
    would NOT include anything but a head count, just as prescribed
    in any just Constitution.
  5. The shape of the districts would be rectangular, no weird shapes.
    Voters do not get to pick their district and neither do the politicians
    get to pick their voters.  This is the only way fairness can be assured.
  6. Rectangles are sized mathematically to create equal number of voters
    per district based purely on geometry starting in the upper-left hand corner
    of the map one row at a time until each district is selected.
  7. Rectangles are centered on center of gravity of population centers based on well known ancient engineering center of gravity spatial geometric principals.
  8. In big cities, same process is fractally repeated, again agnostically to party on purely geometrical population density basis.
  9. Then each representative is assigned the district whose center of gravity is closest to the representative's home address.
  10. Districting is hard copy published and available for review by the public in every City Hall.
  11. Process is intentionally NO-TECH, i.e. not even low-tech, NO-TECH, just pencil, paper, and basic math.
  12. This process is repeated each election cycle.
  13. All other explanations & schemes are pure horse trading moonshine.

Send any questions to: who will dispatch your questions to one of our specialists waiting to answer your questions.

Thank you when you share this link with others:


There is nothing ANY Electronic Voting System can do to prevent keeping two sets of books, or in this case multiple databases, i.e. one that is dog and ponied to the public, behind a website that always tells the truth for individuals who take the time to check their vote online, yet the totals being what ever the perpetrators want them to be, with no way for you to prove it by yourself, or even with anything less than the entire electorate.

And other "views" that are used to represent the "outcome" of the election, which of course to defend privacy advocates legitimate concerns for secrecy, can never be verified to be or not be representative of what actually took place.  NEVER.

Thus the only remedy is to have the voters themselves validate, per small sized, yet interlocking precincts, their own votes as well as the other voters' votes who turned out as described here:

There simply is NO OTHER WAY, so stop wasting your time trying to find the nonexistent pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is the elusive trap of E-Voting, it ain't their folks.  E-Voting is a BOGUS  FRAUD wrapped in chicanery, balderdash, hokum flimflam and other pap.

13 hours ago: Any system which requires trust of any kind is cursed straight out of the gate, thus any one who cannot see this is either a moron or perp. 

Repeat to your silly "wise only in your own eyes" selves: 

ALL electronic voting systems are flawed since they require trust, and this is precisely the most important aspect of any voting system that it MUST NOT rely on trust, of ANY KIND.

At the following link you will read about the only system that requires no trust, that is right no trust is required, just as it must be:


David Bismark (+42)

8 hours ago: Indeed, we need a system where trust is not invested in any one organisation or small group of people. In the system I propose in my TED talk (and here in the thread that you keep trying to hijack, would you mind stopping that perhaps?) the trust is spread out over dozens, if not hundreds of different trusted parties. This might be each of the political parties, the government, the United Nations, the African Union, the governments of other countries in the region, the Electoral Reform Society and countless election observation organisations. Unless all of these trusted parties all work together to break the election, no-one is able to do so. This is much better than trusting a single election authority to manage the election I think.

REPLY:  David with all due respect, your professed lack of intellectual depth, as well as inability to grasp the obvious is startling, but not nearly as alarming as all the fools who take your "idea" seriously.

Are we dealing with children here ?

No sooner did we agree that NO TRUST is acceptable, did you then launch into the specious "idea" that spreading it around somehow eliminates it, just as evil industrialists, there are good ones too, want us to believe toxic waste spread around by smoke stacks or used as fertilizer over millions of acres some how gets rid of it.  Balderdash !!!

ZERO is ZERO, anything else is not.

This system must have ZERO trust to be itself trusted, ZERO....

There must be ZERO hiding places in a system that determines something as sacred as who our leaders are to be.

They must not be allowed to hijack it as you say.

The "this is as good as it gets" gambit simply will not do either.

Only this NO-TEK system requires ZERO TRUST, thus is 100% trustworthy:

Dawson's excellent mind experiment proves Bismark's system is pure chicanery.

There are 4 voters A B C D in precinct Z, for parties X & Y. 

A B C D vote for X. A has no clue who B C or D are or how they have voted. 

The final count is 1 vote for X & 3 for Y. 

Question: 1. How could this be done? Easily.

And 2. How would A know a fraud has been committed?

A doesn't know if the final count 1 for X & 3 for Y is correct. He only knows how he has voted not how the others voted.

THUS the ONLY way to prevent this, is actually very simple. A B C D from precinct Z reconvene at days end TOGETHER to verify their votes have been counted correctly.

All precinct Z votes & deli codes are displayed on a giant board visible to all, each voter can deny or affirm their vote was correctly recorded without telling others how they voted.

Everyone knows how many REAL people are in REAL room & how many REAL votes are on board.

Simple Vegas Card Counter logic SEE:

If we cannot be assured the system is fair, we only have the APPEARANCE of Democracy, which is anything but democracy. 

Bismark's system, and all E-systems, are FRAUDULENT straight out of the gate, and all you fools can do is discuss the arrangement of the furniture in a fraudulent system.

The people cannot trust anyone within their ranks, especially those who believe they are somehow above the "regular" people, this is a fundamental concept of TRUTH.

Thus we can have no system that hides any aspect of itself from anyone at anytime, it must be visible in its entirety all at once, every precinct at a time. 

If you morons really cannot understand this low tech fail safe approach you are not qualified to protect anyone from anything, nor even your dangerously silly selves and must be protected by those who do understand the dangers of putting idiots in charge of anything, especially determining who our leaders are.

Just like paper money versus gold, there is no comparison to REALITY:

LEARN while you still can:

E-voting is BOGUS, always was, always will be, everyone SHOULD know this, only fools beLIEve otherwise. 

Only the naive and perps suggest otherwise, which one are you David ? 

The "TWO SETS of BOOKS" syndrome is what you are not accounting for, that every mobster is very familiar with. 

Have you ever been responsible for cash David ?

It must be a process where EVERYONE sees everything as it really is, not how it has been changed to be, all must agree in truth and there is a way and it is SIMPLE and LOW TECH and requires a whole day to do per precinct with everyone who cares available, read on:

THIS ->; is the only FAIL SAFE VOTING System and it is LOW tech, and requires real participation, a real relationship between citizens but absolutely no TRUST whatsoever is required and anonymity is assured:  

There is no other way, as this way is both necessary and sufficient, and the ONLY WAY.


SCREW the so called "experts", we are all experts now, besides this is common-sense, why are you complicating it and creating tiers of people ?  Lords and the Lorded.


E-VOTING does not bring people together, it keeps them apart.

The big lie technique is very much still in practice.

Saying E-VOTING BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER IS A FOUL LIE that you try to lead your talk with to spin your listeners into and you know it.

OPEN SOURCE, TRANSPARENT, you have got to be kidding us, what about the parts we cannot see ? 

If ALL cannot see ALL parts, it only takes the one part that we cannot see EVERY-TIME it is used, to break your notion of 'open' source, that is why there can be no computers whatsoever between us and each other for this sacred process of elections. 

You really are straining the borders of chicanery if you expect anyone but the most gullible to trust you.

This is the only way AND it really does bring people together in REALITY:

What hope is there when there are so many fools that think they are smart... 

Yes any of you who entertain any sort of electronic voting system whatsoever are all fools, as you do not understand first principles. 

There is no way to secure a system meant to tabulate the decisions of a group of people unless that group of people does it themselves all at once on the spot, which of course is possible, as described below, without computer technology of any kind.

No different than other virtual problems like gold coin versus paper money. Same thing.

First principle, you cannot trust anyone, especially those to whom you have given yours and your ability to take it back when they violate it.

There is plenty of hope when you read this:


David Bismark (+42)

1 day ago: Roberto, this is not quite correct. You as a voter verify that your vote is counted and then the public, in the process called public verification, verifies that all the votes are counted correctly. So again, you verify that your vote goes into the votes that are counted and then the public (in the form of various political parties, newspapers and other media outlets, international observers and interested groups and individuals) verifies that all the votes are counted correctly.

NO uninformed trust is required, that is the whole point. The whole system is transparent and verifiable so that there is no part of it that we have to blindly trust.

Less than 5 minutes ago: David, this is a lie and you know it, when you say there is no part that we have to blindly trust. Now you are bold faced lying, first thought it was simply intellectual misunderstanding on your part, but now you have flat-out lied. 

The results themselves cannot be verified, we must trust the reporting of the results under every system except, as reporting is the only part that matters, as it is the summation of everything else that took place before it, and the only part that must be rigged to steal the election, thus we cannot depend on anything between us and the reporting of the results, as everything else you have described is just a way to gain the "confidence" of the voters, i.e. a "process" was used, but WE must be the process from start to finish in each precinct via this simple NO-TEK solution that cannot be hijacked as everyone per precinct that voted is there to see THEIR precincts totals accurately fed into the aggregate.

Bismark is either feigning stupidity or isn't, simple two state logic. 

Dawson asked the question quite straightforwardly, Bismark's answer assumes we are idiots, as it does not address the "DOUBLE SET of BOOKs" nor the "END RUN" gambits, either of which could give individuals answers they expect while still stealing the election.

The reason Bismark cannot address these issues is because it simply is not possible to preclude such chicanery outside of this NO-TEK system based on Vegas Card Counting Certainty, where there is no trust, there should be none in our elections either:


A reply on Talk: David Bismark: E-voting without fraud
Nov 22 2010: .

Admire everyone's desire to understand.

Just remember though that all bets are off once you cross the
cybernetic-threshhold which completely disconnects you from the real
physical world and needn't correspond in any way to it. That is rule number
1. You really need not read the rest of this message in fact.

Hope this point is clear, and if not please ask.

Also let us not lose sight of the simple task we are trying to complete

It is not as though we are trying to predict the weather 40 days from now,
we are after all only trying to determine who we voted for, who REALLY won,
an event which actually took place in non-cyber real reality, totals that
can be completely obscured without anyone being able to prove it in
cyberspace, no matter what!

Yet what did happen on election day is known, it is an event we control and
even invited everyone to participate in for crying out loud.

Powerful Catch-22s prevent those who understand from using Cybernetics in
Elections in anyway:

A. Cybernetic Voting cannot be secured without a Police State, under Police
State Dissent is impossible, thus reason enough not to use it.

B. Encryption that is not published completely cannot be trusted, that which
is, can be broken, no matter what anyone tells you as we will demonstrate
below, thus it too cannot be trusted since it can be broken.

C. The very people who can make complicated encryption are also smart enough
to trick YOU when you beLIEve a word they say.

D. Do not take anyone's word for item C, just know that it is true.
E. Virtual must remain the servant of Real

F. Real cannot be allowed to be changed by virtual, this would be akin to a
shadow controlling the one who cast it.

G. Just remember that the virtual in this case will be the shadow not of the
the voters, but of the one you cannot see yet does exist and must remain
encrypted, in its crypt to be able to operate, and thus must be forbidden by
the living from entering our physical realm or suffer the same fate.

But as you appear to want to understand how cryptography works,
please read the following, it is very simple as all truth is, and is very
important for the individual to understand and use with other individuals as
needed to protect the individual from the State as the State is the biggest
mass murderer of all time when armed with technologies meant to serve only
the individual, hope this fine yet most important distinction is clear to

It is similar to all classic philosophical razor edge distinctions, e.g.
what is appropriate in one context, and most beautiful etc, can be
completely horrid & deadly in another, same exact thing, just wrong context,
catastrophic outcome.

Now please how easy it is to understand and thus break the following:

A reply on Talk: David Bismark: E-voting without fraud
Nov 22 2010: .

Admire everyone's desire to understand.

Just remember though that all bets are off once you cross the
cybernetic-threshhold which completely disconnects you from the
real physical world and needn't correspond in any way to it.
That is rule number 1. You really need not read the rest of this message in fact.

Hope this point is clear, and if not please ask.

Also let us not lose sight of the simple task we are trying to complete here.

It is not as though we are trying to predict the weather 40 days from now, we are
after all only trying to determine who we voted for, who REALLY won, an event
which actually took place in non-cyber real reality, totals that can be completely
obscured without anyone being able to prove it in cyberspace, no matter what!

Yet what did happen on election day is known, it is an event we control
and even invited everyone to participate in for crying out loud.

Powerful Catch-22s prevent those who understand from using Cybernetics in Elections in anyway:

A. Cybernetic Voting cannot be secured without a Police State, under
    Police State Dissent is 
NOT possible, thus reason enough not to use it.

B. Encryption that is not published completely cannot be trusted, that which is,
    can be broken, no matter what anyone tells you as we will demonstrate below,
    thus it too cannot be trusted since it can be broken.

C. The very people who can make complicated encryption are
    also smart enough to trick YOU when you beLIEve a word they say.

D. Do not take anyone's word for item C, just know that it is true.

E. Virtual must remain the servant of Real

F. Real cannot be allowed to be changed by virtual, this would
    be akin to a shadow controlling the one who cast it.

G. Just remember that the virtual in this case will be the shadow not of the the voters,
     but of the one you cannot see yet does exist and must remain encrypted, in its crypt
     to be able to operate, and thus must be forbidden by the living from entering our physical 
     realm or suffer the same fate.

But as you appear to want to understand how cryptography works, please read the following, it is very simple as all
truth is, and is very important for the individual to understand and use with other individuals as needed to protect the
individual from the State as the State is the biggest mass murderer of all time when armed with technologies meant
to serve only the individual, hope this fine yet most important distinction is clear to everyone.

It is similar to all classic philosophical razor edge distinctions, e.g. what is appropriate in one context, and most
beautiful etc, can be completely horrid & deadly in another, same exact thing, just wrong context, catastrophic outcome.

Now please see just how easy it is to understand, and thus break the following:

Public Key Encryption EXACTLY as it is:

P=2, Q=5 are Prime



encryption key e=3, can be anything coprime to Z

Public Key is N & e

Private Key d is the MMI (modular multiplicative inverse) of e (mod Z)

x = MMI of a (mod y) simply means what 
integer value of x will make ax%y=1 ?

In other words, a times what integer 
when divided by y gives remainder=1?

This x is the MMI of a (mod y), yes it is that simple.

Thus we have d=MMI 3 (mod 4) = 7 
because (3*7)/4=5 with remainder 1

Our message, m=8

We encrypt m giving us cyphertext:

c=m^e % N = 8*8*8 % 10 = 512 % 10 = 2

Thus P=2, Q=5, N=10, Z=4, e=3, d=7, m=8, c=2

Now lets decrypt it and see if it is what we started with.

m=c^d % N = 2^7 % 10 = 128 % 10 = 8 !!!! 

It works, and yes it is that simple.

NOW, lets see, the only thing we need to know is P & Q and we get it all.

We know PxQ, just not P & Q themselves. 

We also know e !!!!

Thus we need only factor PxQ, how hard can that be, even if P&Q are huge, how bout not hard at all !!!


Well lets start off with the fact that the primes are FIXED never change, and we know TONS of them already.

Combine this with the FACT that since this algorithm is & must be published completely to be trusted at all,
in the nevertheless always untrustworthy Cybernetic domain, it is trivial to know the product PQ has only
TWO factors, i.e. 
P & Q as primes dictate !

Even worse, even though there is no largest prime, they do thin out VERY quickly as you go up,
thus factoring them becomes a trivial matter even with GARGANTUAN 
P & Q, as they trail off in
density inversely EXPONENTIALLY to the natural log N, base e as N increases.

So we have a VERY WELL KNOWN FIXED NON-MOVING TARGET, i.e. the primes, which have been
studied & PUBLISHED since the earliest recorded times, whose density drops off dramatically as you
go up, THUS PK is ALL MYSTIQUE & BLUFF, as so few really have taken even the minimum amount
of time to understand it as we have laid it out above: each simply taking OTHERS word for it, not
realizing that they haven't looked into it either, FOOLS.

BTW, even with Quantum Key Encryption, the truth
can never be hidden, that is just the nature of truth no
matter how many liars dispute this FACT...

Humpty Dumpty-> http://GOO.GL/oe3oi


E-Voting can never be secure, without a totalitarian police state.

NEVER EVER, no matter how much electronic process you wrap it in, due to the nature of cyberspace vs. real reality.

You simply have not thought this all the way through, are over enamoured with your own "abilities",  and are being funded & subsequently used by those who know what we are telling you is true, but will keep this truth from you,  until you are done building it out for them to enable their rule & dominance, and then ditch you when you have completed their "full-spectrum-dominance-grid" that fools like you will not be a part of aside from building it !!

With all due respect, be not fools one moment longer.  The safety of humanity is in the balance. 

  • Humans are real. 
  • Cyberspace is not. 

Neither the twain shall meet when it comes to life or death decisions regarding who governs as the temptation to cheat is too great, thus the only way to decide this is to be found here:

Cyberspace is merely a tool to assist what is ALREADY real, not determine it.  Surely this thought is not too profound for you, yet it is the crux few, especially the overconfident, can see:

Cryptography is by its very nature deals with the death of truth, and beyond, hence its name including the word CRYPT.

Crypotgraphers in general are some of the most self-deceived over-confident fools to ever have breathed, UNLESS they understand the over-arching yet profound boundary-condition rules of CRYPTOGRAPHY hidden from them by very clever people above them, yet they can when they simple read the following here:

Remember, once you submit the validation of an election to a process where everyone who voted cannot see the whole precincnt in which they voted, on up, then it is possible to steal the election, and use crytography to hide the fact and even make it official.  Only the few will know and you will not be one of them.  They will have effectively submerged all of humanity into a world of their making, and none will be the wiser.

Nevertheless humans are worth the time it takes to do this right, and fortunately there is an astonishingly simple non-electronic way to do it:

See the forces salivating to enslave you and have you build your own prison for them, rely on obfuscation and guile, and hence the complexity and "faith" required to "believe" in their system.  All fools belong in prison, are you really foolish enough to build one ?

The only way to secure electronic voting is via a totalitarian police state, so in either case, voting is rendered irrelevant, and even worse it engenders a feeling of unwarranted confidence.

Thus the only solution remaing is located here  for you to study and come to your senses before we make one more false step in the direction of death to free will described here:





  Frequently Asked Questions

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete
(assuming you even know what the current one is...)

WE-R  the new model   Wageless Economy - Robotic

Leave this world  ALIVE...  as WE-R



20,000,000 DEATHS


UPDATED: please read Henry Kissinger's "On China"
dedicated to Annette & Oscar De La Renta,
click for details

Yale, while not really an American University per se, as it was founded prior to America itself, is nevertheless an excellent source of accurate history if ever there was any.

Unlike fiction, history at least has a chance of being accurate, and you might as well read it from those closest to the action so at least the lies are first hand when not the truth of the matter itself.  See some are so pompous that they will tell you exactly what they did as if they are proud of it, besides lies are for weak people they accurately surmise.

In this spirit please enjoy the following remarkable account of  "Christianity"  run utterly amok in China that you are not likely to hear from less honest and/or less well informed sources on any side of the spectrum.    Why are you NOT already familiar with this startling set of events,  rampages,  and tragedies you ask yourself ?  Why indeed... 

Apparently the Chinese have learned well from their own history...      ...and whose to say that this unprecedented trans-China rampage shown in the map above and described below in riveting detail was not engineered every step of the way by foreign hidden hand money & "advisers" using "true" believers & 'useful' idiots to carry it out in the name of "religion", coinciding nicely with the outrageously pro-British "Treaty" of Nanjing signed literally @ gunpoint in 1842 & bequeathed Hong Kong to the Queen of England & her heirs for "perp-e-tuity" ?

Of course the truly Good Elite of Britain exist as well, we know this for a fact for more than one reason, who always  do their very best to expose the truth of the ethically challenged faux elite pretender's true history in the name of accuracy if nothing else.    Only you can deceive you, stop doing that.

The undisciplined human mind is prone to cognitive dissonance, knowing this in advance helps you to comprehend what you are about to read, keeping in mind that 20,000,000 deaths in this rampage took place in the mid-1800s !!!!, exceeding even the insanely savage US "Civil" War, with precisely the same people behind both at the instigation, manipulation, mind-control and profiteering levels.  Just because you did not know about it does not mean it did not happen, as if this even needs to be said. 

You also may not have known that Shakespeare never existed nor Cervantes, who both did "die" on the same day, both were actually pen names for  Sir Francis Bacon, who also did not exist, Bacon in gematria is 33,  but was himself actually the illegitimate Son of Queen Elizabeth and Sir Robert Dudley, thus an essentially legitimate secret to prevent shame, hence "Bacon's" over compensation in literary pursuits to acquire the fame he would have otherwise enjoyed.  If you did not know all this, is there perhaps much more you should know, that you are about to, as you read on intelligent reader and friend ? Remember no one can deceive you but you when YOU believe.  Stop doing that.  Truth can only be known, never beLIEved.

Why this is important today:  Because the account you are about to read will keep happening with variations on the theme unless & until we do something we have never done before, use REAL robots in place of humans degraded to be robots via mind control humiliation tactics that only make the leaders free, but not really, as it always ends badly, always, until we FULLY accept the truth that
all sacred & only via Wageless Economy-Robotic ©, which embraces only reality based truth as it harnesses the protective orderliness of science as we have been blessed to find ourselves immersed in an increasing awareness of what was always possible,  thanks to the generous providence of the Creator of Existence Itself, the Rules of Existence, only then can we ever leave this pattern that otherwise will extend out forever when fools rule.  We simply must know & obey ALL the rules of existence, that include & protect ALL LIFE, even the rules that beLIEf in outrageous lies hide from eyes of self-deceived fools. All deception is self-deception when you beLIEve.  Only knowledge must be true to be knowledge. Truth is enough, is all that exists.  It is self-evident to the innocent & pure of heart, otherwise it is simply not true.  The only mystery left to ponder is why does anyone ever choose to believe when they can always choose to know?  How many accounts like the following have been hidden from your eyes ?  SHARE IT FAR & WIDE FRIEND   

How many millions more must die to keep lies alive ?

Note: Fact that so many got it wrong does not imply Creator of Existence Itself  does not exist...  Indeed the innocent always KNOW the truth. Thus beware of all religions, as David Bowie says, "Go-d & Man, No Religion" 
It is not as if being good is complicated, thus complex religions are not required. Just be good, for goodness' sake !


Please read this remarkable TAIPING account from YALE Sterling Historian Jonathan Spence's highly acclaimed definitive book:

which we excerpt here for your reading pleasure...


PAGE 170


It was in a poor rural area of eastern Guangxi that one of the most deadly and protracted rebellions in Chinese history had its inception in the 1840s.  All the contributing social and economic developments alluded to above played their part in the uprising, but one individual's personal life story and state of mind gave the movement its particular shape.  This was Hong Xiuquan, one of those who in this period had such a difficult time trying to push their way onto the lowest rung of the ladder of Qing gentility.  Hong was born in 1814, the fourth of five children in a hard-working rural family of Guangdong .  His parents were from the Hakka minority (the so-called "guest peoples" who had migrated southward from Central China), and they sacrificed to get Hong a decent education that would win him a place in the local elite.  But even though he passed the initial examinations permitting him to qualify for the licentiates shengyuan degree, in the early 1830s he failed at his first two attempts to obtain the degree, which would have given him the right to wear the scholars' robes, to be exempt from physical punishment, and to receive a small stipend from the state.

For any ambitious young Chinese, such failure was humiliating, but for Hong it seems to have been unusually so.  He took solace only in the chance to travel and study in Canton itself.  In 1836 Hong came in contact with a Protestant missionary, almost certainly Edwin Stevens (also YALE ALUMNI), who had recently come to China from the United States and begun preaching in Whampoa at the behest of the Seaman's Friends Society.  Early Protestant missionaries like Stevens, even if still inexpert at speaking Chinese and prevented from living in Canton at first by Qing residence rules and after 1842 by local hostilities, were beginning to make some converts among the poor.  With the aid of Chinese Christian Converts, they also composed simple tracts in Chinese outlining the basic elements of Christian doctrine.  It was a Chinese convert working with Stevens who pressed a collection of translated passages from the Bible called "Good Words for Exhorting the Age" into Hong's hands, perhaps murmuring some words of greeting or explanation.

Hong Xiuquan neither studied the tracts nor threw them away.  Instead he seems to have glanced at them quickly and then kept them at home. He initially made no connection between these tracts and a strange dream and delirium he experienced after a third examination failure in 1837.  In those visions, Hong conversed with a bearded, golden-haired man who gave him a sword, and a younger man who instructed him on how to slay evil spirits and whom Hong addressed as "Elder Brother." For six years after his visions, Hong worked as a village schoolteacher, and tried once again to pass the examinations. But after he failed the shengyuan examinations for the fourth time, he opened the Christian tracts and read them fully.  In a sudden shock of realization, Hong saw that the two men in his vision must have been the God and Jesus of the tracts, and that therefore he, Hong, must also be the Son of God, younger brother to Jesus Christ.

Like Lin Qing in north China thirty years before, Hong was able to persuade people of his spiritual powers through a charismatic manner and a strong religious conviction.  But unlike Lin, Hong did not work secretly through a network of local sectarian cells.  Instead he began to preach his message publicly, baptize converts, and openly destroy Confucian and ancestral shrines. Although these activities promoted local anger, which caused Hong to flee his village temporarily for Guangxi, they did not provoke the local authorities, and he continued to teach.  In 1847 he returned to Canton and studied the Bible - most of which had now been translated into Chinese - with Isaacher Roberts, an American Southern Baptist.  Later that year Hong left Canton and joined a close friend, one of this first converts, who had formed a Society of God Worshipers in the rugged area of eastern Guangxi province called Thistle Mountain.

In this isolated region - far from a county seat - Hong's movement spread, drawing converts from Hakkas and from Zhuang and Yao mountain tribesmen.  By 1849 he had attracted around 10,000 followers.  Perhaps influenced by members of Triad organizations who joined him, Hong's ideology came to embrace both the creation of a new Christian community and the destruction of the Manchus, against whose wickedness and deceit he cried out in moving and powerful terms.  When one recalls Lu Liuliang's post-humous fate after daring to attack the ruling dynasty with much milder language, Hong's courage and recklessness can be appreciated.  But for Hong, the ruling dynasty represented a special challenge:  to him the Manchus were demons fighting against the true God, a God whose purity and presence had existed in China until the forces of Confucian belief swayed the Chinese away from the true path of righteousness.

Hong's rhetorical passion drew a devoted following.  Among Hong's closet advisers were an illiterate, orphaned charcoal maker from the Thistle Mountain area named Yang Xiuqing, who proved to be an intuitively brilliant military tactician, and a nineteen year old named Shi Dakai, a member of a wealthy local landlord lineage.  Shi persuaded most members of his lineage to throw in their lot with Hong, bringing an estimated 100,000 taels into Hong's treasury.  Another important group of converts was the local miners whose skills with explosives and tunneling, developed in the mountains of eastern Guangxi, were later to be used in the demolition of city walls.  With the miners came many others who contributed a variety of forms of expertise: pawnbrokers (who ran the treasury), legal clerks (who developed bureaucratic structures), ex-soldiers of the Qing forces or local militias, as well as at least two well-known women bandit leaders and several gangs of river pirates.

By 1850 Hong's recruits and converts had passed the 20,000 mark.  His movement was now sufficiently organized to drill troops, manufacture arms, and assemble military tables of organization; it could enforce rigorous instructions against corruption, sensuality, and opium smoking, conduct ceremonies of Christian worship, pool all money and valuables in a central treasury, convince its men to abandon their queues and wear their flowing hair long, and segregate the women - mothers, wives, daughters - into a separate camp run by female officers.  Through these actions, the God worshipers finally attracted enough notice to be singled out from the scores of other bandit groups that roamed different parts of China.  When Emperor Daoguang died in 1850, his successor, Emperor Xianfeng (reigned 1851-1861), appointed the former anti-opium commissioner Lin Zexu, who had been recalled from his northwestern exile in 1845, special deputy to suppress the movement.  But Lin died before he could reach Thistle Mountain.

In December 1850, Qing government forces sent to oust Hong from the Thistle Mountain area were badly defeated, and their Manchu commander killed.  On January 11, 1851, Hong Xiuquan assembled his God worshipers and declared himself the Heavenly King of the Taiping Tianguo (太 平天國), "Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace" (commonly abbreviated to Taiping).  Forced out of their base by larger government armies, the Taiping campaigned on the Guangxi-Guangdong border until autumn 1851, when they swung north and seized the city of Yongan along with great stores of cash, food, and new recruits, who swelled their numbers to 60,000 or more.

Guiding their destines now by a newly created Christian solar calendar with a seven-day week (although an initial error in calculation caused the Taiping "Sunday" in fact to fall on the Christian Saturday), the Taiping advanced again in the spring of 1852.  They attacked the Guangxi capital of Guilin, which they failed to capture despite the heroic exploits of their new regiments of Hakka women, who fought with exemplary courage.  (Used to the life of hard farming in the mountains, the Hakka women had never bound their feet as other Chinese females did.)  In the summer they crossed into Hunan, but were frustrated in their two-month attempt to take Changsha.  Here the Taiping proclamation became more fiery in an attempt to win fresh recruits:   "Can the Chinese still consider themselves men ?  Ever since the Manchus poisoned China, the flame of oppression has risen up to heaven, the poison of corruption has defiled the emperor's throne, the offensive odor has spread over the four seas, and the influence of demons has distressed the empire while the Chinese with bowed heads and dejected spirits willingly became subjects and servants." 6

A breakthrough came in December 1852, when almost unopposed the Taiping army entered Yuezhou on the east side of Dongting Lake.  Yuezhou was a wealthy, long-settled town, unlike the poorer areas through which the Taiping had hitherto ranged, and here they seized vast amounts of booty, 5,000 boats, and stockpiles of arms and gunpowder. (Some of the guns had been abandoned there by Wu Sangui after the failure of his Three Feudatories rebellion almost two centuries before, but were still serviceable.)  Thereafter an incredible string of successes followed: Hankou fell in December and Wuchang in January 1853, bringing Hong a further large fleet of boats and 1.6 million taels from the provincial treasury.  Anqing fell almost without opposition in February 1853, bringing 300,000 taels more, 100 large cannon, and huge stores of food.  In March the great center of Nanjing, defended by only a small force, its walls undermined by explosive charges, its center bombarded by artillery, its streets infiltrated by Taiping soldiers disguised as Buddhist or Daoist priests, fell to the rebels.

Nanjing's Manchu population of some 40,000, of whom about 5,000 were combat troops, retreated into the city's inner citadel, but were overwhelmed by the charges of wave after wave of Taiping troops.  All Manchus who did not die in the battle - men, women, and children - were rounded up and systematically killed by burning, stabbing, or drowning.  It was the Hong's way of showing that the devils would be driven from the face of China.  At the end of March, wearing a crown and an embroidered dragon robe, Hong was carried into the city in a golden palanquin on the backs of sixteen men, and took up residence in a former Ming dynasty imperial palace.

The Taiping ruled their Nanjing-based Heavenly Kingdom for eleven years (1853-1864) under the formal authority of Hong Xiuquan as Heavenly King.  But Hong soon yielded de facto power to his former disciple Yang Xiuqing, who apparently convinced the Taiping forces that he himself was the Holy Ghost, God's own voice, and that his orders - which he received directly from God during frequent trances - had priority over Hong's dictates as the mere younger brother Jesus.  The policies of the Taiping remained, on paper and often in practice, startlingly radical.  One facet of their rule was an asceticism that required segregation of the sexes and absolute bans on opium smoking, prostitution, dancing, and drinking of alcohol.  Money was held in a common treasury, theoretically to be shared by all; and since the Taiping had acquired more than 18 million taels along their route of march and within Nanjing itself, their prosperity seemed assured.  Examinations were reinstituted, based now on Chinese translations of the Bible and on the transcribed versions of Hong Xiuquan's religious revelations and literary works.  Women, organized into special residential and administrative units, were allowed to hold supervisory offices in the bureaucracy and to sit for their own special examinations.

Most remarkable was the Taiping land law, which, linked to a local system of military recruitment, constituted perhaps the most Utopian, comprehensive, and authoritarian scheme for human organization ever seen in China up to that time.  All land was to be divided among all families of the Taiping and their supporters according to family size, with men and women receiving equal shares.  After keeping the produce they needed for their own sustenance, each family would place the rest in great common granaries.  Every twenty-five families were supervised by a "sergeant" who kept records of production, adjudicated squabbles, oversaw education of the young in the Bible and Taiping doctrines, and held Christian services every Sabbath.  The sergeants selected men from the families under their care for service with local military units.  Men selected for service were subject to rigid drill and training, taught to use signals, weapons, and booby traps, and succored in combat by medical squads for the wounded and the sick.  From their Nanjing base, huge armies foraged forth, either to extend the Taiping dominions to the east and north or to bring fresh supplies and recruits back to sustain the garrison armies.   The results would surely be, ran a Taiping proclamation, "that nowhere will inequality exist, and no one not be well fed and clothed." 7

Yet for all their military and ideological passion, and their utopian dreams of perfect governance, the Taiping failed to overthrow the Qing and were ultimately eliminated, with terrible slaughter.  Why did the Taiping not succeed, after achieving so many triumphs with such speed in the name of such a utopian ideology ?

One reason was the failure of Taiping collective leadership. (ed. or, perhaps there were never meant to "win", only wreak havoc and soften up China for others unnamed lurking in the shadows, off shore in lands far far away etc.)  From the original brotherhood, Hong Xiuquan had gone on to name some key Taiping followers as "kings," who ruled jointly under his supervision.  But two of the most talented leaders were killed in the campaigns of 1852, and the most brilliant survivors - especially Yang Xiuqing and Shi Dakai, who had been among Hong's earliest followers during the Thistle Mountain days - ultimately lost faith in him.  Yang, who had arrogated enormous powers to himself, was assassinated in a murderous palace coup in 1856 - on Hong's orders.  Shi, who lived up to his early promise and became the Taiping's greatest general, left Nanjing the same year, after his wife and mother were killed by feuding Taiping generals.  He tried to set up an independent kingdom in Sichuan but was trapped and killed there by Qing troops in 1863.

Shorn of his most talented advisers, Hong faltered as a leader once he had won a measure of power.  He demonstrated a dangerous inefficiency and lack of clear goals.  Just as in Wuchang he had missed a chance to strike north to Peking, so did he fail to push the initiative after his seizure of Nanjing.  Instead he withdrew into a palace world of sensual pleasures and religious mysticism, surrounding himself with concubines and perusing the Bible for all references to himself and his "mission," which he found underlined everywhere from the Book of Genesis to Luke's Gospel.  He failed to exploit the potentially popular issue of an anti-Manchu crusade and squandered his reputation as a serious religious leader.

Hong's failure to appeal to anti-Manchu sentiment was symptomatic of the Taiping's isolation, even when they were holding power in Nanjing.  If they had maintained the city as a thriving metropolitan center, and had Hong enshrined himself there on a firm base of popular support, the Taiping might have been unbeatable.  But the Chinese residents of Nanjing found the Taiping occupiers - many of whom were Hakkas, with their strange dress and accents, and their large-footed women - as bizarre as any foreigners or Manchus.  The residents resented the Taiping for their alterations of economic life, their attempt to establish a common treasury and regulate markets, their segregation of the civil population by sex and occupation, and their attempt to enforce a strict code of conduct.  Passive resistance to to the Taiping was endemic, and flight, spying, and defections to the Qing common. 8   Dorgon's more flexible policies in the early Qing, by contrast, had been far more successful in winning general popular acceptance.

Beyond Nanjing, the Taiping failed in the countryside, where their dreams of a common treasury for all believers and an equitable system of landholding remained largely unrealized.  Even though they controlled large areas of Jiangsu, Anhui, and Zhejiang for years, and areas farther north and west intermittently, they lacked the commitment or personnel to push through their dramatic land reforms, and ended up as yet another tax-collection agency on the backs of a despondent peasantry.  Their constant need for food and supplies to maintain their large armies meant that Taiping foraging squads scoured the country for hundreds of miles.  These logistical demands, when coupled with the constant fighting with Qing forces - who also needed food and lodging - left huge areas of what had once been China's most prosperous region as barren wastes.

The Taiping failed as well to coordinate their uprising with two other upheavals occurring at the same time: the revolt of the Nian to the north and the Red Turbans to the south.  Had some kind of concerted action been arranged - as the anti-Ming rebels Li Zicheng and Zhang Xianzhong had tried to do with other bandit leaders in the 1630s - the Qing could not have survived, especially when suffering a series of damaging blows from the Western powers at the same time. (ed. of course all of this was happening at the same time, because the same hidden and overt hand was behind both) But Taiping asceticism and the extreme nature of their religious claims made constructive alliance with other rebels difficult.  (ed. perhaps they were merely a controlled 'opposition', same as it ever was...   ...and not meant to actually win, only wreak as much havoc as possible)

Nor did the Taiping manage to enlist Western sympathy in their cause.  (ed. really now)  Foreigners, especially "missionaries", had been initially excited by the prospect of a Christian revolutionary force that promised social reforms and the defeat of the moribund and intransigent Manchus.  (ed. sure, the true believers were and always exist) But the eccentricities of Hong Xiuquan's Christianity eventually became apparent to the missionaries, and traders came to fear the Taiping's zealous hatred of opium.  Finally, the Western powers decided to back the Qing in order to prevent a Taiping seizure of Shanghai, which might threaten the West's newly won treaty gains.  (ed.  Christianity that does not interfere with illicit profits is just fine though, lets not take being honest too seriously now.)  With members of Triad secret societies controlling the Chinese areas of the city from 1853 to early 1855, a Taiping seizure seemed likely.  In the closing years of the rebellion, a foreign-officered mercenary army supported by steam-driven, shallow-draft gunboats fought alongside Qing forces against the Taiping.  This was the so-called "Ever-Victorious Army," led first by the American adventurer from Massachusetts, Frederick Townsend Ward, and after his death by the deeply "religious" British artillery officer, Charles "Chinese" Gordon.

The Qing cause was also bolstered by the loyalty, tenacity, and courage of senior Chinese officials who fought on against the Taiping even though the regular Manchu-led banner armies seemed unable to defeat the enemy.  These Confucian-educated scholars were alarmed by the Taiping threat to their ancestral homes and distraught at the Taiping's use of Christianity to attack the whole structure of Chinese values.  The greatest of these leaders was the Hunanese official Zeng Guofan, who had first raised local troops to defend his own estates when he was on mourning leave from the court in 1852.  Zeng went on with his brothers to raise and equip an efficient and honestly administered army of tough Hunanese peasant conscripts officered by local Confucian gentry.  Given the weakness of the Qing banner forces in the region and the proven ineptitude of the local bureaucrats in maintaining militia forces, Zeng's troops formed a crucial addition to the state's defensive resources.  Named the Xiang Army, after the river that cuts through Hunan, this army became one of the Taiping's deadliest enemies and played a critical part in the eventual recapture of Nanjing.

The formation of the Xiang Army suggests more broadly the surprising flexibility and effectiveness of local forces in resisting the Taiping.  Failing to attract many gentry to their cause, the Taiping encountered opposition all over central and eastern China from the hundreds of local militia forces organized by the gentry to defend their homes and fields.  Accepted as essential by the Qing even if they seemed to underline the ineffectiveness of the state, these militia brought new levels of power to the gentry landlords.  When the likin tax - a supplement on the transit dues - was permitted so that these militia leaders could finance their military ventures, it enabled them to continue their success in the long war of attrition.  The Taiping found it harder and harder to obtain supplies or new recruits as whole communities solidified in resistance against them.

The fatal inflexibility of Hong's regime is evident in the failure of a bold attempt by the Taiping to alter and "Westernize" their rule.  The author of this venture was Hong Ren'gan, a younger relation of Hong Xiuquan who had also studied with "missionaries" in Canton and been a member of the first God worshipers.  During the early years of the Taiping rebellion, Hong Ren'gan lived and worked in Hong Kong, and became familiar with Britain's colonial government there.  Finally in 1859 he made his way overland to Nanjing, disguised as a physician, and was enthusiastically received by the Heavenly King, who named him prime minister.  Hong Ren'gan prepared an elaborate document entitled "A New Treatise on Aids to Administration,"  which he presented to the Heavenly King in late 1859.  His program called for the development of legal and banking systems in the Taiping domains; the construction of highways, railways, and steam-driven freight ships; the introduction of a postal service; the publication of newspapers; and the abandonment of geomancy and infanticide.  Hong Xiuquan endorsed all these proposals as "correct," except for those suggesting the spread of information through newspapers, on which he noted:  "It will not be too late to carry out this proposal after the remnant demons are annihilated." 9   But in the event, no concrete steps were taken to initiate these reforms.  And once Hong Ren'gan's attempt to develop a new grand strategy to regain the upper Yangzi for the Taiping failed, and a massive counterattack he ordered against Suzhou and Hangzhou was beaten back, the last elements of popular support for the Taiping were dashed.

As Zeng Guofan complacently told the Qing emperor, "Now when the people hear of the rebels, pain and regret pierce their hearts, men as well as women flee, and kitchen fires no longer burn.  The tillers do not have harvests of a single grain, and one after another they abandon their occupations.  When the rebels travel through a territory without people, it is like fish trying to swim in a place without water."   Yet when the end came in July 1864, after Hong Xiuquan's death - either by suicide or from illness, it was never made clear - and Qing troops stormed into Nanjing, Zeng wrote to the emperor in some awe:  "Not one of the 100,000 rebels in Nanjing surrendered themselves when the city was taken but in many cases gathered together and burned themselves and passed away without repentance. Such a formidable band of rebels has been rarely known from ancient times to the present."  10

(ed.  isn't it the least bit interesting to you that the city of Nanjing,  where the massively one sided, outrageously unequal pro-British Nanjing Treaty was signed literally @ gunpoint in 1842 and 'renegotiated' over the subsequent decades,  in the aftermath of  China's refusal to co-mingle OPIUM with her people's precious blood, giving the Queen of England and her heirs Hong Kong in 'perp-e-tuity' to do with "as they please" among other outrageous over the top perfidy,  no less, that this Nanjing being one and the same stronghold city  of these Chinese Taiping "Christian" rebels ? 

Tell yourself these issues and operations were related, how could they not be ?  It, like what we see today, is the truth staring you in your face, daring you to connect them, you decide what it all means, that is why you exist, to decide on your own)
  Of course the truly Good Elite of Britain exist as well, and always  do their very best to expose the truth of the ethically challenged faux elite pretender's true history in the name of accuracy if nothing else.    Only you can deceive you, stop doing that.

READ THE "TREATY"  yourself, never-mind the polite language, look at the details, please. 

At least KNOW your history before thinking, saying, or doing anything, please...  Thank You !!!

NANJING "Treaty" Signing... even the dog in the foreground was there to make it full spectrum "official"...



Henry Kissinger's "On China" just came out, 2011, is a must read, dedicated to Annette & Oscar de la Renta.

Here are some excerpts, yet keep in mind China was not invading other countries, they were showing a strong face to visitors, sure it sounds pompous and arrogant, yet remember they were on home turf...  Sure it may have gone differently had they spoken more respectively, yet that is all hypothetical, it is just what happened... Let us not lose sight of that.  Is is.

Here is just an excerpt.  Yet you must read Kissinger's whole book, just as you must read Spence's to really know what they have to say, these are only excerpts.



In this sweeping and insightful history, Henry Kissinger turns for the first time at book-length to a country he has known intimately for decades, and whose modern relations with the West he helped shape. Drawing on historical records as well as his conversations with Chinese leaders over the past forty years, Kissinger examines how China has approached diplomacy, strategy, and negotiation throughout its history, and reflects on the consequences for the global balance of power in the 21st century.

Since no other country can claim a more powerful link to its ancient past and classical principles, any attempt to understand China's future world role must begin with an appreciation of its long history. For centuries, China rarely encountered other societies of comparable size and sophistication; it was the "Middle Kingdom," treating the peoples on its periphery as vassal states. At the same time, Chinese statesmen-facing threats of invasion from without, and the contests of competing factions within-developed a canon of strategic thought that prized the virtues of subtlety, patience, and indirection over feats of martial prowess.

In On China, Kissinger examines key episodes in Chinese foreign policy from the classical era to the present day, with a particular emphasis on the decades since the rise of Mao Zedong. He illuminates the inner workings of Chinese diplomacy during such pivotal events as the initial encounters between China and modern European powers, the formation and breakdown of the Sino-Soviet alliance, the Korean War, Richard Nixon's historic trip to Beijing, and three crises in the Taiwan Straits. Drawing on his extensive personal experience with four generation of Chinese leaders, he brings to life towering figures such as Mao, Zhou Enlai, and Deng Xiaoping, revealing how their different visions have shaped China's modern destiny.

With his singular vantage on U.S.-China relations, Kissinger traces the evolution of this fraught but crucial relationship over the past 60 years, following its dramatic course from estrangement to strategic partnership to economic interdependence, and toward an uncertain future. With a final chapter on the emerging superpower's 21st-century world role, On China provides an intimate historical perspective on Chinese foreign affairs from one of the premier statesmen of the 20th century.

Page: 26: Opening of "The Art of War"

War is a grave affair of the state;
It is a place of Life & Death,
a road to survival & extinction,
a matter to be pondered carefully.

Thus prudence is the value most to be cherised.

A Ruler must never mobilize its soldiers out of anger.

A general must never engage in battle out of spite.

Anger can turn to pleasure, spite can turn to joy.

But a nation destroyed cannot be put together again.

A dead person cannot be brought back to life.

So the enlightened ruler is prudent, the effective general is cautious.

This is the way to keep a nation at peace and an army intact.

Ultimate excellence lies in not in winning every battle but in defeating the enemy without ever fighting.

The highest form of warfare is to attack the enemy's strategy itself.

The next, to attack his alliances, the next to attack armies, the lowest form is to attack cities.  Siege warfare is a last resort...

The Skillful Strategist

Defeats the enemy without doing battle, captures the city without laying seige, overthrows the enemy state without protracted war.

The victorious army is victorious first and seeks battle later; the defeated army does battle first and seeks victory later.

Feign inability; when deploying troops, appear not to be.

When near, appear far; when far appear near.

Page: 35: Lord George Macartney Mission to China 1793: to address the abuses the British felt they were being subjected to by their Chinese trading partners in China. (only the actually communications between the empires in included, you must read "Kissinger On China", to see the most excellent commentary regarding these communications and the context in which they occured.)

The assumptions of the Chinese world order were particularly offensive to Britain (the red-haired barbarians" in some Chinese records).  As the premeir Western commercial and naval power, Britian bridled at its assigned role in the cosmology of the Middle Kingdon, whose army, the British noted, still primarily used bows abnd arrows and whose navy was practically nonexistent.  British traders resented the increasing amout of "squeeze" extracted by the designated Chinese merchants at Guangzhou, through which Chinese regulations required that all Western trade be conducted.  They sought access to the rest of the Chinese market beyond the southeast coast.  Thus it was in this context that Macartney mission was launched as an attempt to rememdy the situation in a well thought out, good will fashion. They turned out to be one of the most humiliatoing communications in the annals of British diplomacy.

The edict from the Emperor began by remarking on King George's "respectful humility" in sending a tribute mission to China:

You, O King, live beyond the confines of many seas, nevertheless, impelled by your humble desire to partake of the benefits of our civilization, you have dispatched a mission respectfully bearing your memorial.

As to your entreaty to send one of your nationals to be accredited to my Celestial Court and to be in control of your country's trade with China, this request cannot possibly be entertained...  [He could not] be allowed libertuy of movement and the priviledge of corresponding with his own country; so that you would gain nothing by his residence in our midst.

Supposing I sent an Ambassador to reside in your country, how could you possibly make for hum the requisite arrangements ? Europe consists of many other nations besides your own: if each and all demanded to be represented at our Court, how could we possibly consent ?  The thing is utterly impracticable.

If you assert that your reverence for Our Celestial Dynasty fills you with a desire to acquire our civilization, our ceremonies and code of laws differ so completely from your own that, even if your Envoy were able to acquire the rudiments of our civilization, you could not possibly transplant our manners and customs to your alien soil.

[S]trange and costly objects do not interest me.  If I have commanded that the tribute offerings sent by you, O King, are to be accepted, this was soley in consideration for the spirit which prompted you to dispatch them from afar...  As your Ambassador can see for himself, we possess all things.

 I have accordingly stated the facts to you in detail, and it is your bounden duty to reverently appreciate my feelings and to obey these instructions henceforward for all time, so that you may enjoy the blessings of perpetual peace.

The Emperor, clearly unfamilar with the capacity of Western leaders for violent rapaciousness, was playing with fire, though he did not know it.  The assessment which Macartney left China was ominous:

[A] couple of English frigates would be an overmatch for the whole naval force of their empire... in half a summer they could totally destroy all the navigation of their coasts and reduce the inhabitants of the maritime provinces, who subsist chiefly on fish, to absolute famine.

more here....

Page 438:  24 & 12 Classic Chinese Character explainations restricted to high Chinese Officials during Deng Xiaoping's term.

24 Characters:

Observe carefully; secure our position; cope with affairs calmly; hide our capacities and bide our time; be good at maintaining a low profile; and never claim leadership.

12 Characters:

Enemy troops outside the walls.  They are stronger than we.  We should be mainly on the defensive.

To see the context of these instructions, please read "Kissinger On China", for without the context, it is not possible to understand why they were given.

Table of Contents:

Preface xv

Note on Chinese Spellings xi

Prologue 1

Chapter 1 The Singularity of China 5

The Era of Chinese Preeminence 8

Confucianism 13

Concepts of International Relations: Impartiality or Equality? 16

Chinese Realpolitik and Sun Tzu's Art of War 22

Chapter 2 The Kowtow Question and the Opium War 33

The Macartney Mission 35

The Clash of Two World Orders: The Opium War 45

Qiying's Diplomacy: Soothing the Barbarians 51

Chapter 3 From Preeminence to Decline 57

Wei Yuan's Blueprint: "Using Barbarians Against Barbarians," Learning Their Techniques 60

The Erosion of Authority: Domestic Upheavals and then Challenge of Foreign Encroachments 64

Managing Decline 69

The Challenge of Japan 77

Korea 80

The Boxer Uprising and the New Era of Warring States 86

Chapter 4 Mao's Continuous Revolution 91

Mao and the Great Harmony 92

Mao and International Relations: The Empty City Stratagem, Chinese Deterrence, and the Quest for Psychological Advantage 97

The Continuous Revolution and the Chinese People 106

Chapter 5 Triangular Diplomacy and the Korean War 113

Acheson and the Lure of Chinese Titoism 118

Kim Il-sung and the Outbreak of War 122

American Intervention: Resisting Aggression 129

Chinese Reactions: Another Approach to Deterrence 133

SinoAmerican Confrontation 143

Chapter 6 China Confronts Both Superpowers 148

The First'Taiwan Strait Crisis 151

Diplomatic Interlude with the United States 158

Mao, Khrushchev, and the Sino-Soviet Split 161

The Second Taiwan Strait Crisis 172

Chapter 7 A Decade of Crises 181

The Great Leap Forward 181

The Himalayan Border Dispute and the 1962 Sino-Indian War 184

The Cultural Revolution 192

Was There a Lost Opportunity? 197

Chapter 8 The Road to Reconciliation 202

The Chinese Strategy 203

The American Strategy 213

First Steps-Clashes at the Ussuri River 215

Chapter 9 Resumption of Relations: First Encounters with Mao and Zhou 236

Zhou Enlai 241

Nixon in China: The Meeting with Mao 255

The Nixon-Zhou Dialogue 262

The Shanghai Communique 267

The Aftermath 273

Chapter 10 The Quasi-Alliance: Conversations with Mao 275

The "Horizontal Line": Chinese Approaches to Containment 277

The Impact of Watergate 292

Chapter 11

The End of the Mao Era 294

The Succession Crisis 294

The Fall of Zhou Enlai 297

Final Meetings with Mao: The Swallows and the Coming of the Storm 303

Chapter 12 The Indestructible Deng 321

Deng's First Return to Power 322

The Death of Leaders-Hua Guofeng 327

Deng's Ascendance-"Reforrn and Opening Up" 329

Chapter 13 "Touching the Tiger's Buttocks": The Third Vietnam War 340

Vietnam: Confounder of Great Powers 341

Deng's Foreign Policy Dialogue with America and Normalization 348

Deng's Journeys 356

Deng's Visit to America and the New Definition of Alliance 360

The Third Vietnam War 367

Chapter 14 Reagan and the Advent of Normalcy 377

Taiwan Arms Sales and the Third Communiqué 381

China and the Superpowers-The New Equilibrium 387

Deng's Reform Program 396

Chapter 15 Tiananmen 408

American Dilemmas 411

The Fang Lizhi Controversy 428

The 12- and 24-Character Statements 437

Chapter 16 What Kind of Reform? Deng's Southern Tour 440

Chapter 17 A Roller Coaster Ride Toward Another Reconciliation: The Jiang Zemin Era 447

China and the Disintegrating Soviet Union 456

The Clinton Administration and China Policy 461

The Third Taiwan Strait Crisis 471

China's Resurgence and Jiang's Reflections 478

Chapter 18 The New Millennium 487

Differences in Perspective 493

How to Define Strategic Opportunity 497

The National Destiny Debate-The Triumphalist View 503

Dai Bingguo-A Reaffirmation of Peaceful Rise 508

Epilogue: Does History Repeat Itself?

The Crowe Memorandum 514

Toward a Pacific Community? 527

Notes 531

Index 567

On the Robotic and therefore human rights event horizon, we have this GREAT NEWS !!!

China makes an investment in 1,000,000 Swiss Robots from ABB, a very wise move indeed in the inevitable and desirable transition to Fully Robotic Wageless Economy, bravo China, everyone else must follow this example so we get there sooner & safer.

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